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Ways To Make You Look And Feel Better

Feel Better

Self-love starts when you first appreciate and accept yourself the way you are. However, when you are not satisfied with the way you look or some of your body parts, then it’s hard to live a fulfilling life. Instead of loving yourself, it leads to negative self-talk, low self-confidence and esteem, all which affects your life happiness. Self-love also means that you will go an extra mile to fixing whatever you dislike in you for your joy. Taking care of your body also helps improve your life quality. Montclair Rejuvenation Center specializes in offering aesthetic services to help you live your best life. The Verona PRP hair restoration specialists provide quality and effective treatments to help restore your natural beauty as a whole.

The aesthetic medical spa practice in Verona, New Jersey offers quality and affordable aesthetic and wellness services to patients living in the surrounding areas to help improve their lives. The team at Montclair Rejuvenation Center offers convenient care that is flexible with patients’ busy schedules. They provide a thorough consultation to their patients, each patient spending adequate time with one of the top leading providers. They value their patients’ goals and work to create treatments that are fulfilling to them. They have many aesthetic services that enhance a patient’s appearances into more youthful without surgical procedures. They offer various efficient skin rejuvenation services and body sculpting to get rid of unwanted fat.

The Montclair Rejuvenation Center team takes advantage of modern technology to offer platelet-rich plasma treatments for skin rejuvenation and hair growth stimulation. Also, they provide micro-needling, photo facials, HydraFacial MD, and Aquagold Fine Touch. They believe it’s essential for patients to feel and look at their best despite their age. To add to their aesthetic services, they offer wellness services to help with stress relief and health optimization. They also provide nutritional counselling, acupuncture, massages and FemiLift vaginal revitalization to help patients live their best lives.

They offer services such as:

Laser hair removal

Taking care of your unwanted hair is usually tiresome, with it growing again after a while. Montclair Rejuvenation Center provides effective laser hair removal to remove your unwanted hair permanently. Visit them today for this safe and efficient treatment.


A professional massage can help you relax and calm your mind, relieving even your stress. Call or book online for your massage appointment today, only with the best Montclair Rejuvenation Center.

Feel Better

Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma technique enhances the body to heal and regenerate itself. Montclair Rejuvenation Center offers this technique to help rejuvenate your skin and restore your hair. Call them today to learn about this procedure.

When we look better, we feel better about ourselves. What’s stopping you from looking and feeling your best? Montclair Rejuvenation Center specializes in providing aesthetic services to help improve and restore your appearance into a more beautiful you. Located in Verona, New Jersey, they strive to serve and deliver quality and effective skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and wellness services to men and women of all ages. They use innovative and advanced treatments to offer safe and comfortable services to meet their patient’s goal. They believe you should look and feel at your best all the time, regardless of your age. They are friendly and welcoming to new and existing services. Visit them today for assistance to restore your beauty and joy in life.

Restore And Enhance Your Youthful Look With Botox Specialist In Pasadena, Ca


We are living in a time where selfies, video-chatting, and profile pictures have become part of our daily lives. That makes it the perfect time to put your best face forward. Unfortunately, the earliest signs of aging begin to be noticeable on the face, and you may not be very confident about posing for a selfie due to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If this is the case, you should consider Botox treatment: an effective, convenient, and proven way to minimize your aging signs. At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS and his team offer Pasadena Botox cosmetic injections to help restore and enhance your vibrant and youthful look. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online.

What is Botox?

This is an injectable toxin used in facial aesthetics to get rid of facial lines and wrinkles. The treatment has been in use for about two decades and is FDA-approved for use in improving the look of wrinkles in adults. Botox effectively relaxes and softens your wrinkle lines without changing your overall appearance. The treatment is effective in addressing various issues such as the drooping of the eyebrows, frown lines, and crow’s feet,

Why Do You Have Lines and Wrinkles?

Your look is defined by the muscles in your face that you use to make expressions like frowning, smiling, and laughing. When you make these facial expressions, the line that appears is known as the dynamic line. As you age, your skin becomes more elastic making the dynamic lines become frown lines. Aging skin and prolonged overactivity of your facial muscles finally changes your unique expression lines to deep wrinkles.

How Does Botox Treatment Work?

