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Reasons Why You Should Choose Scalp Micropigmentation

Reasons Why You Should Choose Scalp Micropigmentation

Chicago has some of the most advanced medical clinics in the country. There are so many hair loss treatments that it is a daunting task to choose one. It is even harder to find one that is just right for you. If you are contemplating treatment options you should see a Chicago scalp micro pigmentation specialist if you have significant hair loss.

Scalp micro pigmentation is a relatively new hair loss treatment that uses pigments on your scalp to address hair loss and works very much like a tattoo. You can use scalp micro pigmentation for baldness, hair density loss, and scar treatment among others. The following are reasons why you should choose scalp micro pigmentation instead of other hair loss treatments:


Some hair loss treatments cost an arm and leg. The worst part is that they may not completely work which means that you lose a lot of money unless you get a refund. That is not the case with scalp micro pigmentation which is a permanent solution to hair loss. It will cost much less than you would spend if you were to get a hair transplant. You don’t need to buy any medicine or hair care products after the procedure. You also do not have to spend any money on shampoos and tonics to maintain your hair afterward.


Medical procedures rarely come as safe as scalp micro pigmentation. One of the reasons why the treatment is so safe is that there are no chemicals used.Scalp micro pigmentation needs to be sterilized for the procedure to be safe.

A local anesthetic will be used which means that you will not feel any pain during the procedure. The pain of the procedure makes many people avoid it just as with tattoos.

Types of Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures To Choose From

Fast Procedure

A scalp micro pigmentation procedure is the same as tattooing hair on your skin. When contrasted to other hair loss treatments, it is a very minor procedure. The procedure itself only takes about thirty minutes to complete. However, you will need several sessions for you to see the full result. The results of the procedure are equally fast. You can see real results after the first procedure.

Quick Recovery

Just as with a tattoo, you will need to recover from the procedure. However, it is much less recovery time than say a hair transplant. The reason that you heal so fast is that it is a minimally invasive procedure. There are also no scars to heal, no dressings to change or stitches to remove.

After a few days of rest, you should feel as good as new and ready to show your head to the world.

Minimal Maintenance

Any type of hair requires maintenance hence hair loss solutions like hair transplants are very high maintenance. Contrarily, scalp micro pigmentation does not use any hair so there is very little maintenance. All you have to do is ensure you wash the pigmented area. However, you can also add some wax to shine the area.

Tips to Take Good Care of Your Feet

Tips to Take Good Care of Your Feet

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world with many amazing foot surgeons. A board-certified foot surgeon in New York, NY can tremendously help you address any issues with your feet.

On the other hand, you can do much to take care of your feet before you have to go to a foot surgeon. The following are some tips to help you take great care of your feet:

Move Your Feet

The best way to take care of your feet is to use them as much as you can. Human feet are designed for movement, and a sedentary life is one of the most detrimental things to your feet.

The more you move your feet, the more you work your muscles and make them strong. Since it is difficult to work out your foot muscles in the gym, getting them active is the best way to strengthen them.

Jogging, walking, or running are great ways to move your feet and make them strong. However, you should always try low impact exercises as they are the safest for your feet.

Wash Your Feet

Though most people shower or bathe every day, washing their feet is often an afterthought. Many people, even the cleanest of us, forget to clean their feet every now and then.

You should wash your feet as comprehensively as you wash any other part of your body. You should especially wash your feet if you spend a significant amount of time barefoot.

You can try washing your feet separately in warm water before you go to bed. Such special attention will ensure your feet remain clean and healthy.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Long gone are the days when people used to wear shoes solely to protect their feet. Shoes are more about fashion and aesthetics these days, which can be detrimental to the health of your feet.

If you want to take good care of your feet, you should wear comfortable shoes. There are many aspects to comfortable shoes including fit, balance, and protection.

You should especially avoid high heeled shoes. The material of the shoes also matters. There is no rule of thumb here, all you need is to wear shoes in which you feel comfortable.

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Get a Foot Massage

A massage on any part of the body offers substantial stress relief, and the same goes for your feet. Getting a foot massage every so often is a great way for you to relieve the tension from using your feet all day.

You can give yourself a foot massage or you can get a loved one to do it for you. You can also get a licensed massage therapist to give you the massage which will have a better effect than massaging yourself.

