Why Do We Need A Construction Accident Lawyer?

Every day at Rochester, some preventable construction accidents happen and the workers face some serious injuries. The Powers and Santola LLP, recognize how these injuries can cause some serious mental and physical pain. They also recognize how these injuries can lead a sufferer to inability to work, and also can bring some serious financial stress. As a result the worker himself and his entire family suffer.

Since the formation of this law firm back in 1987, they are working in favor of workers who get injured at work in Rochester and the entire New York area. They provide legal treats to all the injured workers and also helps the workers to understand their legal rights.

If a person is living in Rochester, New York then they can easily contact them and discuss the case with them, this law firm is always ready to help. They will review your case thoroughly and explain to the client all his legal rights and options available. They provide free initial consultations for the ease of customers.

Common causes that leads to construction accidents

It has been observed that the common causes of construction accidents in Rochester are due to some negligence and for some of the following reasons;

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  • Due to the negligence of the premises owner
  • Due to the negligence of the general contractor
  • Due to the negligence of an agent of either the owner or the contractor’s

What are some common types of construction accidents?

There are many different ways that can hurt people at construction accidents so that they need

construction accident lawyer

  • Falls from heights: many times the workers are given the task to scaffold the building, and sometimes they do display unintentionally, some carelessness. Temporary Scaffolding can be constructed quickly and at a cheap cost. The negligence displayed during the construction can bring many serious and even fatal injuries to the workers working at the site. Many workers are reported to fall from the roofs, the ladders, and other sort of heights due to the absence of preventive measures.
  • Slips and falls: there can be many slips and falls present at the site of construction. Like holes, glossy surfaces, the cluttered walkways can be very dangerous if present in the walking areas.
  • Electrocution: many times the contractor fails to notify the construction staff that the electricity is back on, this leads to some serious damage. In many projects the workers are even asked to live near the power lines, which is very dangerous.
  • Power tool injuries: many times the workers are not able or are not properly trained to handle the power tools, which can be fatal in many cases.
  • Car accidents: there are many trucks, cars and other vehicles present at the construction site. And a worker can get hit by the vehicle.
  • Crane collapse: an untrained worker can mishandle the crane and is unable to handle it as he cannot understand the weight imbalances or the load capacities that he can manage. This can lead to some serious injuries to the workers.