The Botox injection contains botulinum toxin, which achieves the result by interfering with the communication between facial muscles and nerves. This prevents the wrinkles and frown lines from forming. The procedure takes about twenty minutes or less. The doctor will locate the relevant muscles at which to make the injections. The procedure is quite tolerable for most people as you only feel pinches when the fine needle injects Botox into the vital facial areas. Botox treatment at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is done by experienced specialists giving you perfect and impressive results. After the procedure, you can return to your daily activities straight away.


How Long Does Botox Take To Work?

Generally, you should expect to see the full effect of your Botox injections results within three to seven days, and they will last for four to six months, wavering in different patients. This means you can receive the Botox injection every four to six months to remain with smooth and vibrant skin with no wrinkles.

In conclusion, Botox cosmetic treatment can enhance your appearance and have you brimming with self-esteem. If you live in or around Pasadena and are concerned about your facial wrinkles, call or schedule an appointment with Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center today.


Quality Women Health And Wellness In Rhode Island

Women Health

Every woman needs gynecology services at some point in her life to help ensure healthy living. Women have special and unique health needs. The provision of quality healthcare that meets their needs increases their confidence and enables them to excel in living healthy lives. From puberty to menopause, their health needs continually change and impact their lives differently. A. Michael Coppa, MD, is a woman-centered health practice that focuses on providing quality healthcare services to women in Cranston and Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. A. Michael Coppa is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to women. With over 25 years of experience in OB/GYN care, he delivers overall women health and wellness services and high-risk pregnancy care. Dr. Coppa is highly skilled in child delivery, as he has delivered thousands of babies. He is also qualified to perform surgeries using minimally invasive robotic technology. He is highly knowledgeable and uses advanced diagnosis and medical treatment procedures to provide personalized care to his patients.

Dr. Coppa ensures he spends enough time with patients during the consultation to give them time to explain their concerns and to discuss suitable treatments for them. Together with his team, they are compassionate and caring towards their patients, striving to meet their health needs. They are warm and friendly, providing a comfortable environment for their patients. His high levels of studies and experience make him excel in offering the highest quality gynecology and obstetrician services and fertility services. He is known for his comprehensive customized care plans for conditions such as infertility, menopause, endometriosis, and abnormal uterine bleeding, among others.

Dr. Micheal Coppa and his staff offer services such as:

High-risk obstetrics

A high-risk pregnancy can be fatal to both the mother and the child; hence special care is needed to prevent more health issues. Dr. A. Michael Coppa provides personalized care throughout your pregnancy and even after delivery to ensure both the mother and child’s health. Visit them at their offices today to receive the highest quality care during your pregnancy.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a condition caused by many factors including stress, hormonal imbalance, depression, and smoking. It causes irritation and pain during sex. Dr. Coppa offers quality diagnostics and various treatments for your vaginal health. Call or book an appointment today to learn more.

Women Health


Infertility issues cause a lot of stress and a lack of peace among many couples. The experienced and board-certified gynecologist offers advanced diagnostic and treatment plans to help with your infertility issue and help you conceive. Visit them in Rhode Island for quality and effective infertility services.

At A. Michael Coppa, MD, OB/GYN practice focuses on providing excellent women health services to improve the quality of life. Dr. Coppa, a board-certified gynecologist, is committed to providing quality and effective care to meet his patients’ health needs. He strives to provide individualized care to his patients to provide the right treatment plans for them. With a lot of experience, Dr. Coppa and his team offer quality services for menopause, pregnancy care, infertility, and birth control, among other gynecological services. They are friendly and welcoming to their patients, providing them with exceptional customer service. Visit them today at Cranston and Providence, Rhode Island, for quality women healthcare.

Why You Should See A Doctor For Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The shoulder has a ball and socket joint that allows motion. In case of any severe injury or damage, this may make it necessary for a shoulder replacement procedure. Shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure that involves the removal of the damaged area of the shoulder and replacing it with an artificial one. An injury to the shoulder is painful and can limit your range of motion. If you have a severe injury, seek the immediate intervention of the specialist of shoulder replacement in West Orange. A replacement of the shoulder is recommended if you have severe damage in order to regain your movement and autonomy. The joint is a sophisticated area. It needs a specialist; the specialist may recommend a nonsurgical method for curing injuries on your shoulder, but if the problem is severe, they will recommend shoulder surgery.

