March 1, 2024
Diy: 10 Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Seem Bigger

Diy: 10 Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Seem Bigger

Living in a metropolitan city sure has its perks, but having large bedrooms might not be one of them. We are habituated to having small and compact bedrooms; but it doesn’t mean it has to look and feel small. There are a few do-it-yourself hacks that you can do to make the bedroom seem bigger than what it is.

So if you have a small bedroom which you want to redecorate, here are a few tricks that will help you –

Efficient and functional layout

Draw out an efficient layout for your bedroom design before you go about redecorating. Opt for multifunctional furniture and spaces; also position the bed in the way that there is ample space to move around.

Go for light coloured walls

Paint your walls in lighter hues. Soft shades have a tendency to reflect light, so it will definitely make your bedroom design look bigger and more spacious. Steer clear of darker shades, as they are light-absorbent and make the room look smaller and more compact.

Opt for neutral flooring

Materials for tiles such as porcelain or marble in a neutral colour palette can make all the difference for smaller bedroom interior designs. Muted flooring can make the bedroom look bright. Avoid carpet tiles and laminated wood as they look bulkier.

Smart storage

Having built-in storage furniture such as box beds, headboards with shelves, window seats with storage, and the like can maximize bedroom interior designs and help them look bigger. These furniture pieces occupy lesser floor space.

Ceiling-to-floor curtains

If you want to make the bedroom look taller, then go for ceiling-to-floor curtains. Don’t use heavy drapes, and instead use materials such as cotton and linen. Choose sleek curtains and avoid getting the bulky ones.

Install mirrors

Introducing mirrors into your bedroom space is a smart decision if you wish to make it seem bigger. This is because mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of space. Place the mirror opposite a light source or the window strategically for maximum benefit.

Minimalistic bedding

Don’t go for bold colours and heavy material for your bedspread and pillows. It can make the bedroom feel smaller. Instead be minimal and simple, and use light coloured fabrics that are in sync with the colour palette of the bedroom.

Put up floating shelves

You can save a whole lot of floor space if you install floating shelves. Go vertical and put up open shelves for your books and show pieces, and make sure you paint these shelves the same colour as your bedroom wall.

Keep it organized

This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you have a small bedroom space, you must de-clutter and keep the space organized. Remove extra stuff and furniture and regularly organize the wardrobes to help the room look bigger and neat.

Minimize contrast

If you use too many colours in the bedroom design, it is going to look smaller and overcrowded. Go for a single colour scheme, and make use of different shades of the same colours. They will make the bedroom colour theme even and make the space look more open.

So here are some things you can do to make the bedroom look bigger, and also most out of the space that is available. You can do these things easily yourself without much professional assistance. Have fun redecorating!