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When Do You Need Sports Medicine?

When Do You Need Sports Medicine?

Matawan is a small town in New Jersey with a fair amount of sports activities. There are many reasons you may need sports medicine in Matawan.

You will probably visit a general doctor if you fall sick or are injured. However, there are times when you need to see a sports medicine specialist.

The following are reasons why you should see a sports medicine specialist:

1. When You Suffer A Sports Injury

The first and most obvious reason to see a sports medicine specialist is to remedy an injury you acquired while playing sports. It is important to have a sports medicine specialist’s contact for emergency cases.

A sports medicine specialist is the professional best suited to help you heal a sports injury. They have specified training in the field and have more knowledge about it than other doctors.

They are able to perform surgery if it is necessary. They will also refer you to other specialists who will help you recover from your sports injury.

2. For Nutritional Advice

A nutritionist is the best source of information as it pertains to dietary advice. However, as it relates to a diet for a sportsperson, a sports medicine specialist may also have valuable advice.

A sportsperson and a regular person live very different lives, especially a professional athlete. The athlete puts his body under tremendous strain every day and needs the proper diet for fuel and recovery.

A sports medicine specialist has dealt with many other sportspeople and has valuable information on their eating habits. Therefore, if you want a diet that suits your athletic goals, you should see a sports medicine specialist.

3. Strength And Conditioning Exercises

The advice before any exercise routine is to consult a doctor before you start. If they are to be more specific, they would tell you to see a sports medicine specialist.

Sports medicine specialists are best suited to offer advice on a fitness program. Many of the injuries they treat are related to exercise.

Moreover, some exercises might be causing you discomfort or you are unable to do them for some reason. A sports medicine specialist will help you develop a workout regimen custom tailored to your medical needs.

4. Address Inflammation

You may think that all the pains and aches you feel due to working out or playing sports are natural. However, they may be symptomatic of a more serious medical condition.

Therefore, if you are experiencing regular inflammation as a result of physical activity, you should see a sports medicine specialist. They will help you reduce the inflammation, which will benefit your overall health and improve your athletic performance.

5. To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

If you live a healthy lifestyle which involves a lot of physical activity, then you should pay a sports medicine specialist regular visits. They can significantly help you design and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can get tested for health factors such as VO2 max, body fat, and other attributes that indicate physical fitness. You can then take action to improve your lifestyle based on the results of those tests.

You will receive advice on supplements to improve your healthy lifestyle, too.

Drake Institute Of Behavioral Medicine

Drake Institute Of Behavioral Medicine

In recent times, mental health issues have become rampant, and a majority of the people today are taking medication for a mental disorder. At Irvine ADD, they have focused their activities on ensuring that you don’t walk alone during this hard time. The Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine in Irvine offers the best mental treatment in California; this is proven through their immense investment in highly innovating programs and research in medications that alleviates adverse effects.

They focus on different aspects of mental disorder such as:

  •       ADHD
  •       ADD
  •       Anxiety
  •       Panics Attacks
  •       Depression
  •       PTSD
  •       Autism Spectrum Disorder
  •       Aspergers Disorder
  •       Stress Disorders
  •       Biofeedback
  •       Neurofeedback
  •       QEEG Brain Map

Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine clinic is a unique one; they have adopted the use of a different approach to treatment. It provides one with a comprehensive knowledge-based and non-drug program. The program contains various fields of medicine, neuropsychology, family therapy, neurosciences, and psychology; this ensures that they can offer the best and effective treatment while ensuring no drug has been used.

The approach has yielded exponential results in the treatment field and, over time, has earned reputation and has become one the most sought after facilities round the globe. They are equipped  in dealing with patients from all over the world and with varying degrees of mental disorders.

Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The disorder previously referred to as ADD is divided into three main vital types:

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  •       Predominantly inattentive type
  •       Predominantly hyperactive impulsive type
  •       The combined type

This is a condition that starts early in life and has the following unique signs and symptoms:

Signs and Symptoms

Early diagnosis is critical when it comes to managing and treating ADD or ADHD. This is because the condition may have prolonged long-term effects on an individual’s ability to concentrate. But if you note and pay attention to the following symptoms, you can identify and manage it early:

  •       Having problems with planning
  •       Difficulty in organizing
  •       Has poor time management
  •       Self-monitoring

Treatment Approaches

The treatment options or protocols are patient-centered. At Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine, every patient is independent and is treated as an individual and treatment is based on this. They treat you based on individualized comprehensive initial evaluation. Some of the treatment protocols followed include:

Brain Mapping

A brain-map guided neurofeedback that targets to improve brain functioning and the underlying brain deregulations.

Neuromodulation Therapy

One of the latest innovative treatments has gone ahead to bring a significant impact on ADD treatment. It has brought tremendous success. It is a combination of therapy called transcranial direct stimulation or pEMF ,  tDCS transcranial direct stimulation, and tACS or transcranial alternating current.

When it comes to handling and dealing with any mental disorder, one can be overwhelmed. This is why they are present to ensure that you or your loved one get the help they deserve. Their customer care is always available to hear from you every day. Come in today and get the necessary support. Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine would like to improve your life today.

Family First Wellness – Your Family Medicine Practitioners In Lutz, FL

Family First Wellness – Your Family Medicine Practitioners In Lutz, FL

Family First Wellness’ board-certified health care providers serve as your cutting-edge defense against diseases and chronic illnesses. In our Lutz, FL, family medicine practice, we treat patients of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. While most individuals consider family practitioners like the ones you visit for periodic illnesses, immunizations, and routine checkups, these physicians have extensive training in managing and treating chronic conditions like arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. If you require a disease specialist, your Family First Wellness provider can make suitable referrals, while remaining in the circle to act as the leader of your healthcare team.

Our family medicine practitioners also emphasize disease prevention. Whether it is an obligatory test based on gender and age, or modification necessary by lifestyle influences like environmental exposure and diet, your family medical provider can help you make decent choices for your ongoing health.

Our primary care doctors are trusted for their honest, caring approach towards family medicine. We are committed to providing care for you and your family with undivided attention, respect, and compassion.

Our patients’ health and well-being are our greatest priorities, and we aim to help families accomplish the best quality of life for years to come. We pride ourselves on being the choice provider in family medicine for our communities in Lutz, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Family Medicine Services We Provide

Routine Checkups

We offer routine physical examinations and checkups for our patients. These checkups serve to assess the well-being of the patients and ensure that they don’t have any health risks or underlying conditions. Many patients visit us to get medical screening and documentation, allowing them to participate in various activities, including school events and sports, which require physical assessments.


People of all ages need vaccinations and immunizations to ensure their lifetime health. Although some vaccines are only needed every decade in a patient’s life, other immunizations are required every year – such as flu shots. At Lutz family, medical providers provide various preventive vaccinations for families in our community.

Management Of Chronic Health Conditions

We complete tests to monitor and diagnose chronic health conditions, including arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. Through various measurements, x-rays, and blood tests, we can evaluate your blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, and identify the presence of joint stiffness and swollen joints.

If you live with a chronic medical condition, we are here to educate you on how to control and manage your condition to help you enjoy your best quality of life.

Our family practitioners will collaborate with you to develop a health plan that targets to alleviate risk factors and enhance your lifestyle choices and dietary habits. Our goal is to provide you with the required care that has a positive lifelong impact on you and your family’s life.

Urgent Care

We are here for your urgent medical care needs, including minor injuries and sicknesses. We diagnose and treat infections that cause viruses like flu, coughs, sore throats, and colds. We also treat minor injuries like insect bites, cuts, bruises, joint sprains, and muscle sprains.

Our physicians are thoroughly equipped and highly experienced to provide you and your family with solutions, whether you need preventive medicine, treatment, or monitoring/management of a chronic condition.

Contact us today to learn more about our family practice.