What Is Anti-Slip Floor Paint and How It Works?

Anti-slip floor paint is a great useful product used on interiors and exteriors floorings. It can be used on many surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete and asphalt. Preventing slips, trips and falls in both public and home is important. Places such as the workplace, hospitals, schools and other similar environment are vital to ensure the kids, adults or old age people does not trip and fall and cause the inevitable.

The legal rule also requires the floors to ensure that the grip on the floor is important for the people to walk safely in both wet and dry conditions. This can be achieved by using anti-slip paints. These specialist products are suitable for no-skid surfaces in the commercial, industrial and public-facing environment. It helps in meeting the health and safety requirement surfaces such as stairs, ramps and walkways, making it safe for vehicles, pedestrians and workers to pass by. Antislip floor paints are cost-effective solutions to be used on any surfaces. It is easy to use and quick to dry even at room temperature, which is close 30 minutes.

Other features of anti-slip paints for exterior and interior floor are –

  • It has excellent water repellence
  • It is resistant to acids, alkaline and corrosive chemicals
  • It is resistant to ultraviolet radiations
  • Ant-slip coating is available in a wide range of colours and can be used according to the theme of the place conveniently.
  • It is easy to apply the anti-slip paint by using a roller and conventional spray techniques.
  • It is quick & convenient method of ensuring the safety of the people walking on the floor
  • It can be applied to the concrete and metal surfaces.
  • It ensures to provide superior performance
  • During repair and maintenance, it is easy to repair the damages, if any, and rectification is the simple process
  • It is a zero maintenance surface painting idea
  • It also saves the higher number of manpower and time needed to apply and reapply
  • Anti-slip paints can be applied on any surfaces – industrial, residential and commercial surfaces
  • It can also use be used in the car parking areas, sports grounds and hospitals
  • It is also used effectively as floor markings.
  • It protects the floor
  • and protect it from the scratches and damages as well.
  • Both the anti-slip paint and anti-slip coating helps to enhance the floor appearance are available in a wide array of colours that suits everyone need.
  • Anti-slip paint is highly durable and last longer than other paints as it is slip-resistant particles and tough coating.
  • It is non-flammable, odourless and solvent-free. The anti-slip paint and coatings are safe for everyone to use and does not affect the environment.

Anti-Slip Floor

Thee anti-slip paints help in achieving the heavily textured finish with a hard-wearing aluminium oxide anti-slip aggregate. The aggregate is dispersed when the paint is applied for maximum grip and avoid any fall. It can withstand the busy workrooms and high-traffic environments effectively and is strong to withstand the industrial equipment and machines, forklift trucks and other abrasive chemicals. For residential purposes, it is used at the car parks, walkways and cycle paths.

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