Go to a Doctor

Whenever many people have foot issues such as ingrown toenails, they tend to address the issue themselves. It may be cheaper and more convenient in the short term but it will significantly damage your feet in the long run.

You should always go to a doctor if you have any foot issues. It will ensure that the issues are comprehensively addressed and that they do not return in the future.

What You Need to Know About NormaTec Recovery Treatment

Recovery Treatment

Ever thought of a relaxation therapy that lets technology take its course to relieve you from physical and emotional stress? Nothing accelerates tissue repair than a good massage. With technology advances, innovative treatments like the NormaTec boots can help relax muscles and repair your damaged tissues. Shift Wellness is your leading provider of NormaTec recovery in New York. This rhythmic and dynamic compression technology increases your blood circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system. Ideal for athletes and people who engage in rigorous physical activities, this technology promotes muscle recovery, leaving you relaxed and physically fit for your next performance.

What is NormaTec Recovery?

This innovative treatment uses a combination of gradients, pulses and compression to ease your legs from pain caused by rigorous physical activities. This modern technology that imitates your natural contractions leaves you relaxed after ridding your system of toxins. The massage offered by NormaTec recovery helps you lower stress, boosts your mental and health wellness, and improves your physical fitness. The treatment also supplies your exhausted muscles with oxygenated blood.

NormaTec recovery does not limit you on the number of times you should go for the therapy. The demand to go for the massage depends on either your stress and emotional needs or your pain and physical needs, though having a regular massage is recommended.

How Does the Technology Work?

The recovery boots hold and release their grasp on your legs’ specific points as soon as the pressure is no longer required, thus preventing the backflow of blood in your veins. With the treatment’s use of pulses and clasps, this innovative recovery supports your vascular health, preventing your blood from leaking backward. The treatment that starts from your feet up through your legs with systemic holds will give you a relaxation opportunity commendable for your overworked and injured muscles. However, wellness specialists discourage prolonged pressure as the exertion can interfere with your blood circulation, which is dangerous to your health.

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How Do You Feel During the Recovery Treatment?

This technology treatment that prompts the users to wear boots for approximately 20-30 minutes makes them feel like they are being massaged. With your legs firmly grasped, you will feel pulsing sensations that start from your feet and progress to the rest of your legs. As the movements proceed up your legs, a gentle compression replaces them. Your Shift Wellness instructor will also advise on the number of sessions and what to expect from the therapy. 

Who Needs a Normatec Recovery Treatment?

Though the treatment is ideal for athletes and people with physically demanding activities, you need not be a professional athlete to benefit from the therapy. This therapy also accelerates treatment after undergoing a surgical operation through a fitness coach who can recommend this therapy for your physical fitness.

What Are the Advantages Of Going For Normatec Treatment?

Besides accelerating oxygenated blood to your damaged muscles, the boots will help you increase:

  •         Range of motion
  •         Flexibility
  •         Stamina

Free yourself from muscle sores and pain today by seeking fitness sessions at Shift Wellness by booking an appointment online.

Get Rid of Your Snoring Problem

Snoring Problem

It is common for people to experience snoring at some point in their lives. Recent studies reveal that close to half the population of men and approximately a quarter of women in America go through snoring. To many, this is just an everyday occurrence that does not raise concerns. However, persistent snoring can indicate more profound issues that may need addressing to avoid further complications. If you live in and around California and feel your snoring is becoming a problem, it is the right time to consult a Newport Beach snoring specialist to look into your matter and help you deal with it.

Snoring is an ordinary condition that can inhibit you from enjoying quality sleep. It can become a nuisance to your partner and loved ones in the house if it gets significantly loud. Snoring happens when throat or nose tissues settle down and subsequently vibrate. It usually occurs when inhaling but can also happen when breathing out. Constant snoring can be caused by different factors such as strayed septum in the nose and soft tissue troubles in the throat or the mouth’s hindmost part. Furthermore, many circumstances might cause you to start snoring, which include:

  •         Drinking alcohol
  •         Being a man, as males are more susceptible to this condition.
  •         Positions in which you sleep, especially on your back
  •         Being overweight


This condition’s treatment begins with an essential examination and an analysis of your medical past to determine any underlying issues. Dr. Alexis Furze, the leading specialist in Newport Beach, will conduct scans to verify if there are structural hindrances in your nose that are causing your snoring. Additionally, Dr. Furze checks your throat to determine if any issues are responsible for your snoring.

