Here’s How To Build An Seo Strategy For Your Franchise Business

Franchises are excellent since business owners don’t have to build them from scratch. The business is already popular, and it comes with a built-in customer advantage. However, there’s no guarantee that it will be just as successful as the brand. The business may still fail without a strong marketing strategy. The good thing is that online marketing is now easier to deal with, and the right online campaign can go a long way. It’s even better if the business seeks help from an Oklahoma City SEO agency. Crafting the right message with the aid of an agency can make the franchise even more successful. 

Improve mobile-friendliness

The first step to a successful online marketing campaign is by improving the website’s responsiveness when opened on mobile devices. More people use their mobile phones when searching for information online. Others even decide to use their phones to buy products and services. If the page doesn’t respond quickly when opened on mobile devices, it would turn off many people. They’re not patient enough to wait until the website loads correctly. People will easily look for other websites that have no problems when opened on mobile devices. The average speed of loading the page is just three seconds. If it goes beyond that adverse, many people will close the page and look for other options. 

Patience is necessary

It’s crucial to understand that any online marketing campaign doesn’t yield an overnight success. Even if the franchise is from an established brand, it will still take plenty of time to be successful locally. Therefore, franchisees have to set realistic expectations. Otherwise, it would be disappointing. The right SEO strategy would be useful, but it could take months before it allows the business to be more popular online. Organically moving up the search engine rankings isn’t easy, and competition is tough. 

Focus on quality content

Content will always play a crucial role in the success of any online marketing campaign. There should be relevant articles containing links to the website. They can be all over the internet so that more people will have a chance of seeing the links and opening the website. Videos are also important. Not everyone has enough time to read long articles. People would rather watch short videos and get the necessary information. As long as the videos are easy to understand and are appropriate for the target audiences, they will be appealing. Even popular franchises still require videos to help audiences understand the brand even more. 

Choose the right keywords

SEO is about keywords. The goal is to rank higher in search engines, and it will only happen if the business chooses the right keywords to optimize. Some keywords are popular but are difficult to optimize due to the number of businesses trying to do the same. Conversely, some keywords are less popular but are easier to optimize. For franchises, the focus is on local SEO. It means that apart from the primary keywords, the location name to be a part of the target. The goal is that more people should see the business and think of it as the most accessible option considering the location. Again, even with local SEO, the competition will still be tough. Therefore, the business should have the necessary strategies to stand out.

Social media strategies are necessary 

Again, franchisees shouldn’t rely on the popularity of the franchise. There’s a chance that the local business will still fail due to the lack of a strong interview and social media strategy. Start by identifying the right platform where the target audiences are. Facebook remains a popular social media platform, but it’s not the only option. For businesses targeting younger people, TikTok is one of the best platforms. It’s easy to use, and it can reach out to a lot of people. It’s even more appealing since it shows that the business understands its target audiences. When using platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter, the business should have an active and engaging strategy. There should be at least two posts a week. It shows that the business is active and is trying to engage its target audiences. Otherwise, those who are recently visited the page will think the business no longer exists. Being active and engaging means sharing posts, liking comments, responding to comments, and answering private messages. Potential customers become more engaged when the social media page is responsive. 

A consistent message is key

The problem with buying franchises is that they don’t have as much freedom as those who begin their business from scratch. Franchisors have control over certain aspects of creative marketing strategies. The level of control depends on the agreed terms and conditions with the franchise owners. Therefore, it’s important to understand the deal before signing it. Regardless, when thinking of a local marketing strategy, consistent messaging is crucial. The franchise shouldn’t come up with a brand that’s different from the national platform. The overall message should also be similar. Otherwise, it will create confusion. Some people may think about patronizing a different business because of the confusing message. In some instances, franchisors have to approve every aspect of the online marketing strategy first before the franchisees can proceed.

Getting help from an SEO agency 

Figuring out how to stand out online isn’t an easy task. Even established brands have to compete with other businesses. The good thing is that franchises already have a strong name. Franchisees have to bank on this popularity moving forward. The good thing is that with the aid of experts such as Oklahoma City SEO agencies, it would be easier to craft the right marketing campaigns. Again, there’s no guarantee that it will be successful. However, it’s better to get help from experts than not to have any assistance at all. Tracking the success of the marketing campaign would also be useful. If some strategies made the business more popular, they should continue. The good thing is that the agency will report the progress and determine the next possible steps.