Do Not Let Pain Make Your Life Miserable

Joint and spine injuries can reduce life quality because the pain deters people from living their life fully. It is the passion for interventional pain management that led Doctor Badiyan to start a clinic to cater to patients with these problems. The doctor is an expert in the study of relieving pain without using surgery. Instead, the clinic opts to use emerging treatments and therapies such as Frisco HF10 therapy. The clients have the benefit of having evidence-based treatments that employ research from a wide variety of sources. Additionally, clients who previously sought the services of the facility have reviewed it positively.

Furthermore, the hospital has a patient-centered approach to treatment. Therefore, the clients have the luxury of meeting the lead doctor in their first consultation and on follow-up reviews. The clinic is founded by a family that has made it their commitment to serve the patient. Thus, the experience of the client matters, and therefore taking in more patients is never a priority. Additionally, the doctor is available for the second opinion for patients scheduled to undergo surgery to treat joint and spine pain.

The facility treats numerous conditions. Patients with back pains, sciatica, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, knee pain, neck pain, neuropathy, migraines, or shoulder pain should book an appointment. Additionally, the clinic offers sports medicine, which most athletes and sports people require. The doctor’s focus when offering sports medicine is to get the player back to the game as soon as safely possible. Also, the team has expertise in minimally invasive spinal surgery. The procedure is done as an outpatient treatment and ensures reduced pain and bleeding. Additionally, the office offers a solution for pain resulting from chronic conditions such as arthritis and cancer.

There is a wide range of treatment services, such as HF10 therapy. The therapy is better compared to other stimulators because it does not cause tingling sensations. The treatment method uses spinal cord stimulators to intercept pain signals and calm nerves. Additionally, the doctor can recommend the Vertiflex Superion Indirect Decompression System to ease the pressure between vertebrae. COOLIEF is also a treatment for pain that uses radiofrequency ablation to kill nerve endings that cause pain, along with stem cell therapy which regenerates damaged cells. The therapy uses platelet-rich plasma, AmminioFix, and EpiFix. The treatments contain protein which promotes healing and reduces inflammation.

In conclusion, the cutting edge treatment the Spine and Joint Physician of Frisco offer pain-relieving treatment. Additionally, the facility is headed by professionals certified by the Board of interventional pain management. More so, the research-based interventions guarantee the patients new and innovative treatment. Also, the platform eliminates numerous types of pain, such as joint pains and sports injuries. Additionally, the patients get the best treatment because Doctor Badiyan gives each patient the attention they require during the consultation, treatment, and following review. The facility operates from two facilities, one in Frisco and another in Lewisville. Additionally, patients can make appointments online or through a call and get their pain managed.