Brain Procedures to Help You Cope With Chiari Malformation

The brain is a vital organ that controls most of the body processes. A malfunction in a part of the whole brain can paralyze you in many ways. Chiari malformation is a brain problem, rare in kind, but with adverse disruption to your normal life. Your Roswell chiari malformation center can help you regain your lifestyle.

Chiari Malformation 101

Your skull is the main reason for chiari malformation. The problem occurs because the skull fails to grow correctly, pushing brain tissue to your spinal cord. A point to note is that not many people get the problem; however, you will need help from your Apex Spine and Neurosurgery specialist when you receive a diagnosis.

Chiari malformation comes in three types. Two of them develop while you are still in the womb, while the third is progressive immediately after birth. Additionally, a few people with the issue do not experience any adverse symptoms to warrant a hospital visit. However, chiari malformation can cause other serious brain issues if not checked early. Such issues include:

· Fluid buildup in the brain

· Malformations in the spinal cord

· An attachment of the spinal cord to the spine

· Cyst in the spinal region

With tools and improved health care, your doctor may immediately catch the malformation after birth and help you cope.

What symptoms point to chiari malformation?

Headaches are a main symptom of chiari malformation. Additionally, they are also the major pointers to other head or brain issues. However, headaches can highlight less severe issues that most often do not need extensive examination by your doctor. A headache accompanied by a cough or a sneeze is often an indication of chiari malformation.

Chiari symptoms are gradual, especially in type 1 chiari malformation. The symptoms will only show when you grow up and the skull has failed to achieve the right or normal size.

Treatments Available for Chiari Malformation

Apex Spine and Neurosurgery has various treatments available for chiari malformation. However, you will need a doctor’s diagnosis to understand your type of condition and the various methods available for treatment. Medication often begins with pain therapies. Your doctor will recommend various medicines to deal with your headaches and pain.

Chiari malformations can be either mild or severe, and in the case of the latter, you will need advanced treatments. Surgery is one way to ease the pressure in your head and reduce headaches and other associated symptoms of chiari malformation. Your doctor will make incisions that help reduce pressure and allow the flow of spinal fluids to prevent pain. The surgery begins on the far part of the skull behind the ear. While still in the procedure, often called posterior fossa decompression, your doctor places a patch to make your skull larger, cutting down on the pain.

Get rid of the pain in your head by visiting Apex Spine and Neurosurgery, where you will meet the best skilled specialists and advanced technology to regain your wellbeing. Call the facility or schedule your appointment online to learn more about the available treatment options.