Knee Revision Surgery in Chevy Chase

While knee replacement surgery might always be your final stop during treatment, a knee revision surgical procedure is sometimes essential. Knee revision surgery is a procedure done after the first surgery fails. Gautam Siram is an orthopedic joint replacement specialist and continues to conduct knee revision surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland (MD). To schedule your consultation with the orthopedic expert, call or book your session online today.

What is Knee Revision Surgery?

Knee revision surgery is also called revision total knee arthroplasty. It is a medical procedure that Dr. Siram is well-versed in and uses to treat faulty replacement procedures. The procedure helps replace previously implanted, but faulty, prosthetics or artificial knee joints. The knee revision treatment is beneficial to patients because damaged prosthetics may cause pain or come loose.

Based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, the revision and replacement procedure expert runs a busy center in the MD area. If you encounter problems with your knee replacement procedure, contact Dr. Siram, who will assist you with the team.

Am I a Candidate for Knee Revision Surgery?

While knee replacements are long-run options, they are always given a specific duration. Faulty implants might cause some problems prompting an urgent repeat surgery for replacement. Some common reasons for a knee revision surgery include:

  • Infection
  • Unstable implant
  • Broken implant
  • Bone loss around the knee joint
  • Bone fracture

A botched knee replacement procedure might cause you several signs, including stiffness and pain. These two symptoms might affect daily activities and your mobility significantly.

Luckily, an expert like Dr. Siram could restore your knee’s health, mobility, and function through the revision procedure. Note that recovery might be somewhat slower than the original knee joint replacement procedure.

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What does Knee Revision Surgery Involve?

Dr. Siram uses his expertise, the medical history, and the source of the replacement failure to formulate a personalized plan for revision surgery patients. The corrective procedure might take around two to three hours, but this time frame might shift with cases.

During your revision procedure, the orthopedic doctor carefully examines the affected knee. They then proceed to remove your original implant while ensuring he preserves the majority of the original bone. He then follows a procedure to prepare the bone for the revision implant, inserts the replacement, and treats any damaged soft tissue.

What is the Average Recovery Time Following a Successful Knee Revision Surgery?

After your procedure, Dr. Siram will direct you to a recovery bay where regular monitoring is done before going to a regular hospital room. He recommends you stay at the hospital for your initiation into the rehabilitation and physical therapy program. You could also enjoy the expert pain management practices.

Even when discharged, Dr. Siram and the team recommend arranging for a friend or family to be your stay-at-home caregiver. He schedules physical therapy to support the regain of function and strength. The therapy sessions also boost healing.


Once patients recover, they continue leading normal lives with good long-term results. Note that your recovery from a knee revision procedure might be longer than a regular replacement surgery. Schedule your knee joint revision surgery today at Gautam Siram MD by calling the office or booking your appointment through our online channels.