What are the reasons for shoulder replacement?

Several situations can lead to shoulder replacement. These includes:


Shoulder replacement surgery is crucial because it helps restore the functions of shoulders damaged by arthritis. In shoulder arthritis, the joint surface is usually destroyed through wear and tear and makes the shoulder unable to carry out its normal activities. The primary purpose of shoulder replacement is to revitalize the shoulder’s function by replacing it with an artificial part.


Injuries can cause severe fractures on the shoulder. A fracture may make it  hard for the doctor to put it back in place. Also, the blood supply to the area may interfere; hence the doctor can recommend replacement. Also, people who ail from osteoporosis are vulnerable to severe shoulder damage; therefore, the doctor will recommend surgery.


When the blood supply to the bone tissue interferes, it leads to the bone’s death, resulting in a condition known as osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis. It causes small breaks within the bone until the bone collapses. You will feel the pain when you exert pressure on the affected area or when sleeping. The pain grows gradually and becomes severe with time. It is recommended that you seek the doctor’s intervention when you experience pain that does not seem to subside in the joints.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

When should I see a doctor for shoulder replacement?

Mostly, pains in the shoulder can be solved with home remedies of taking pain relief drugs and exercises. If you’ve been involved in physical activities such as lifting heavy weights, sports, or anything that strains the shoulders, you will eventually feel a stiff and painful shoulder. However, the following conditions should make you see the doctor for treatment:

  •         Difficulty in carrying things
  •         When you can’t move the arm or joint
  •         Pain whenever you rest your shoulder
  •         Overnight pain that interferes with your sleep
  •         Presence of swelling, severe pain, or inflammation on the shoulder.

Most patients have reported successful recoveries after surgery, and they experience less pain and better functioning of their arm. However, when you visit a specialist, make sure you follow their instructions because your recovery’s success depends on how you abide by the instructions given after the surgery.

Consult your doctor to learn about the available treatment options for a shoulder injury.

8 Least Known Facts About Botox


Botox ranks among the top procedures to reduce wrinkles and enhance a youthful look. Statistics show that it has gained over 3 million sales in the past ten years. However, little is known about the facts and procedure. If you are interested in improving your appearance, Matthew W. Shawl MD performs Botox in Union Square, New York. Here are some amazing things you probably didn’t know before:

The entire treatment can take 15 minutes.

This is a benefit of this procedure. While other procedures may take hours to complete, Botox can be performed in less than 20 minutes. This means that you can visit your doctor over the work breaks and be back within no time.

Botox has been there since 1800

Botox was approved in 2002 and has been used as a cosmetic treatment since then. However, it was discovered in the 1820s by Dr. Kerner from a bacterium. In fact, it was almost being used in the world war by the Chinese to kill the Japanese, but the plan was never executed.  Therefore, even though it has gained popularity in recent years, it has been there all through.

It helps to treat excess sweating.

Doctors can now inject Botox into sweat glands to block signals to block nerve signals that stimulate sweat glands. The blockage is temporary and will last for only about seven months. Now you know how to solve excessive sweating throughout the day in the office.

It alleviates chronic pain and heals migraines. 

Injecting Botox in specific muscles helps reduce pain by blocking signals that make muscles tighten. According to research, Botox is capable of reducing chronic neck pain and improving quality of life. It also blocks pain signals, thereby alleviating pain from chronic migraines.

It helps reduce depression.

According to research, Botox may help cope with negative emotions as face muscles are linked to emotions. Relaxing those muscles using Botox treatment affects this process, thereby reducing depression.

It cannot treat sun damage.

Botox deals with muscles that cause wrinkles. Therefore, it is mainly concerned with correcting frown lines that occur when we repeatedly move our facial muscles. Due to this reason, it cannot do anything for sun damage.

Botox is a safe procedure.


Botox was approved in 2002 and has undergone multiple improvements since then. Due to the long history and research, it is now one of the safest cosmetic procedures being used today. It treats anywhere around the face and eyes.

It has very few risks.

