How Shiatsu Benefits the Mind & Body of an Individual

Nowadays, more and more individuals enjoy different kinds of massage due to its wonderful effects on the mind and body. One of those kinds craved by the general populace is known as shiatsu. Shiatsu therapy is a type of physical therapy with a goal to support and strengthen the body’s natural ability to achieve self-recovery and balance.

Shiatsu is more than just a typical massage. It involves applying pressure and special techniques to balance a person’s energy flow. Through this approach, shiatsu is able to help an individual relax and relieve stress.

Shiatsu benefits the mind and body of an individual through its wonderful benefits.

Pain Relief

If there’s one well-known form of physical therapy that can alleviate chronic pain, it’s shiatsu. It is known to allay sleep deprivation and the painful symptoms of patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Moreover, there have been cases where individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal disorders report improvement of pain as well. These are patients who suffer from cases like migraines, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Improved Sleep

As mentioned, shiatsu therapy has been known to improve one’s sleeping pattern. This would also include shortening one’s sleep latency or the time it takes to fall asleep. Many cases also report an improvement in the duration of uninterrupted sleep.

Relieve Mood Swings

Mood swings are experienced by people having hormonal changes. Through physical touch, shiatsu is able to help individuals having this case. It minimises depression and the feeling of loneliness and replaces these negative feelings with self-confidence, calmness and joy.

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Eliminates Stress

Stress can be a main source of so many diseases including those which can even cause death. That’s why medical doctors always advise their patients to find ways to relieve stress. Thankfully, one of those effective ways is shiatsu.

Stress can actually constrict and block energy, thereby, impeding it to regularly flow through the body. This can result in a lot of negative impacts like discomfort, acute and chronic pain and a compromised immune system. But through shiatsu massage, the tension is released, hence, unblocking the energy, and restoring its flow to the different body channels. This process gets rid of tension and stress and can even boost energy without adverse reactions.

Decreases Anxiety Level

Stress and anxiety usually go together. While stress is a physiological emotional reaction to any form of threat, anxiety on the other hand is a response to any form of perceived stress. Anxiety is triggered if stress is not alleviated for a long time. In the same manner, shiatsu therapy functions to relieve stress, thereby, relieving anxiety as well.