First, after establishing the causes, treatment programs are devised concerning your specific problem. For instance, Dr. Furze may suggest that you begin altering your sleeping positions and adjusting your lifestyle to limit your alcohol intake or plan to lose excess weight. Structural problems are addressed through surgical operations like septoplasty and rhinoplasty that will amend your problems effectively. Dr. Furze is a top-notch surgeon and will offer you the best care to get you back to sleeping like a baby. Moreover, Dr. Furze has a wealth of experience in dealing with other issues and offers services such as:

How to stop snoring - best solutions and remedies - Mirror Online


Botox helps you relieve lines in your forehead and over your eyes that result from aging. Dr. Furze offers these Botox injections that will alleviate this problem and help you attain the look of your dreams.


Rhinoplasty is a technique that involves nose surgery to advance the shape and performance of your nose. Dr. Furze has rich experience in performing rhinoplasties, and you can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Runny Nose

Runny noses are ordinary and are mostly caused by common colds. If you experience a persistent runny nose, Dr. Furze can help you clear it up and get back to normal.

If you are currently going through a snoring problem or would like to receive other services, call or book an appointment online and get world-class care to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Find a More Innovative Cataract Treatment Option


A cataract is a condition of clouding in your lens, causing blurred vision. If your sight feels like looking through a fogged-up window, the best thing to do is seek medical attention from an expert. Fortunately, Dr. Leonard Achiron and Dr. David O’Day of Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center help people with cataracts in Atlanta through having the most innovative cataract treatment.

Cataract Diagnosis

Any treatment procedure is designed based on your specific needs that should first be evaluated and examined. If you notice any changes in your vision that are suspicious such as double vision, sudden eye pain, or flashes of light, do not hesitate to contact your provider. Most cataracts develop gradually over time, and therefore diagnosis should be accurate.

Your medical history and symptoms are reviewed to determine whether you have cataracts. Some of the signs that can be diagnosed include:

  •   Blurred, clouded, or dim vision
  •   Light and glare sensitivity
  •   Double vision in a single eye
  •   Seeing halos around lights
  •   Increasingly difficulty with vision at night
  •   Yellowing or fading of colors
  •   Increased nearsightedness

If you experience any of the symptoms before your annual eye exam, they should alert you to see a doctor.

An eye examination can also be done, including several tests such as visual acuity test, slit-lap examination, and a retinal exam.

Treatment Options

The most effective cataract treatment, when glasses don’t seem to clear your vision, is surgery. However, cataracts develop slowly, and there is no rush to remove them as they are harmless. On the other hand, the symptoms can worsen and begin to affect your daily life. It can also be severe for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss with your doctor about the right time to have cataract surgery.

The Most Advanced Treatment for Cataracts

Cataract Surgery Procedure

Should it be concluded that surgery is the most effective treatment option for your condition, Dr. O’Day and Dr. Achiron performs the procedure in the most advanced way. Numbing eye drops are used to assure your comfort during the process and to block any pain. Incisions are made using a laser, and the cataract lens is broken and removed and is replaced by an artificial lens (IOL).

At Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center, you have an option to replace your natural lens with a multifocal lens. Such includes AcrySof ReStor, Crystalens, and TECNIS multifocal IOL.

How You Can Prevent Cataract

Several strategies can help to reduce or regulate some of the symptoms associated with the development of cataracts.

  • Regular eye examinations can help detect cataracts or any other eye complications in the early stages, making it easier to prevent the condition from worsening.
  • Managing other health problems, such as diabetes, can reduce the worsening of cataracts and reduce their risks.
  • Consuming a healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fruits may increase your body’s antioxidants that help maintain your eye’s health.
  • Wearing sunglasses may protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet B rays, which can contribute to cataracts development.
  • Reducing alcohol use and avoiding smoking can also reduce the risks of cataracts.

Finally, you can improve your vision without having to bear the burden of glasses or contact lenses. You can get cataract surgery and get the most advanced replacements for your cataract lens at Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center. You need to improve the quality of your life. Get more information by reaching out to Dr. O’Day and Dr. Achiron.

Are Laser Peels the Perfect Skin Resurfacing Treatment Option?


