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Innovative Cosmetic Procedures At Total Cosmetix, California

Innovative Cosmetic Procedures At Total Cosmetix, California

Wrinkles and fine lines can increase aging signs and have a detrimental effect on one’s self-esteem. Total Cosmetix offers innovative cosmetic procedures to patients across Laguna Beach and Irvine, California. Dr. Hamid Towhidian, M.D. is a board-certified plastic surgeon leading a team of aesthetic specialists to offer cosmetic injectable and Botox treatments that will make you look decades younger, without having any downtime. These procedures are tailored/customized to meet the unique needs of every patient. Schedule a consultation for Botox in Irvine through mobile or booking online.

What Is Botox?

Botox and other injectables such as Dysport and Xeomin are made of a neurotoxin and botulinum which paralyzes your facial muscles that cause wrinkles and fine lines. These cosmetic procedures aim at improving crow’s feet lines, cobblestone chin, frown lines, forehead creases, and lines near the mouth. Botox injections are painless and quick but produce quicker, and a more natural look without invasive procedures or downtime.

Are You The Right Candidate For Botox?

Before recommending any Botox treatment, Dr. Towhidian and the team of specialists conduct comprehensive diagnostic procedures. Dr. Towhidian reviews the patient’s past medical records, overall physical health, and examines your skin’s condition. He explains the desired outcome of the procedure and works with patients to determine if the treatment will meet their unique aesthetic needs. Moreover, Dr. Towhidian might advise patients to pair Botox with other treatments such as Dermal fillers to enhance efficiency.

What Is The Botox Treatment Process?

Before administering any Botox injections, the providers will numb the particular treatment area so that patients do not feel any pain. Dr. Towhidian injects the Botulinum toxin under the skin surface so that patients can achieve the desired outcome. These injections only take minutes but will produce drastic results in the next few days.

Immediately after the Botox injections, a patient might notice swelling or redness. These are only minor side effects that subside within a few hours. Patients can choose to use ice to reduce the swelling. Botox injections are not invasive; thus, no downtime is required. Patients can resume their daily routine and activities soon after treatment, but Dr. Towhidian recommends avoiding strenuous activities immediately after. Typically, patients need several Botox injections to achieve desired outcomes.

After How Long After Botox Before Results Show?

Patients should notice Botox results three to seven days after the first injection. Other follow-up injections are necessary every three to six months to maintain the achieved results. By pairing dermal fillers with Botox, patients can achieve improved facial symmetry.

Before & After

Check out some of the facility’s successful procedures from the center’s ‘Before & After” section of their website. They showcase a wide range of successful procedures in Lip fillers, Butt Augmentation, wrinkle reduction, and more.

In conclusion, Total Cosmetix offers quality, innovative aesthetic treatments tailored to meet the particular aesthetic needs of a patient. Do not let fine lines, sagging skin, or wrinkles make you feel less comfortable with yourself. Find out if you are the right candidate for Botox by scheduling for a consultation today through mobile or book online.

Scarf It Up: A Timeless Accessory That Exudes Elegance

Scarf It Up: A Timeless Accessory That Exudes Elegance

Scarves are classic women’s accessories that can jazz up any wardrobe. They’re not just for keeping you warm. Having a fancy scarf around your neck, wrapped on your waist, or tucked over your head is a solid fashion statement. Some even opt to tie these on their bags. Clearly, there’s just something about these timeless pieces that can help you pull together your outfit.

A girl, of course, can never have too many pieces of this quaint fabric in her closet. Thankfully, there are many options and designs of scarves online, so no matter your budget or preferences, there’s bound to be a scarf print and material that will speak to your heart. To aid in your shopping expedition for the perfect piece, consider the following elements to help you hunt for a unique scarf to complete your getup.

Choose Your Colour

Scarves come in a broad range of colours. You can choose vibrant ones like Fuschia pink, cheery colours like yellow, or taper it down with pastel shades. The choice, of course, depends upon your mood and the particular outfit you’re pairing with the scarf. As a general rule, you want a clear demarcation between your clothes and your face, so you must pick a colour that separates the two. You can opt for an eye-catching pop, or select a complementary shade to your skin tone or outfit. Veer away from nude colour shades that match your face because they will just blend into your skin, making you look drab and dull.

Pay Close Attention to Details

If you’re the type of girl who likes embellishments, take a close look at these fine details. If you opt for embroidery, sequins, beads, and other textures, make sure that the chosen scarf doesn’t have any snags or loose accents. If you buy your scarves online, make sure there is a decent money-back guarantee. This way, you can return your products if they fall short of your expectations. No one wants scarves with failing threads and jagged stitches. All your chosen accents must be sewn securely. Carefully pick your details and steer-clear from glued rhinestones or beads that will inevitably fall off when you put it in the washing machine.