Botox is a non-invasive treatment and therefore has no risks of infection or other surgical complications. The protein injected is also properly researched and proved as safe for use. The doctor will also review your current and past medical history to determine if it poses potential risks.

The number of injections varies depending on the area being treated. You may also experience mild redness, which goes away after a while. The results are excellent and will leave your face feeling and looking smooth. Book an appointment with Matthew W. Shawl, MD, for a youthful wrinkle-free appearance.

Everything You Need To Know About Butt Augmentation

Butt Augmentation

People with a flat, saggy, or unappealing butt may wish they had more projection in the buttocks area. If you have spent hours in the gym doing squats hoping to achieve a Kardashian-esque butt, you are probably wondering if there is a quicker and easier way to do it. Well, you will be happy to hear that a simple aesthetic treatment can lift and volumize your butt to get you feeling confident. At Marina Medispa, aesthetic specialist Marina Metelitsin, MD, and her experienced team provide effective Edgewater butt augmentation to help you achieve the curves and full, Brazilian butt you desire. To learn more about this aesthetic procedure, call or book an appointment online.

What Is Butt Augmentation?

Butt augmentation is a butt lifting procedure that restores volume in your butt, tightening and lifting it. At Marina Medispa, Dr. Metelitsin and her team use different fillers for butt augmentation to improve your butt’s contours so that you can feel confident about its shape without invasive surgery or implants. Some of these fillers include:

  •   Radiesse

This type of filler consist of a naturally occurring substance called calcium hydroxylapatite. It has been approved by the FDA and stimulates your body’s natural collagen production.

  •   Sculptra

This includes effective and safe injections for nonsurgical butt augmentation. It contains poly-l-lactic acid that helps your body to naturally build collagen and restore your lost butt volume over time. Like Radiesse fillers, Sculptra injections are FDA-approved.

  •   Brazilian Butt Lift

This popular butt lift features a more advanced butt augmentation procedure.  A Brazilian butt lift involves the transfer of fat from the stomach, hips, or thighs to the buttocks. The fat transfer contours and lifts your butt to help you achieve a natural-looking, dramatic result.

What Should You Expect During The Butt Augmentation Procedure?

Before your butt lift, your provider reviews your medical history and completes an examination to let you know if you are a good candidate for your procedure and which injectable is right for you. During the treatment, Dr. Metelitsin injects Radiesse fillers or Sculptra at the strategic areas of your butt to achieve enhanced volume, tightening, and lifting over time. The procedure is virtually painless and fast. The doctor can also use a numbing cream to optimize comfort.

What Occurs After A Nonsurgical Butt Lift?

After treatment, you might experience slight swelling or redness at the injection site. However, the procedure has no downtime, so you can resume your regular daily routine immediately. The results are noticeable right away. As the body starts building collagen, you get additional improvements in body contours over numerous months. Receiving a series of treatments allows you to get a more desirable outcome.

 Butt Augmentation

How Long Will Your Results Last?

How long your butt lift lasts depends on the type and amount of filler injections you get. Radiesse can last for about twelve months, and Sculptra might last for more than two years. The Brazilian butt lift results can last much longer than these nonsurgical options. As long as you follow recovery guidelines perfectly after your procedure and continue maintaining a healthy diet, fat transfers can last for several years. At Marina Medispa, Dr. Metelitsin coordinates with you to develop an individualized butt lift treatment plan that best suits your needs based on your body type.

In conclusion, don’t allow a flat or sagging butt to make you have low self-esteem when a butt augmentation can help you achieve the round curvy butt you desire. Call or schedule an appointment online with Marina Medispa today.

Top Myths and Misconceptions About Whey Protein That You Need to Stop Believing

Top Myths and Misconceptions About Whey Protein That You Need to Stop Believing

You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast or a bodybuilder to know the importance of protein. Protein is considered building blocks because they help build muscles and improve your strength and performance.

It can be extremely difficult to narrow down to one whey protein supplement considering the choice available these days. There are so many kinds of protein powders available – whey protein isolate, raw whey protein, vegan whey protein, whey protein concentrate etc. You should choose a whey protein supplement that suits your fitness needs and helps you accomplish those fitness goals.

