Do You Want to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair on Your body?

Unwanted hair is most embarrassing and a hassle to remove. Imagine if you are capable of significantly reducing or eliminating unwanted hair; now you can. The bikini laser hair removal, available in Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center in New York, can safely remove unwanted hair using the latest technology from any part of your body.

At Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center, the team of specialists will take care of your natural beauty through modern technology to ensure they get effective results. They cater to both women and men to make sure the outcome meets the expectations of the client. The team will perform an analysis to give the best treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center takes care of your body, including:

  • Bikini laser hair removal

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Lasers help get rid of unwanted hair from various parts of the body. The benefits of laser hair removal are that it is fast and takes a short time to achieve results. It is safe and precise as it doesn’t cause damage to the skin. The level of predictability is high, hence guaranteeing good results.

How do I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that requires to be performed by a trained specialist. Before you undergo hair removal, you are expected to halt other forms of plucking your hair, such as waxing to prevent damaging hair roots. Laser hair removal targets the roots of the hair for it to be effective; therefore, you should avoid those procedures a few days before your laser hair removal. It would be best to avoid direct sunlight for the effectiveness of the procedure and avoid complications that may occur due to the exposure.

Laser Hair Removal For Men: Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center: Cosmetic Specialists

What Should I Expect During Laser Hair Removal?

Before the laser treatment begins, the technician will trim your hair to the desired size and the laser equipment adjusted to fit the settings required depending on your hair’s thickness and location.

The procedure takes a short time and works by targeting the hair follicles. The laser destroys the follicles, and the hair falls out and does not re-grow. This procedure makes laser hair removal an effective option with long-term results and without any pain or discomfort. ​

After the procedure, the technician will monitor the area to see that the procedure was a success and that no adverse reactions have occurred.

When the procedure is complete, the technician gives you anti-inflammatory medication and may also provide you with lotion to minimize any discomfort that may come with the process.

After the Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Upon completing laser hair removal, you may notice slight swelling and redness in the treatment area. The experience is quite normal because the swelling and redness occur due to your body’s healing response since laser pulses damage the hair follicles. It is recommended that you stay out of the sun since the skin can be sensitive after the treatment and damaged by radiation. The specialist will give a detailed description of the steps you need to follow.

If you’re interested in a laser hair removal treatment, let our experienced specialists provide you with an assessment. Visit Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center or call to set up your appointment.