June 22, 2024
Benefits of Brass Floor Waste

Benefits of Brass Floor Waste

The advantages of using brass floor waste are numerous. It is cheap to purchase and has many benefits. You can find different suppliers at varying prices, so make sure to shop around and compare prices. Bulk purchases are also beneficial, as you should be able to get discounts. But before you buy, consider whether you need it for a commercial or domestic project. Here are some benefits of using brass floor waste:

Square Tile Insert Floor Waste in Brushed Brass

This streamlined, 2-in-1 Floor Waste in Brushed Brass blends seamlessly with floor tiles. Its brass construction makes it extremely durable and provides a seamless look with floor tiles. It ships within a few days, depending on its stock availability. If you are installing a bathroom or kitchen floor, this Floor Waste is the perfect solution. Designed to sit flush with your floor tiles, this unit is constructed of 1.5mm-thick raw living brass.

Made of high-grade brass, the Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste in Brushed Brass blends seamlessly into your tiled floor. Its seamless design and streamlined edge provide a flush, finished appearance in any bathroom. The Brushed Brass design is suitable for tiles that are 10 to 12mm thick, although the exact thickness may vary. It is suitable for use with either porcelain or ceramic tile. Its recessed center tile ensures a coordinated look with floor tiles.

Available in a variety of sizes, the 100mm round floor waste in Brushed Brass is the most contemporary choice. Made from high-quality brass, this product features a Mega-Flex leak-control flange and a strainer to prevent any water from spilling onto your floor. This product compliments the Rogerseller collection of bathroom accessories. You can choose from three different finishes to compliment your bathroom design.

Akril Tile Tray

If you want to add a unique design element to your bathroom, then the Akril Tile Tray is the ideal solution. With its high weight capacity and built-in fall, this tile tray is easy to install and maintain. However, it is important to remember that it must be tiled over once it has been installed. This product is suitable for both ceramic and porcelain floor tiles.


The Akril Tile Tray is easy to install and has a high quality finish. Its built-in fall makes it suitable for bathrooms with tile thicknesses of up to 12mm. The system is made from Torbex(c), which is a company that specialises in advanced composite materials. The design allows the tray to sit on joists, which is essential in tight spaces. The rear grate option ensures an elegant design without an expensive price tag.

Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste in Buffed Brass

The Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste is an elegant, seamless design. The polished brass rim of the Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste blends in seamlessly with floor tiles, offering a flush, contemporary look. The Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste is constructed of high-grade stainless steel and coloured with an industrial PVD electro colouring process for long-lasting style. Tiles up to 10mm thick are suitable for this product, which makes it a versatile and practical choice for any bathroom.


The Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste in Brushed Brass combines marine-grade stainless steel with 1.5mm raw living brass for a seamless look. The rim blends seamlessly with floor tile, ensuring that the waste is invisible after installation. Made with 304 and 316 marine-grade stainless steel, this product is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. It ships within a few business days if it is in stock. However, if you have a porous surface, you might need a second floor waste to ensure the water runs away from the floor.

The Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste in Brushed Brass is a stylish contemporary option. Its brass construction and Mega-Flex leak-control flange ensure a water-tight installation, and its removable inserts and strainer make cleaning a breeze. The 100mm Round Buffed Brass Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste complements the Rogerseller range with its classic design and quality materials.