Our Multi Store Ecommerce Platform Drives Sales Up

When you have two or more online stores, you want to keep your work to a minimum when it comes to managing them. With our multi store ecommerce platform, you can centrally oversee your store’s sales, customer engagement, analytics, and much more.

When you subscribe to our multisites online platform, you’ll have a single point of control for all of your stores. This cuts down on administrative time spent sending out blogs for each site, updating social media, tracking customer interactions, and assigning workflows for prospective clients, among many other tasks. We can also support digital products and elearning businesses.

With our CMS, you can create workflows and assign tasks for follow-up with people who interact with your site, whether it’s by email, phone, or chat. You can also automatically categorize them and put them into different email drip campaigns based on their level of interaction with your site.

You can synch catalogs across multiple stores, centralize blogging, news, PR, content, social posts, mobile, and SMS marketing. Also, you can automate SEO execution to get top search rankings. You can sell via social or mobile channels and send automated SMS messages when orders are placed. Additionally, you can broadcast promotions with recorded voice messages.

We have created thousands of websites on our framework, and we offer free training and technical support, as well as more than 150 QA checkpoints and certified W3C compliance.

With our inline editing capabilities, and the most advanced SEO feature set, our software has a special structure that is backed by a hub and spoke technology. We offer the only CMS with this type of technology. You can deploy sites locally and then manage and market them from one interface.

Another great feature of our products is that it allows for local search engine optimization. Your website ID creates a KML file for your website automatically, which helps people find your business on Google Earth, Google Map, and which ups local search performance. Also, the website ID card pre-populates plug-ins with important information and keeps your information synched throughout the website. This all means that you get more local business since people can find you more easily.

With our software, you can also create and edit text, links, and images on the news page, and you can even customize HTML code whenever you want for perfect-looking posts. Even those who are not tech-savvy can use our easy-to-use news and blog platform, making it easy for them to update your sites. Our multi store ecommerce platform is simple for anyone to utilize.