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6 Reasons You Should Consider Regular Dental Checkups


Teeth develop only twice in the entire life of a human being: at birth and at some point when milk teeth fall out. Therefore, it is important to practice preventive dental care rather than seeking a cure. Yonkers Dental Arts specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry in New York for patients of all ages. If you are always postponing regular checkups and cleaning appointments with your dentist, here are some examples of their importance.

1.They Prevent Tooth Cavities

Leaving your teeth unchecked for a long time may increase the chances of plaque eating away your tooth’s outer layer. As a result, you start having holes that could force you to have your tooth extracted. Brushing and flossing help prevent plaque buildup, but regular cleaning is essential.

2.Prevents Bad Breath

Experts of oral health recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once to avoid issues with chronic bad breath. However, these two methods alone are not sufficient to fight advanced issues such as tartar buildup that traps bacteria and stains your teeth. When the tartar deposit starts to build up you will struggle with bad breath, even after thoroughly brushing your teeth. The dentist will use the scaling technique to remove the buildup along your gum line to give you lasting fresh breath. Make regular cleaning appointments to maintain your confidence.

3.Saves You Expenses Of Restorative Dentistry

Regular cleaning sessions with your dentist will cost you some money. This is the reason most people will opt to skip those appointments. However, you will end up spending more than you would on preventive care. Advanced restorative dentistry procedures such as periodontal treatments can be very expensive. Therefore, if you want to save money, consider scheduling checkup sessions.

4.Prevents Gum Disease

Plaque will decay your teeth, and when the buildup is below the gum line, they too may be damaged. Advanced gum disease may, in turn, force you to have your tooth extracted. Fortunately, you can avoid plaque buildup by attending cleaning sessions every six months.

5.Gets Rid Of Stains

Regular lifestyle habits may cause staining on your teeth. They include the consistent use of tobacco, wine, coffee, and tea. Brushing at least twice a day will help remove these stains, but not completely. Specialist cleaning helps get rid of the stubborn stains that toothbrushes cannot remove. Visit your dentist for polishing to brighten your smile.

6.Helps Improve Your Overall Health

Very few people are aware that your oral state affects more than just the mouth. Chronic inflammation from gum disease may increase your risk of having a heart attack or stroke because it hardens the arteries. Regular visits to the dentist will avoid these conditions, and many others, such as diabetes and kidney disease.

During your session with the dentist, they will look for plaque and tartar buildup and start the cleaning process. Apart from this, they also check for gum disease or cancer indicators, protecting not just your mouth, but overall health. Experts recommend cleaning at least twice annually. Please schedule your appointment today and make it a habit.

Top Benefits Of Teledentistry For You


Perhaps you have unbearable tooth pain, but you can’t get to your dentist. Maybe you had a fall in your home, hitting your teeth. A great option is to consult your dentist virtually before having a dental appointment. In Chandler, Aquila Dental offers you timely virtual consultation.

1.The Convenience

One of the most incredible benefits of virtual dental consultation is unbeatable convenience. You can talk to your dentist from anywhere, at any time. Thus, your dentist can monitor your dental condition via video calls or even photos, and advise on the best way forward. Plus, if you have any fears, your dentist will be able to talk them through with you to calm them.

The time you save is another great convenience. You don’t have to travel to follow up on your procedures. At the click of a button, you see your doctor virtually without having an in-person appointment. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to  squeeze in a quick consultation on your break before heading to another business meeting.

2.High-quality Dental Care

Most people may tend to shy from making appointments with the dentist. However, with virtual consultation, people feel safer to talk to their dentist. Plus, unlike physical consultation, you minimize the risk of exposing yourself to disease-causing germs in the office, for instance, during the Covid-19 global outbreak.

3.Better Access

Should you have a dental emergency, you can quickly consult your dentist from the comfort of your couch. Don’t panic, relax, and promptly reach out to your dentist for the best course of action. Additionally, the access to get professional advice irrespective of your geographical location is pleasant.

Additionally, it also means you get timely medical care even when you have time constraints.

4.Lower Costs

Teledentistry helps you lower your costs on dental care and treatment, especially if you are tight on finances. You don’t have to shy away from dental care under your dentist’s guidance. Think of it from this perspective: you cut down on traveling costs when scheduling a physical consultation.

Additionally, in the end, preventative dentistry with virtual consultation helps you avoid incurring extra costs in treating severe conditions that are quite pricey. With regular online consultations, your dentist guides preventive practices that will keep your teeth and gums healthier.

Should you have severe conditions when you skip consultations, it proves more costly than the dental check-up consultations. It can include dental surgery in extreme cases.

After understanding the numerous benefits of what teledentistry offers in dental care, you can see that it gives you better control over your dental health while still saving you time and money.

