Smile With A Difference

Proper nutrition is not only essential for your body’s health but also for your dental health. It’s vital for a robust, healthy oral system and even in the protection of dental infections. Regular brushing, among other oral hygiene habits, helps maintain good oral health and prevent severe oral health problems, including cavities. Besides your health, dental issues affect your smile affecting your appearance as a whole. Smiles complete our looks, and we should wear them with pride. What is stopping you from smiling at your best? SPA Dental Group provides extensive dental care services to help restore and better your dental health. The Downtown DC cosmetic dentist, Dr. Shebani Pahwa, offers cosmetic treatments to help improve their patients’ smiles.

SPA Dental Group is a premium dental practice known for its expertise in offering effective dental services. Its team is highly skilled and committed to providing the best patient-centered services. With two locations in the Midtown East area of Manhattan, New York City, and Washington, DC, the practice excels in offering convenient and quality general dentistry care to patients from the surrounding areas. Their state-of-the-art offices provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for patients while receiving their services.

Shebani Pahwa, DDS, Maham Siddiqui, DDS, Samantha Ben-Ezra, DMD, and the team at SPA Dental Group have high dentist expertise and assure their patients of the best and long-lasting results. From the moment the patient sits in their offices to the time they leave, they ensure they are well taken care of and served efficiently. The dental team understands that some people are afraid of dental procedures; hence they offer optional treatments, including oral sedation techniques. They specialize in various general dentistry treatments, including preventive care, dental implants, dentures, Invisalign, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, among others. They also offer cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental care.

Spa Dental Group Offers Services Such As:


Dentures help replace missing and damaged teeth. SPA Dental Group has highly experienced dentists who use advanced technology to offer the best denture services to restore your smile and dental health. Visit them today to check out their denture services and experience the best.

Pediatric Dentistry

Even children need to maintain a healthy dental system to develop strong and healthy teeth. The highly skilled team at SPA Dental Group is friendly to children and offers compassionate care to help them develop healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. Call or book online for your child’s dental care appointment.

Dental health problems also affect your overall health and the quality of your smile. SPA Dental Group helps patients live their best lives by providing adequate and quality dental care services. They are highly skilled and experienced, and patients trust efficient services and best results. They use advanced technology to offer general dentistry care, cosmetic treatments, dental emergency, and preventative care. They are caring and compassionate to all their patients giving them all the attention and care they need. They are welcoming to new and existing patients. Visit them in either Midtown East, New York, Downtown DC, and Washington DC, for dental care services you deserve.