December 5, 2023
What Is It Like Living Near a Canadian Ski Resort?

What Is It Like Living Near a Canadian Ski Resort?

While there are a few catches, as with everything in life, there’s much to love about living nearby a ski resort. In short, it’s amazing to be able to have some of the world’s best skiing right in your backyard. Ski resorts are an obvious major form of tourism so that means there’s more to love than just the slopes.

You’ll find plenty of restaurants you wouldn’t find elsewhere and that should be no surprise many tourists are going to be looking for amazing experiences throughout their entire vacations. Who doesn’t love amazing bars and restaurants? With these things in mind, whether you are looking at Whistler or Banff Homes for sale, here’s what living near a ski resort might be like for you.

Keep In Mind The Seasons

This applies to both the weather and the tourism seasons as those are typically going to go hand-in-hand as to what it means for the locals. If you ski yourself, you’ll be thrilled as the weather starts to dip down low enough for the slopes to reopen. That’s also when you’re going to notice things get a lot busier around town.

The roads will start to get a little more congested and you might have to start getting reservations for your favorite places to eat as tourists, and those who live there seasonally, start to pour in. Depending on which ski resort you’d be living by, this might only happen once a year (as winter sets in).

However, things might be like this for much more of the year if the slopes are being used for mountain biking in the off season, which is something that’s becoming more and more common throughout the years.

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The Costs

Depending on where you’ve lived previously, there might be a little bit of sticker shock when you are making both big and small purchases. From the cost of a house to the bill at a restaurant, when it comes to living in a tourism focused town, there might be a premium. With housing, this is because of the obvious, how valuable land is when it’s in proximity to a ski slope (and possibly a national park depending on where you are).

There’s also the simple fact that people aren’t as concerned about money when they are on vacation and when you are in a crowded restaurant, it’s going to come as no surprise that most of the people also dining there probably aren’t locals like yourself. When they are on vacation, it’s no surprise they are putting experience as a higher priority than costs.

The Nature

Simply put, what’s around you is going to be the most captivating part of living near a ski resort. Like mentioned, you might also be around a national park, but even if you aren’t and skiing isn’t how you like to spend your time outside, odds are very high there’s still going to be plenty of amazing experiences to have with nature.

From hiking to boating, depending on the seasons you’ll have plenty of ways to take in great views and the tranquil peace that comes from having a relationship with nature. Even if you are more of an inside person, having the views of the slopes outside your window will still make for a remarkable sight.