Why You Should Try Dental Implants


Having a lost tooth is no reason to stop smiling. You are in luck because your embarrassment will soon be over. Fortunately, of all available options to fix your condition, dental implants stand out from the rest. This is because it involves replacing the natural tooth roots, and this comes with a fantastic handful of benefits. Louis Conte, DDS is a Red Bank dental implant specialist and can help you with dental implants so you can enjoy the following gains.


Dental implants do not require you to take them out for cleaning. This is because the implant is placed on your jawbone, and you can care for them just like natural teeth. This means that you can comfortably brush and floss your teeth daily.


The dental implants are directly fixed to the jawbone and are unnoticeable once your mouth heals. This is more comfortable compared to dentures which sit on top of your gum and can cause some discomfort.

Boosted Confidence

With dental implants, you can look and feel as you felt with your natural teeth. This can boost your confidence while speaking, eating, and laughing. You can also smile confidently, improving the quality of your life.

Restored Bite Force

Dental implants, unlike traditional dentures or bridges, allow you to bite like you would with your natural teeth and chew with ease. This is because the implants are firmly anchored into your jaw by a titanium post which acts just like your biological roots.

Retain the Shape of Your Mouth

Your teeth offer support to your facial structure, and this can be threatened upon a tooth loss. This can cause your face to reshape and can result in an undesirable appearance. However, dental implants can provide similar support, maintaining the shape of your face.


Compared to dentures and bridges that are typically replaced after 5-10 years, implants are more durable as can last for 25 years or more. Moreover, depending on the care and maintenance you give your implant, you might not need a replacement. The implant can be preserved through dental implant restoration.

What You Can Expect During Dental Implant Process

You should note that dental implants require a good amount of healthy jawbone, and therefore, during an examination, a jawbone graft can be recommended before the implant procedure.

It takes several appointments for a successful dental implant. To determine where to place your implants, x-rays and other imaging scans can be used. Your provider at Conte Dentistry designs a personalized implant plan for you and you are guided on the necessary preparations to take before your next appointment. During the procedure, anaesthesia can be used to give you more comfort.

Once the implant is placed, it bonds with the jaw as your mouth is healing. Your mouth should heal completely before your next appointment and can take between 6-12 weeks.

The final appointment involves attaching the artificial tooth to the exposed part of the implant.  This offers a more permanent solution for missing teeth.

To learn about your dental implant options, you can contact Conte Dentistry. Dr. Conte and his team will offer you the service you require. Therefore, look no more for alternatives for your lost tooth. Dental implants can improve the quality of your life if deemed right for you by the specialist.

Dental And Oral Health


From losing teeth and receding gum lines to chronic bad breath, poor dental care will be the source of your discomfort. The pain that comes with swollen gums and tender spots in the mouth will effortlessly take a toll on you. Lest we forget to mention it, this poor dental health could result in other medical conditions in the long run. A visit to Dr. Keith Bram will always be handy.

You can hardly overlook the impact that oral and dental health has on your general health and wellbeing. Did you know that oral hygiene affects your heart? Poor dental care has been noted as a significant contributor to various conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and heart issues.

Remarkably, understanding the causes and remedies of different oral and dental health will protect you from many uncertainties. It is in this light that we take a closer look at the root of some of the dental issues that you could be facing.

Causes of Dental Issues

Various variables go into compromising your dental health in the long run. First, it would be ideal to mention that the oral cavity often collects different fungi, bacteria, and viruses. While these elements could be less harmful in smaller quantities, they will end up affecting you significantly upon building up.

With an increase in bacteria around your gum line, you end up with a complex matrix called plaque. The accumulation of this plaque will often result in increased inflammation in your mouth. It is through this that you will end up with gingivitis. As time goes by, this inflammation rises. With this, the cavity develops multiple pockets in which pus collects. This condition results in periodontosis.

Some of the issues that cause these problems will include smoking, poor brushing habits, diabetes, and genetics. Frequent vomiting and acid reflux are some of the problems that could expose you even further.

dental-fb.jpg (1200×667)

 Types of Dental Issues

You can only identify dental issues by undertaking a medical exam. The dentist could choose to scrape your teeth with special instruments, which will help to highlight the problem you are facing. Some of the most common types of dental issues will often include the following:


You could also refer to them as cavities or tooth decay. This problem highlights the presence of holes in part of your teeth. It results from the plaque on your teeth.

Broken teeth

Whether it is a crack or a break of your tooth, this pain will often be matchless. It could happen after an injury in the mouth when chewing or grinding food. Always visit a dentist as soon as this happens.

Sensitive teeth

This condition involves exposing you to discomfort or pain whenever you take cold or hot foods. You could also refer to it as dentin hypersensitivity.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer has become relatively common in the recent past. It could affect the gums, tongue, lips, or the floor of the mouth. Usually, dentists will be the first ones to recognize this problem.

Take the time to visit Brar Dentistry today. It could be the start to a healthier life.