A Mini Face Lift is All You Need

Addressing the preliminary signs of aging gives you a more youthful appearance that can improve your quality of life as you age. A mini facelift is a less invasive procedure that aims at lifting sagging skin and wrinkles in the lower part of your face. Therefore, it can be your ideal option for accentuating your natural beauty and for boosting your confidence.

If you live in or around Scottsdale, mini facelift is a great option at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Dustin Heringer, MD is an oculofacial plastic and cosmetic surgeon and offers mini facelifts with expertise and professionalism. If you are concerned about moderating your jowl, tightening your neck skin, moderating nasolabial folds, or moderating lost facial volume, Dr. Heringer can help you.

Understanding the mini facelift procedure

Dr. Heringer can recommend different options that best suit your skin condition, lifestyle, and individual needs. However, you must be physically and psychologically fit and healthy for you to have a mini facelift. It can also be useful to have realistic expectations when seeking a mini facelift.

The procedure involves fewer incisions that are hidden in natural folds leaving no visible scarring. Through these incisions, excess skin that develops with age is removed from the areas of interest. The procedure can take one and a half hours, and Dr. Heringer uses a local anesthetic to reduce downtime.

It can be combined with fat transfer when restoring the lost facial volume. It involves fat being harvested and used to augment areas that can improve facial balance and structure.

Side effects

The treatment presents a low risk, but complications such as pain, skin sensitivity, redness, swelling, and bruising can be experienced. Dr. Heringer is keen to make your experience during the procedure as comfortable as possible by giving you detailed instructions on minimizing these side effects.


The healing time after a mini facelift is shorter compared to a traditional facelift. This is because of its less invasive nature. Moreover, good overall health can facilitate healing faster. Dr. Heringer tracks your progress through follow-up appointments and recommends resumption of normal activities when sure of your healing.

Why a mini facelift is exceptional


Unlike other anti-aging treatments, a mini facelift requires medical experts to perform the procedure. Finding an experienced provider such as Dr. Heringer can guarantee you a smooth recovery process that takes very little time.


Compared to a traditional facelift, a mini facelift uses fewer incisions. Even though some mild side effects are possible, severe side effects are infrequent. However, you can call Dr. Heringer upon noticing increasing swelling, severe pain, oozing, bleeding from your stitches, or experiencing fever and chills. These can be signs of excessive bleeding or an infection. There are also alternative ways to reduce the side effects, ensuring that even though mini facelift is considered invasive, it’s safer than other procedures.


A mini facelift has proven efficiency in correcting aging signs in the lower half of your face. It can also be used alongside other procedures to maximize the results according to your personal goals.

You can get the natural-looking results from a mini facelift by choosing a surgeon with an excellent reputation and expertise. Learn more about how you can acquire an attractive look at any age by booking an appointment and consulting with Dr. Heringer.