As a beginner people tend to believe everything they hear about protein supplements. This can lead to confusion and build up myths and misconceptions. Today we’re clearing some of the most common myths and misconceptions about whey protein. So stop believing them and get to know the truth.

1. Everyone should take the same amount of protein

The protein requirement for men and women are different, and they also vary depending upon your lifestyle and fitness choices. If you’re an active athlete or bodybuilder then your body needs a lot more protein. The daily requirement of protein is 56 g for men and 46 g for women.

Including a high quality whey protein supplement in your routine will be greatly beneficial if your fitness goal is to increase muscle mass and build strength and endurance. You should also keep in mind that the protein requirement keeps changing if you have any medical condition, change your workouts, with age. So it is best to consult your dietician and trainer to know which whey protein supplement will work best for you.

2. Whey protein will make you fat

This is one of the most common misconceptions about whey protein supplements. Whey protein powders will not make you fat. They can cause slight weight gain but not in a bad way. Too much of anything can cause weight gain. If you don’t stick to the mentioned dosage on the packaging and are not completing the protein supplement with the right kind of diet and workout, then it might cause unwanted weight gain.

But the ultimate aim if consuming whey protein is to get high quality protein that helps in building muscles, boosts immunity, enhances athletic performance, improves endurance, and increases strength. Keep a count on your calorie intake, eat right, get the right kind of workouts done, and you don’t have to worry about whey protein powders causing weight gain.

3. Whey protein damages your kidneys

A lot of people believe in this myth that consuming whey protein supplements regularly can cause kidney stones and people susceptible to kidney stones should not take protein supplements. In healthy individuals there is no evidence that whey protein causes kidney stones. And for people who already have kidney stones or are susceptible should be a little careful. We recommend that you consult your doctor before including any new supplements in your diet. Your doctor would know the best and might suggest an alternative if you already have a medical condition and certain whey protein might cause side effects.

If you consume the mentioned dosage under the supervision of your doctor, whey protein powders are completely safe. Adding extra fiber and water to your diet also helps. It would help flush out toxins and any protein byproducts that might cause kidney stones. Moreover, choose a protein powder that’s high quality and adheres to international standards.

4. Protein powders can substitute whole sources entirely

Ask a fitness enthusiast their love for protein shakes and you’ll be surprised to know how much they love their protein shake. It is like an integral part of their day. Whether you chug it before going to the gym or have it as a post workout recovery drink, the right whey protein supplement can work wonders and help you accomplish your fitness dreams. But there is a misconception that protein powders can substitute whole sources completely. While protein powders are a great source of protein, they shouldn’t act as a substitute for whole sources. You need to get protein from natural food sources as well, both animal and plant bases sources. The amalgamation of food sources and protein powder will help you provide high quality protein that is much needed for making your workouts a super success.5.

5. Whey protein causes gas

It is true that protein is difficult to digest and some protein powders can be heavy leading to constipation, flatulence, and gas. But with so many options of whey protein supplements available, you should choose one that is enriched with the goodness of digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes make it easy to digest and absorb the protein powder. The other benefits of digestive enzymes are – relief from constipation, nausea, bloating, and cramps.

The most common digestive enzymes added to protein powders are – protease, amylase, lactase, cellulase, and lipase. All these increase the rate of absorption of protein. Also don’t forget toread the nutritional information given in the package. You can choose whey protein isolate because it has low fat and lactose content so people with lactose intolerance can also have it. It also reduces bloating and gas.

All these proteins and a complete list of whey protein isolates and concentrates is available on Nutrabay. The supplements are 100% authentic and genuine. On you can easily browse through product categories, read detailed information about the products, get great deals and discounts, and read customer ratings and reviews before making the final purchase. Buy easily from the comfort of your home and get your favorite fitness supplements delivered at your doorstep.

Maintaining And Improving Smiles In Bronx, New York


Dr. Nishita Gandhi offers a wide range of dentistry services for New York residents at Nishita Gandhi, DDS. You can benefit from office visits or telehealth visits from the convenience of your home or office. Contact the practice via phone or online booking system to learn more about cosmetic and preventative surgical options at Nishita Gandhi, DDS.

