Why Dentures are the Best Solution to Replace Unsightly or Decayed Teeth

Having dentures is the best way to enjoy your food and have a better smile after you have lost your teeth. Fortunately, with the ever-growing technology and research, there are many ways to improve the efficiency of dentures. Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental is a center with the technology and the right skills to incorporate the structures in your mouth while also receiving dentures that are comfortable and easy to use. Furthermore, Beaumont dentures do not wear fast. Therefore, you can enjoy them for a long time without worry.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Dentures?

Anyone can have dentures, especially if your dental health has taken a toll from decay, loss of teeth, or through other actions such as accidents. Dentures are permanent, as the structures use a synthetic material that goes on the base of your gums while attached to the jawbone—the point where you once had a tooth. Currently, dentists have scrapped the one-denture-fits-all and have replaced it with procedures that make specific molds for your mouth, more like mapping. Such a procedure makes sure any dentures you receive fit your mouth perfectly and give the right aesthetic.

Dentures have many functions, which include the following:

  • They improve your looks
  • The structures help you eat
  • Dentures help maintain your bone mass
  • The structures also help you manage your self-consciousness
  • Dentures replace the weakened teeth in your mouth

The type of dentures offered depends on the condition of your oral health. People with highly decayed teeth can have complete dentures, while those with some healthy teeth in their mouth can benefit from partial dentures.


What is the Meaning of Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures come in handy when you want a complete makeover of your oral health. Some people do it because most of their teeth have a poor structure. Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental has two ways it can fulfill your wishes to have complete dentures. You can benefit from the conventional types or the intermediate ones.

Conventional Dentures

These are dentures placed after your dentist has removed all of your teeth. Dr. Park waits until your gums have Healed following teeth removal to place the dentures.

Intermediate Dentures

Involve dentures made in advance, which go into your mouth after Dr. Park removes your teeth. However, you will need another appointment to have them adjusted after your mouth has healed.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

These dentures replace only some of your teeth. The structures of these dentures must merge with the color and feel of your teeth for you to have a natural smile. However, some cases demand crowns to attach to your natural set of teeth for you to have the best results, though, in many circumstances, Dr. Park works with you to help have the best results.

Dentures are a sure way to have good oral health after losing some or most of your teeth. Reach Dr. Park via phone call or book your spot online to begin your journey to better oral health.