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Include a Wide Stash in Your Collection

Scarves come in different lengths, thicknesses, and shapes. If you intend to use your scarf for wrapping yourself into a cocoon during the dead of winter, then you need a super long and extra-wide one. However, if you want a mere wisp of fabric to protect your neck, then a thin, regular-length scarf may be enough to get the job done. Your chosen scarf specifics will determine how you can tie your scarf.

Consider the Fabric Material

There is a scarf material out there that will handle every season. If you are thinking of donning a scarf during the warmer months, then pieces of cotton, silk, and linen are great for spring. If you want something to taper down the freezing winter, a merino wool or cashmere scarf is excellent. Note that synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester may be cheaper, but these fabrics make it harder for your skin to breathe. Those with sensitive skin may face skin issues because faux fibres create irritation. On top of that, your chosen material will determine how you can wash your scarf.

The most crucial tip to remember is to choose a scarf design that will allow you to showcase your vibrant personality. Of course, you’ll want a large scarf stash because what you wear will certainly be dependent on your mood. But, with all the options of scarves out there, you are spoiled for choice. It is definitely more fun to be a girl when you can play with scarves that can double as eye-candy.

Bye, Bye Traditional Lipo and Say Hello to The New Body Contouring Procedures!

Studies show that there is a growing interest in non-invasive fat reduction treatments. This is because such procedures have minimal effect on the day to day lives. Traditionally, liposuction was the only procedure for body contouring. The problem was the pain that came afterward, as well as the time is taken to recover. If you’re thinking of enhancing your features by getting rid of excess body fat, the San Antonio OB/GYN is the right place for you.

According to the 2018 International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were a total of 2,869,485 non-invasive treatments in the US. Additionally, studies show that the number of non-invasive body contouring treatments is growing at 21 percent annually.

In this article, we discuss some of the popular non-invasive body contouring treatments.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Traditionally, surgeons would apply extracorporeal shockwave therapy to treat patients suffering from kidney stones to heal their wounds. Today this treatment is used to undertake body contouring procedures.

Electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy, which will only be limited to the targeted tissue. All the surrounding tissue will remain the same. You will require several treatments for you to get to the desired result.

This treatment is popular among women who want to reduce the appearance of their body cellulite as well as overall skin appearance.


Cryolipolysis is a relatively new procedure that was introduced in 2007. Our body tissues contain adipocytes which store energy in the form of fat. These cells are highly sensitive to cold, making them ideal for a cryolipolysis procedure.

Cryolipolysis entails pulling the target tissue using two cooling panels. The surgeon uses cup-shaped applicators, which create a vacuum leading to constriction of blood cells. It’s a one-hour treatment process, and patients don’t see immediate results.

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Moreover, you would have to undergo regular treatment sessions. A multicentre study revealed that this procedure was quite effective in reducing the abdomen and flank fat and less effective on the thighs and knees.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

This procedure converges high ultrasound energy to cut off targeted tissue. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has so far approved LipoSonix as a device for conducting the HIFU procedure.

The benefits of this treatment include no effect on blood lipids, no scarring, or burns making it very safe and efficient.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

This form of treatment is useful in both the reduction of fat as well as cellulite. Obese people benefit more from this therapy because the treatment works by acting on the mitochondria, thereby reducing oxidative stress. It further liquefies the body fat through a process known as emulsification.

The adipocytes (fat cells) are emulsified, thereby reducing their volume. The laser beams create a pore that allows movement of the emulsified fat substances, which are then removed. The best thing about this type of therapy is that every obese person qualifies for this treatment. This is because of its non-invasive nature that does not involve taking any medication.


Radiofrequency is an ablation technique whereby electronic waves are passed through the adipose tissue to reduce body fat. You must undergo several treatments to notice any significant changes.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you go for several sessions of low-temperature waves rather than fewer sessions of high temperature. This is to prevent damage to the adipose tissue. This treatment also reduces cellulite as well as minimize waistline love handles.

Aesthetic surgery has come a long way, so it’s safe to say that you are less likely to feel any pain during most procedures today. Always remember that everyone is different, so you need to visit a specialist who will advise you on the best body contouring treatment for you.