About Dr. Gandhi

She is a board-certified dentist offering general and cosmetic dentistry services at two accessible Bronx locations. Dr. Gandhi’s team has been an integral part of the Bronx area for over half a decade. Dr. Gandhi is more than a tooth doctor, offering essential education about your oral health to help you achieve a fulfilling and healthy life.

Dr. Gandhi graduated with honors in oral and maxillofacial surgery and TMJ pain management in 2009 from New York University, NY, among her class’s top one percent. She was later initiated into the National Dental Honor Society Omicron Kappa Upsilon for two subsequent years. Dr. Gandhi attended the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens for her general practice residency.

Dr. Gandhi is a recognized family-oriented dentist that seeks to connect with each patient from a personal view. She is well trained in various complex dental treatments and procedures, making her qualified to treat patients of all ages.

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, is a full-service dental clinic emphasizing the significance of prevention and understanding your personal needs. Dr. Gandhi offers cosmetic services for dental concerns like scaling, teeth whitening, dental bridges and crowns, Invisalign®, root canal therapy, laser gum therapy, and root planing.

Services Offered at Nishita Gandhi, DDS

Dr. Gadhi’s team comprises of high specialties in;


Dr. Gandhi considers your smile when designing a customized digital treatment through digital impressions eliminating the need for messy molds. You are granted a new set after every fortnight to deliver desired results within the available time frame.

  Laser gum treatment

Dr. Gandhi uses laser gum treatment options like EPIC X Diode Laser for Laser bacterial reduction and Diode laser for laser-assisted periodontal therapy during root planing, scaling, or gum contouring. Laser treatments deliver gorgeous smiles without surgical remedies.


You may opt for a traditional bridge, cantilever bridge, or Maryland bridge to improve your smile, stabilize your teeth, and improve your bites. Dr. Gandhi helps you choose from ceramic bridges, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or natural-looking porcelain bridges.


Dr. Gandhi examines your mouth to determine your qualification for implants. You may need bone graft surgery if you don’t have enough bone in the jaw. She administers a local anesthetic to make the process less painful and offers relevant guidance for quick recovery.

  Root canal

Dr. Gandhi numbs your gums and infected tooth using a local sedative. She then drills a hole, removes the ill pulp, and cleans leftover debris. Dr. Gandhi fills the gap with gutta-percha and seals it to keep you safe from additional infections.


If you are battling self-esteem issues caused by the loss of teeth or the availability of a decayed set of teeth, you can visit Nishita Gandhi, DDS. Dr. Gandhi helps you regain quality smiles through partial, complete, or flexible dentures with the look and feel of natural teeth.

  Preventative dentistry

Dr. Gandhi believes that prevention is better than cure. She offers preventive services like oral cancer screening, dental sealants, smoking cessation, and night guards. Preventative surgery delivers lifelong protection for your teeth, smiles, bites, and self-esteem.


  Cosmetic dentistry

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, welcomes patients with tooth gaps, misshapen teeth, stained enamel, uneven gum tissue. She transforms smiles through procedures like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and much more.

Wrapping Up

Nishita Gandhi, DDS, is welcoming new and subsequent patients. To maintain or improve your smile’s quality, call Nishita Gandhi, DDS, or use the online booking system.

Lasting Pain Relief With Sports Medicine Specialists In Texas

Sports Medicine

Actively participating in physical sports is a great way to exercise regularly and take part in competitive events, but it all comes at a price. Athletic activities are among the most prevalent causes of injury, ranging from small strains and sprains to extensive tears and fractures. Fortunately, Houston and Sugar Land sports medicine specialist, Dr. J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA, provides effective sports medicine for athletes across Texas. To find out more, call Dr. Bennett or go online to schedule a consultation.

What Are The Most Prevalent Sports Injuries?

When you are engaging in sporting activities, you are placing your body at a greater danger of injuries caused by overworking various joints, bumping into other players or some gaming equipment, and rapid movements that might result in torn tissue.

As a fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist, Dr. Bennett treats patients for a variety of sports injuries. But above all, the most prevalent forms of sports injuries include tennis elbow, ankle sprains, patellar dislocation, ACL tears in the knees, hamstring strains, and rotator cuff tears in one’s shoulder.

What To Expect With Sports Injuries Diagnosis?

