Top 5 Reasons You Should Choose Eyelid Surgery

Aging is inevitable and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as drooping eyelids. This is one of the reasons why eyelid surgery has become popular among many Americans desiring to reverse such signs. If you are not happy about your facial appearance and looking for a solution, Robert M. Schwarcz, MD, a Scarsdale eyelid surgery specialist can help you. Dr. Schwarcz can reduce the excess fat deposits, remove excess skin and tighten your muscle around your eyes to minimize wrinkles appearance. This comes with awesome benefits, which are the reasons why you should seek the treatment procedure. They are outlined herein.

Restores Youthful Appearance

The main reason to seek eyelid surgery is to attain a youthful appearance by having firm skin to fight drooping eyelids to avoid older looks. Delicate and thin skin leads to less collagen which contributes to your eyelid sagging. If you experience this and your condition is realized at an early age, there is a need to perform the procedure. This is the only effective and reliable way to remove excess skin and to make your eyes look younger instead of waiting until old age when the condition worsens.

Boosts Your Confidence

Your physical appearance matters and determines how comfortable you are amongst people or the environment you’re in. Beauty lies deeply on your skin and that’s why if you suffer from sagging eyelids you feel unhappy about your appearance making you shy from people or even attend fun occasions. Besides, it lowers your self-esteem. You can overcome this nagging discomfort about your look through this procedure to enjoy every day of your life with confidence.

Improves Vision

Drooping eyelid leads to blurred vision which results from blockage of a part of your vision. This condition makes your eyes look smaller although it is barely noticeable as it happens slowly. It can be severe if sagging skin is found in your genes and when combined with natural aging. Therefore, it is recommended to have the procedure followed as an effective way to enhance your field of vision before it becomes extreme.

Minimal Scarring

Eyelid surgery gives you an easier decision to make as compared to other surgeries. This is because small incisions are made in a way that all the scars are hidden naturally within your eyelid. For instance, when you close your eyes, your scars for the surgery become invisible after a healing period giving you a great appearance.

Provides Long-Term Results

Some of the cosmetic treatments, especially non-surgical, do not produce results that are long-lasting as you may expect. Besides, others are not safe to be performed around your eyes since they will not tighten the skin around your eyelid as it should be. However, eyelid surgery is different as it helps retain your youthful appearance for about seven years or more. For instance, if you were born with sagging eyelids you may never age to a point of looking the same way you were before surgery.

It’s clear that eyelid surgery helps you look happier, rested, younger, and more so giving you freedom and confidence. Therefore, do not wait any longer. Visit or contact Dr. Schwarcz today and you will enjoy the outcome.