Anime Street Style For Men

Style For Men

What actually does the term “street style” mean? Well, the meaning is truly implied in the name itself.  Street style means that you are looking to the city streets for fashion inspiration, not to the runaways of fashion shows. In cities all around the planet, from London to Tokyo, from Seoul to San Francisco and from NYC to Recife, you will view amazing examples of Anime Street Clothes. it is all about dressing in a way that is amazing, while still being relax enough to trek to the nearest subway station, and suiting the climate.

Today, street style with silk flower is largely varied and men have a plethora of choices to look stylish while staying relax. One of the important thing for street style at this time of the year is to dress in layers. It is difficult to know if buildings such as book stores or restaurants will be hot or cool this time of year, as it is lovely outside but perhaps not yet chill enough to turn off the air conditioning. So, light sweaters and jackets can be key for you to transition between cool and hot temperatures. Nowadays, many people find squishy shop or silly squishy a sensible substitute to fresh squishy. Traditional options for a wedding gothic bouquet are skull jewelry and skull jewelry shop. Also, there are 100s of colors and varieties that are accessible year-round, as matched to real flowers that are accessible on Canvas Shoes Store This also can be found  Celebratebay. This also can be found in Babikiu.

Street styles and Kawaii Pen, is also defined by the businesses. In free spirited arts areas, such as Bucktown in Chicago, you will view men on the streets in colorful and largely varied clothing styles. Here, you will fit in wearing a pair of wonderfully colored jeans, a silk screened tee shirt over a button down cotton tee, and Girls 10th Birthday Outfit. You will also fit in wearing olive green chinos, a dark denim vest, a white cotton fitted t-shirt, and a Panama hat.

Accessories may reflect a big range of mediums and interest: everything from bracelets made of vintage coins to necklaces made of feathers or leather wooden beads. A sort of anything-goes vibe is well-known here. But you will view that the “anything” is still refined and polished. If you want to throw a brightly bow tie or bit of animal print into your Baby Onesie street style, you can do it. Track pants and oversized sports jerseys, anyway, have no place here.

Street style is a blend of style and functionality. It can be artistic, or it can be classic. One thing that has remained real for many years now,  anyway, is that taking dangerous is forever in style. Whether it is a chartreuse tie or a classic, long golf umbrella, it could be a remarkable addition to your street style clothes.

Look Like You know How To Dress With These Tips

Fashion is a subject that seems a bit overwhelming to a lot of people at times. This is because it seems like there is always too much information that you cannot keep up with when it comes to fashion, this isn’t true. If you want to learn a bit about fashion then read on.

Don’t be afraid to go up a size if it means achieving the perfect fit. It can be quite distressing when you try on your usual size only to find it doesn’t fit. Don’t fret! Sizes vary from designer to designer and brand to brand, so it is perfectly okay to go up a size from your usual size.

Even though something is all the rage in fashion at the moment, do not wear it if it does not compliment your body type and/or personal style. For example, people that are on the heavier side should not wear skinny jeans. They are not very flattering so you will not look trendy if you wear them.

Wear cropped pants in a more flattering way by choosing capris, pedal pushers, and bermuda shorts that do not fall at the widest part of your calf. Choose pants that end above the knee or closer to the ankle. You should also avoid flared styles to keep your look streamlined.

When you are at the beach or pool, store your sunscreen in a cool place. Otherwise, the heat can change the chemical composition of the product, making it less effective. You can put it in a plastic baggie before placing it in your beverage cooler, or put it in a bag with ice.

Consider keeping a tailor’s number on hand. While many people can fit into the mass-produced sizes available at most retailers, clothes look and feel better when tailored. A tailor can either make or refine most clothing that you want to wear. If you really like a particular piece from your favorite store, yet it could use an adjustment, call your tailor.

Don’t make fashion impulse buys. When you buy on impulse, you often make bad choices. The clothing may not fit as well as you hoped, or it doesn’t truly work with anything in your closet. Before making the buy ask yourself if you really need it, and if you have items that can compliment it.

One great fashion tip to try out is throwing on a scarf. This is a great tip because the scarf can almost be considered the ultimate add-on due to the amount of color combinations as well as how easy it is to put one on. They are also extremely portable.

Know how to dress your body’s best and worst attributes. Find fabric that is padded to help you look like you have curves if you don’t possess them. Busty women want clothing that brings the attention to a different part of the body. If you have a pear shape, wear darker bottoms with light colored shirts.

As you may now know it doesn’t require an insane amount of knowledge to figure out how to get a good fashion sense. WIth everything that you learned try and apply yourself so that you can improve the way you look, and people will appreciate the new styles you have made for yourself.