February 24, 2024
Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Sri Lanka

Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country in South Asia. It is known for its rich Buddhist culture and other religions. It is a religious country with much historical significance that attracts tourists throughout the world. Sri Lanka has great wildlife, beautiful beaches, and many mesmerizing places to visit.

The country is a large tea producer and famous for its cinnamon. There are many beautiful cities and towns in Sri Lanka where you can live and buy an exclusive property.

Sri Lanka is located on major shipping routes of South Asia, and therefore the island of Sri Lanka is emerging as one of the best investment locations. You can find a luxurious and exclusive property in Sri Lanka.

Her is the list of five most expensive places to buy property in Sri Lanka


Trincomalee is a port town in the northeast corner of Sri Lanka and is the home to many Kaneswaran temples. This town has many historical monuments and lots of great places to visit. It is no doubt a great little town that offers a beautiful beach with white sand. You can buy beautiful apartments in this town at an average price of $100,000.


Galle is a big city in Sri Lanka situated on the southwestern coast and is famous for Galle Fort, the world heritage site and largest remaining fortress in Asia. There are many prominent landmarks in Galle, including the city’s natural harbor.

You can visit many places here, including Galle Dutch Fort, Galle national museum, Church, lighthouse, and so much more. You can buy beautiful apartments and houses in Galle. A luxurious house can be bought for an average price of $350,000. Prices can vary depending upon the location.


Unawatuna is a coastal town in Galle District and one of the major tourist attractions and is known for its beach and corals. The distance of Unawatuna forms Galle is 5km. It is a fantastic place to visit and spend vacations and thee is so much you can see here aside from the beaches. If you want to relish the beach view every day and enjoy nightlife under the stars, it is the perfect place to buy the property.

The price of the property is higher in Unawatuna than Galle. You could pick up a beautiful beach house here for an average price of $400,000.


Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Sri Lanka

Kandy is a major city of Sri Lanka that is located in the central province, which is surrounded by highlands which is home to tea plantations and tropical forests. Kandy is famous for sacred Buddhist sites, including temples. The temple of Tooth Relic, the most sacred place to worship in the Buddhist world, is present in Kandy.

It is a popular city, and you can find many luxurious apartments and houses here. You can buy a beautiful apartment in Kandy’s residential area at an average price of $450,000.


Columbo is the capital and one of the busiest cities in Sri Lanka and is the main business centre, with numerous businesses are operating here daily. Sri Lankan, the real estate market, is booming recently.

With high economic growth, an increasing number of Sri Lankans and foreigners are interested in owning exclusive houses and luxurious apartments so Colombo’s market has been flooded with luxurious apartments.

Colombo 3 and Colombo 7 are the biggest commercial spots with residential neighborhoods in the city. Indeed the prime minister’s house is also located in Colombo 3. You can buy luxurious property here for about $600,200.