How to do a New York Warrant Search the Easy Way

If you feel the need to do a quick New York warrant search, for whatever reason, you should be relieved to know that there are plenty of ways to do so that will not jeopardize your privacy or freedom. In this ever changing society that we live in today it is almost inevitable that you will experience a session or two with police in your area. Things are getting weird, and it is always good to be prepared. 

Reasons to Search for Warrants

Whether you are conducting warrant searches in order to see if you have warrants yourself, or you are peeking in on somebody else’s business there are many great reasons to be searching to see the presence of active warrants.

For Yourself

For yourself, if you have an active warrant out for your arrest it is much better to know about it and be prepared to deal with it before the authorities come for you.

If you have an arrest warrant, and you get pulled over, the police will handcuff you and take you to jail without hesitation. A warrant is a court order executed by a judge to bring a person into custody to face charges for an alleged crime.

If you are under the impression that you have an existing warrant for your arrest the best thing you can do is to first, be aware of it, and next contact an attorney.

If you are aware of the warrant, you can take measures to deal with the problem on your own terms and not be ripped out of the community by police officers.

Other People

It is always great to have the option to do warrant searches on other people for various reasons. For example, if your child wants to go and spend the night at a friend’s house, you can do a warrant search on anybody that lives in the home…if you know their name.

Once you know who they are you can do searches to see if they have any outstanding warrants, and what they are for. If you do a search and discover that somebody that lives in the household has active warrants against them for sex crimes you have the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the local authourities and let them know where the person is.

You can also look for warrants for friends or loved ones and warn them that they are being looked for by the law. This way you can cut down on the amount of damage an embarrassing arrest might do.

Ways to Search for Warrants

Since warrants are executed in the court of law and signed by a judge they become public information as soon as they are active. Public information is a means to keep the government honest and open in their dealings with the public. In any event, since warrants are considered public records it is perfectly legal to look at them and have access to them.

In some instances, if the warrant information can pose a threat to the safety of the public it will be considered private and not accessible to the public until the court procedures have been satisfied.

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Because the information that the warrants have in them are for public viewing, it is possible to obtain these records without much of an effort. If you know where to look.

Calling the Courthouse

If you know the place where the warrant originated you can always try calling the courthouse. Keep in mind that when you try this method, the person on the other end of the line is not required to give you this information, or be honest. If you call them, and you have a warrant, their end game is to get you to come in and take care of the warrant. Some officials may tell you details of your warrant and confirm that it is active, but some will blatantly lie and tell you that you don’t have any just to keep you from running or hiding.

Visiting the Police Station

One of the most foolish ways to check to see if you have active warrants is to visit the police station in person and ask the police. Of course, they will tell you if you have active warrants. They will also arrest you if you do.

In some circumstances the officer that you deal with can give you a court summons and make you promise to appear before a judge on a certain date, but in most cases if you have warrants they will take you into custody without hesitation.

Contacting an Attorney

Another great option that is available that can help to uncover existing warrants is to contact an attorney. Of course, this could be an extremely costly option…but it will help.

An attorney does not have the power to make the charges and the warrant disappear