Before recommending treatment, Dr. Bennett conducts a physical evaluation test in the affected area whenever you experience a sports injury. Through this evaluation test, he closely determines the motion-range limitation, associated symptoms, what is causing the pain, and how extreme it is.

If necessary, Dr. Bennett will perform imaging tests, such as MRI scans and X-rays, to establish more details concerning your injury. All the information gathered is used in developing a customized treatment plan for your injury.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Sports Injuries?

Aside from being a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Bennett is also an orthopaedic surgeon. However, he only recommends surgery in case there are no alternative treatments. Dr. Bennett puts particular emphasis on non-invasive procedures for treating sports injuries to help manage symptoms.

Some of these treatment options include taking non-prescription medications, physical therapy to help build stronger muscles and enhance flexibility, and placing ice on the injured area to reduce swelling. If necessary, Dr. Bennett may also recommend wearing a brace to improve support and stability, or avoiding activities, which may worsen pain and other associated symptoms.

Sports Medicine

What Type Of Surgery Is Best For Sports Injuries?

Whenever possible, Dr. Bennett performs minimally invasive surgical treatments for various sports injuries. Some of these surgical options include shoulder arthroscopy, whereby you only need small incisions instead of large ones. It works to reduce the danger of nerve damage, bleeding, infections, and other open surgery complications.

For an extreme sports injury, Dr. Bennett may recommend using an open surgical procedure, which involves making one or several bigger incisions, for instance, a total knee replacement surgery. In case you undergo such a procedure, you should expect more downtime, meaning more time off the field.

To sum up, Dr. J. Michael Bennett, MD, offers the safest and most effective treatments for sports injuries. He serves all athletes across the entire Texas community. In case you experience a sports injury, call J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA, or go online to request an appointment.

Benefits of HydraFacial


Woodbury is a small town in Orange County, New York with amazing plastic surgeons. You should consult a Woodbury hydrafacial specialist if you want to improve the health of your skin.

Hydrafacial is a new and innovative skin treatment that is designed to improve your skin on a very deep level. It clears dead skin cells and opens up pores which vastly improves your skin. Hydrafacial is slowly becoming the go-to skin rejuvenation treatment due to the various benefits it offers including:

Younger and More Vibrant Skin

One of the most visible and common signs of aging is the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the skin. Though a natural part of aging, they can be removed or at least reduced using Hydrafacial.

Hydrafacial reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the skin better than most other skin treatments available today. The procedure will leave you with the most vibrant and youthful skin you can possibly have. It will also reduce or remove brown spots, improve skin texture, and improve the elasticity & firmness of your skin. It will also enlarge the pores of your skin to ensure all the necessary excretion of waste occurs.

It Is Customizable

One of the biggest problems with many skin rejuvenation treatments is that they use a one size fits all approach. However, people have different skins which means the rejuvenation processes should be just as different.

A significant benefit of Hydrafacial treatment is that it can be custom-tailored to a specific person. The treatment involves a mixture of certain ingredients to create a formula that is used on the skin. The plastic surgeon can create a formula with ingredients to suit your specific needs. It will address the specific skin concerns that you have instead of working generically which will increase its effectiveness.

HydraFacial Treatment: Benefits, Process, Risks | 7DMC Dubai

The Procedure is Painless

Hydrafacial treatment involves depositing liquid onto the skin by swiping a device. Therefore, there is no invasion into the skin which is where most of the pain of skin treatments originate. There is absolutely no pulling or scraping of the skin and there is also no needling or pinching of skin whatsoever.

There will be a slight tingling sensation on the skin during treatment since the treatments use some acids as ingredients. However, there are no uncomfortable sensations of itching or burning. Therefore, it is a very enjoyable process, especially when contrasted to other skin rejuvenation treatments. The majority of patients say they found the experience enjoyable and quite relaxing.

No Downtime Needed

First and foremost, the Hydrafacial procedure takes very little time. You only need half an hour and the session is done, though you will need several sessions to complete the treatment. There is also no preparation required and all you need to do is book an appointment. You can return to your normal daily routine immediately after the treatment.

You don’t need to take weeks off work to recover from the procedure as is the case with many skin rejuvenation procedures. Increased hydration, improved glow, and skin tone in only thirty minutes is very impressive.