June 23, 2024
Causes and Cures for Headaches Headaches

Causes and Cures for Headaches

Discomforts caused by tensions in the head can destroy your quality of life if they happen often. Consequently, extreme pain in the head can make you unable to accomplish much. At NY Neurology Associates effective treatments exist to help you avoid the constant pain and frustrations. Their services focus on getting you back to your normal self to accomplish more.

What Causes Headaches and Migraines?

Migraines do not come on their own. You will feel other symptoms including nausea, sensitivity to light, and visual spots apart from the one-sided aching in your head. No exact cause of migraines exists, however, if one of your family members has the issue, you are more at risk. Alcohol, hormonal fluctuation, and stress can also be the reason for your migraines. Your doctor has the latest tools and medical equipment to help determine your issue’s real cause and find perfect remedies to help relieve your pain.

What Is the Leading Cause of Cluster Headaches?

Periods separate the days in which cluster headaches occur.  During an outbreak, you will have short moments with little or no symptoms at all accompanied by moments of extreme headache. Cluster headaches often occur at almost the same time each day. Hormonal fluctuations are the primary reason you may experience these issues. However, no direct reason exists to explain why some people have the issue. The brain also plays a role in causing cluster headaches. The hypothalamus gland controls the body clock, which can lead to extreme headaches at the same time each day.

Headaches: Causes, types, and treatment

How Does a Doctor Diagnose Headaches?

A headache is a prominent symptom that will point you to the hospital. However, without the right diagnosis to determine your headache’s cause and nature, you may miss essential treatments. Your leading health facility offers diagnostic services that will help determine the cause of your headache and the right treatments to help you improve. Your doctor at the facility will help distinguish between a migraine, cluster headache, and tension issues that cause you many discomforts. Additionally, your doctor may request you to keep a log of the issues raised both at the facility and while at home. Treatments for headaches involve physical exams and blood tests. Advanced tools such as MRIs and X-rays will help pinpoint your doctor to the cause of your discomforts and rule out other issues that may cause your headache.

What Type of Treatments Can the Doctor Suggest for Your Headaches?

Your trusted health facility employs various therapies and treatments to help you relieve tensions and headaches. Your doctor can offer you BOTOX injections that can help calm your nerves and muscles to help deal with the tension in the head. However, your doctor will try to identify the underlying reason for your condition and provide the best treatment for you. In some circumstances, you will receive instructions for lifestyle changes to help deal with your situation.

Tension and headache issues can cut down your productivity each day. However, proven and straightforward procedures exist to help calm and improve your issue. Give the facility a call, or make an appointment online to see the doctor.