Age is catching up and you have to deal with everything that comes with it including wrinkled skin. As a middle-aged or an aging adult, you can encounter times where you have acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, or sunburns. But that shouldn’t stop you from restoring your once youthful-looking skin. Thanks to skin treatment options such as chemical laser peel in Marion and other laser treatments, the damaged regions on your skin can be repaired. Read on to find out why chemical peels are becoming popular in the skin treatment industry.

What Are Chemical Peels?

As the name suggests, chemical peels are skin resurfacing procedures that involve chemicals to eliminate dead skin, allowing new skin to grow.  It is commonly used to reduce acne scars and hyperpigmentation, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and replace sunburn damages.

During the skin resurfacing procedure at Marion OB/GYN Inc., the dermatologist examines your skin to determine the right strength of the acid solution to treat the outer layer of your skin. Types of chemical peels include:

Superficial Chemical Peels

These chemical peels are light and rely on mild acids to exfoliate the skin.

Medium Chemical Peels

These peels are more intrusive, which is why they penetrate the middle layer of the skin

Deep Chemical Peels

These are the most potent chemical peels that rely on powerful acids to eliminate damaged skin through deep penetration.

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How to Prepare for Skin Resurfacing Procedures Through Chemical Peels

As is expected of most dermatological procedures, the specialist will need to find out if you are eligible for chemical peels. Inform your doctor if you have cold sores or fever blisters on the areas around your mouth to prevent chances of breakouts. If you are ready to go ahead with the chemical peels resurfacing procedure, your dermatologist will advise you against taking specific medications that can affect clotting for two weeks before the surgery. If you are a smoker, your doctor recommends avoiding it for two weeks before and after the procedure. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, especially if you are susceptible to cold sores or fever blisters, to prevent bacterial infections.

Are Chemical Peels Effective?

The primary goal of chemical peels is to improve skin imperfections such as acne, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, people with darker skin complexions have more to benefit than their light-skinned counterparts. Chemical peels are designed to reduce hyperpigmentation, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation since the skin contains a high amount of melanin. And since chemical peels contain antioxidants and rely on acid solutions to trigger collagen production, they are the best skin resurfacing options for treating pigmentation.

You do not have to live with skin imperfections. Your skin type and concerns play a significant role in determining whether chemical peels are effective for you. When you consult a board-certified dermatologist at Marion OB/GYN Inc., you have better chances of finding a resurfacing solution to your skin problem. To learn more about the types of chemical peels that are good for your skin, consult your dermatologist.

Causes and Cures for Headaches


Discomforts caused by tensions in the head can destroy your quality of life if they happen often. Consequently, extreme pain in the head can make you unable to accomplish much. At NY Neurology Associates effective treatments exist to help you avoid the constant pain and frustrations. Their services focus on getting you back to your normal self to accomplish more.

What Causes Headaches and Migraines?

Migraines do not come on their own. You will feel other symptoms including nausea, sensitivity to light, and visual spots apart from the one-sided aching in your head. No exact cause of migraines exists, however, if one of your family members has the issue, you are more at risk. Alcohol, hormonal fluctuation, and stress can also be the reason for your migraines. Your doctor has the latest tools and medical equipment to help determine your issue’s real cause and find perfect remedies to help relieve your pain.

What Is the Leading Cause of Cluster Headaches?

Periods separate the days in which cluster headaches occur.  During an outbreak, you will have short moments with little or no symptoms at all accompanied by moments of extreme headache. Cluster headaches often occur at almost the same time each day. Hormonal fluctuations are the primary reason you may experience these issues. However, no direct reason exists to explain why some people have the issue. The brain also plays a role in causing cluster headaches. The hypothalamus gland controls the body clock, which can lead to extreme headaches at the same time each day.

Headaches: Causes, types, and treatment

How Does a Doctor Diagnose Headaches?

A headache is a prominent symptom that will point you to the hospital. However, without the right diagnosis to determine your headache’s cause and nature, you may miss essential treatments. Your leading health facility offers diagnostic services that will help determine the cause of your headache and the right treatments to help you improve. Your doctor at the facility will help distinguish between a migraine, cluster headache, and tension issues that cause you many discomforts. Additionally, your doctor may request you to keep a log of the issues raised both at the facility and while at home. Treatments for headaches involve physical exams and blood tests. Advanced tools such as MRIs and X-rays will help pinpoint your doctor to the cause of your discomforts and rule out other issues that may cause your headache.

