Eyesight Complication Therapies in Maitland, FL

Eyesight is one very essential aspect of our day-to-day operation. You can attest that the ability to see has impacted your general progress significantly. Therefore, any eye problem would pose a threat. Dr. Elizabeth MacDonald, OD, of Hunter Vision, Florida, is an expert in diagnosing and managing eye-related disorders. Some of her services touch on glaucoma management.

Dr. MacDonald’s oral therapies and prescriptions are certified, giving you the confidence to receive professional services. Other extended services include ocular diseases, eye refractive surgery care, and consultation, and contact lens testing and management. To get Dr. MacDonald’s healthcare services, call the FL office or plan an online appointment today.

Comprehending eyesight conditions

The eyesight complications mainly involve loss of vision. The most recognizable symptom of any eye condition is loss of vision. However, there are many treatments that Dr. MacDonald services, such as dry eyes, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and overall eye health.

What is loss of vision?

It is losing the capacity to see correctly minus some vision rectifications or corrections. Such vision correction equipment includes contact lens, eyeglasses, permanent artificial lenses, and eye surgical correction. The damage takes effect gradually or can happen suddenly. Eventually, you may end up having a total loss of vision or partial vision.

What are the symptoms?

They include; encountering difficulties in carrying out everyday activities like reading, walking down or upstairs, signing your name, watching TV, or paying bills. On some occasions, you may be squinting so much to see vividly or even have problems recognizing people.


The leading cause of loss of vision is age. As your body degenerates, you also begin to experience the breakdown of some body parts, like trouble focusing on close objects.  Some other causes include:

  • Glaucoma: it results from extreme pressure caused by the fluid inside the eyes.
  • Macular degeneration: macula is that part of the eye responsible for sharpness or clarity in your vision.
  • Diabetic retinopathy: occurs in diabetes, especially when high glucose destroys the eye blood vessels.

Other causes can be; infections, injuries, and changes in vision due to some illness.

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Since vision loss takes effect slowly, you are not likely to notice the impact, but rather the people around you will. Upon worsening, seek medical attention. Dr. MacDonald only gives you the proper therapy depending on what causes your loss of vision.

How to identify

Dr. MacDonald will conduct a comprehensive eye evaluation to estimate your eye’s health and diagnose the cause. Inspecting eye movement and positions will indicate crossed eyes or any other strabismus. The exam consists of:

  • Pressure: several tools are used to measure the eye pressure inside.
  • Dilating eye drops enable the pupil to allow a better lens, optic nerve, and retina’s view.
  • Eye chart: implore the use of varied sizes to evaluate the sharpness of your sight from a distance.
  • Ophthalmoscope: the device reveals abnormalities of the macula, retina, optic nerve, or other eye structure.
  • Retinoscope: the device illuminates a light beam by rotating the lens to examine refractive errors like astigmatism.


Our eye experts will recommend treatment following what causes the problem, which may include:

  • Dietary changes
  • Eye drop or oral prescriptions
  • Laser therapy
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery
  • New eyewear or eye shunts
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Watchful waiting

Our doors are wide open for continuing and new patients. We work to deliver in achieving your health goals. To reach us, call the office or schedule an appointment on the online feature today.