What Type of Treatments Can the Doctor Suggest for Your Headaches?

Your trusted health facility employs various therapies and treatments to help you relieve tensions and headaches. Your doctor can offer you BOTOX injections that can help calm your nerves and muscles to help deal with the tension in the head. However, your doctor will try to identify the underlying reason for your condition and provide the best treatment for you. In some circumstances, you will receive instructions for lifestyle changes to help deal with your situation.

Tension and headache issues can cut down your productivity each day. However, proven and straightforward procedures exist to help calm and improve your issue. Give the facility a call, or make an appointment online to see the doctor.

Top Healthy Tips In Managing Diabetes

Managing Diabetes

The truth is, with good management of diabetes, you can live an almost normal, everyday life, save the injections. Plus, you can go about your day-to-day activities in San Pedro without feeling you have a burden weighing down on you. Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you can manage it effectively. Below is a simple guide for you to make living a lot easier with the help of San Pedro diabetes specialists:

1.Keep Your Glucose Meter Safe

When you have diabetes, monitoring your blood sugar levels is an integral aspect of living a healthy life. Keep your meter at arm’s length, where you can easily find it when need be. Additionally, it also works best by having it in a specific location to avoid ransacking through your stuff every time you want to use it. Your diabetes specialist will guide you on how many times you should check your blood glucose levels.

2.Medical Treatment

Having the best diabetes treatment helps alleviate the symptoms. Plus, a qualified diabetes specialist has the relevant knowledge and skills in managing the disease. Furthermore, stick to the prescription dosage and timing instructions.

3.Healthy Lifestyle

Incorporating exercises are an excellent way to stay healthy and maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI). Remaining active helps you manage the condition better. Therefore, start slow as you gradually build up your exercise regimen. Make it a lifestyle change over a one-time thing. For instance, you can start by doing 15 minutes of aerobic activity daily.

Additionally, a healthy diet is instrumental in living everyday life. You can ask your diabetes specialist about the quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, plus fruits and vegetables if you have any fears of disrupting the sugar levels. For instance, low-refined carbohydrates work better. Not to mention, settle for whole foods such as whole grains and whole fruits.

Additionally, it would be best to split your meals several times during the day instead of having one or two major meals. Snacking is healthy too.

4.Support Group

Nothing is as remarkable as having a reliable support system. The feeling is priceless, giving you a forum to meet like-minded people who can provide you invaluable lessons on living with diabetes. The practical advice is timely, especially from people who have been living with diabetes longer than you. Not to forget, it also gives you an avenue to overcoming your fears.

Never hesitate to speak up if you have severe mood fluctuations, which can signal that you are slowly sinking into depression. The more your depression symptoms progress, the harder it becomes for you to manage the disease effectively. Educating your loved ones on the condition is also ideal for helping you when you are in dire need. Should you have warning signs of low or high blood sugar levels, they can attend to you in time and avoid the worst.

Gradually, you will realize diabetes management is not as hard as you initially thought. Plus, avoid developing sores, especially for type 2 diabetes, as they can be quite problematic in healing. In severe cases, you may undergo an amputation if the sore is on one of your limbs. Most importantly, have a positive attitude towards living a healthy life.

Interesting Facts About Ptsd


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects about 3.5% of adults in the United States and 37% of those diagnosed have severe symptoms. Even though there are plenty of institutions that may treat PTSD in Colorado Springs, there is a lot of misconception around it. You may get PTSD after a natural disaster, military combat, and other highly stressful events. The symptoms may range from mild to severe and they may have short-term or long-term effects. Keep reading to learn more about PTSD in Colorado Springs.

1.Medication Isn’t Always Your Best Option

The most effective treatments for PTSD are Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR therapy. The World Health Organization disapproves of the use of medication to treat PTSD. The duration of your treatment depends on the nature and severity of your trauma. Patients who wait too long to seek help are likely to require longer treatment periods. They may have to deal with other issues like substance abuse.

2.The Symptoms Can Be Physical

If you have PTSD, you may rehash the past events and experience physical symptoms such as headaches, heart palpitations, and chills. Other symptoms include dehydration, nausea, and sleeplessness.

3.It Affects Almost Eight Million People In The United States

If you have the symptoms of PTSD, it is easy to fall under the false impression that you are alone. However, it is a common problem that affects almost eight million people in the United States. At least seven out of every 100 people develop PTSD at some point in their lifetime.

4.You Can Get It from Events That Aren’t Life-Threatening

You do not need to be involved in a tragic road accident or been in a warzone to have PTSD. It may be the result of smaller traumas that accumulate over time. It is common to have PTSD from non-life-threatening events such as bullying, relationship stress, or minor car accidents.

5.It Affects People Differently

People that have been through the same trauma over the same period may experience PTSD differently. Some may develop severe symptoms while others have no symptoms at all. PTSD is complex and it has nothing to do with your weakness or strength.

6.Women Are More Likely to Get It Than Men

Women are two times more likely to have PTSD than men. The symptoms manifest differently in men and women. In women, the symptoms are mostly about avoiding triggers and uncomfortable thoughts. They may have trouble dealing with the triggers. Men tend to get angrier. They may turn to drugs and alcohol to numb their feelings.

7.The Symptoms Don’t Necessarily Begin Immediately

The symptoms of PTSD may take months or years to manifest. Your doctor may not be able to make a diagnosis immediately after the trauma. When people experience the symptoms of PTSD immediately after a trauma, they may be diagnosed with conditions like acute stress disorder. Some symptoms of PTSD may be similar to insomnia, anxiety, or depression.

If you suspect that you have PTSD, consult your doctor immediately. Early treatment may keep the problem from getting worse.

Essential Insights On Same-Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns

Do you desire a dental crown without the extended downtime? If so, a same-day crown should be your top consideration. This cutting-edge procedure lets you enjoy the benefits of having a crown without using an off-site lab. In Glendale, same-day crown services are available at Alta Canyada Dental Group. Led by Dr. Beck, the practice prides itself in a competent staff, ready and willing to address all your dental concerns.

What Is A Crown?

A crown refers to an artificial cap that is placed above your tooth and gums. Crowns may treat numerous conditions and can enhance your smile through:

  •       Restoring a decayed tooth
  •       Protecting your tooth from further damage
  •       Covering an unsightly tooth
  •       Reinforcing a weakened tooth

Many patients opt for crowns after a root canal treatment to restore their teeth’s structural integrity. A crown lets you get a renewed and rejuvenated tooth cap that functions and feels like the real one, thereby enhancing your ability to speak suitably. Additionally, you can choose a same-day crown to restore your smile immediately.

What Material Is Used To Make Same-Day Crowns?

Perhaps you are wondering what ingredients are used in manufacturing crowns. At Alta Canyada Dental Group, your physician provides same-day crowns made of a solid block of composite resin or pressed ceramic. These components are durable and can withstand equal bite pressure as other crown materials.

Same-day crowns are also identical to your natural tooth enamel in how they reflect light and color. These qualities enable your same-day crowns to blend in with your smile, therefore optimizing your oral health.

How Is A Same-Day Crown Unique?

A same-day crown is exceptional since it enables Dr. Beck to restore your dental appearance in a single office visit. Ordinarily, when you get a crown, your provider shaves some enamel from your tooth, attains an impression of your smile, and sends it to an off-site lab. The off-site lab comes up with the actual fabrication and designs of your crown. This procedure can take weeks before it is completed.

During this period, you ought to wear a temporary crown. You will also need to come back to Alta Canyada Dental Group for a second appointment to get your permanent restoration, a procedure that undoubtedly demands more time out of your schedule.

When getting same-day crowns, Dr. Beck shaves the enamel from your tooth and conducts a digital scan. Afterward, he uploads the scan to an innovative CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) machine.

The CEREC then mills your crown from a small block of ceramic or composite resin as you wait in the dental chair. The entire process lasts close to two hours. Afterward, you are sure to leave the office with a beautiful, refined smile.

Other Available Services

  •       Teeth Whitening
  •       Dental emergencies
  •       Veneers
  •       Dental Implant Restoration
  •       Cosmetic Dentistry
  •       Dentures and Partials
  •       Dental Bridges

Bottom Line

Proper oral health is essential for your overall health and self-confidence. You deserve to be proud of your smile. To understand more about same-day crowns and other top-notch dental services, contact Alta Canyada Dental Group to achieve your aesthetic needs and achieve optimum oral health.