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Find Satisfaction with Your Reproductive Health with These Procedures

Find Satisfaction with Your Reproductive Health with These Procedures

The unique point of a woman is her reproductive organs. In a few circumstances, you will have issues with your reproductive organs that require a specialist’s help. Heavy bleeding is one of the problems you may experience as a woman, making you feel uncomfortable and unable to function fully. Such uncomfortable moments demand the help of obstetrics & gynecology in Forest Hills to improve your overall health and keep you going.

Importance of Gynecological Services

Gynecology focuses on the health of women, more so the reproduction portion. Yakov Levy MD PC is at the center of women’s health with various customized treatments that focus on your health. The results you get from the center assist your doctor in making decisions that help improve your reproductive health. Services offered touch on women’s wellness, infections in the reproductive region, and menopause issues.

Common Reproductive Health Issues in Women

Various issues that affect women’s reproductive health increase as they age. However, with a partnership with Yakov Levy MD PC, you can get comprehensive reproductive care. Your doctor can help you overcome the following issues:

  • Menopause
  • Menstrual regulation
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Endometriosis
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Fibroids
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pelvic pain

You can also benefit from other in-office procedures that include:

  • Colposcopies
  • Pelvic sonograms
  • Cone biopsies

Importance of A Well-Woman Examination

Well-women examinations help women understand their sexual and reproductive health every year. You will benefit more from the treatment if you make a strict visit to your doctor every year. During the exams, your doctor analyzes your reproductive system to check for any abnormalities that may lead to other extreme issues in the future. You will notice the personalized approach undertaken by Yakov Levy MD PC in checking you and solving any issue that arises.

Your doctor will also provide a session of question and answer to understand you better and the types of treatments beneficial to you whenever they discover an abnormality. Your sexual history and medical issues go into a special place, where the doctor can refer and recommend the best treatments. What is more, well-woman examinations help in medical review. Your doctor can use the moment to discover your current medications, reduce the dosage, or suggest others that give better results.

Pap tests are significant to you for the discovery of any life-threatening issues. Your doctor can use them to detect any tumors or viral infections that need care. STDs and cancers often lead to devastating results; that is why you need a session with your doctor annually.

The most fulfilling session about the well-woman examination is the after-care recommendations given by your doctor. You will receive vital advice to understand your body and how you can take care of yourself.

Will you Receive Contraception Counseling During a Well-Woman Visit?

Yakov Levy MD PC includes a comprehensive recommendation on how you can improve your reproductive health. Therefore, your doctor will provide you full details about contraceptives and the best ones that fit your profile.

Understand your reproductive health with a visit to Yakov Levy MD PC. You will get the information that will almost guarantee your reproductive health. Reach the facility through a call or make an online appointment.

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Health Benefits You Enjoy

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Health Benefits You Enjoy

The vagina is a treasured part of a woman’s body and highly appreciated. It’s not just a sex organ for impressive love, it’s the embodiment of womanhood and all about being a woman. Women should feel good about their vagina and have confidence, says Dr. Kalpana Desai. This is something that should be bothering you. Gynecologists have several methods that can help you address your vaginal discomfort. As a confident woman, feel free to discuss your problems with your gynecologist.

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Commonly known as vaginoplasty, it’s a form of cosmetic surgery procedure done on the vaginal canal, vulvovaginal, and mucus membrane structures of your uterus. The procedure aims to tighten your vagina as a result of loose walls from aging or childbirth. Vaginal rejuvenation is done on both your external skin and tissues surrounding the vaginal canal.

How Vaginal Rejuvenation Works?

There are two methods of vaginal rejuvenation; non-surgical and surgical. The surgical options include vulvoplasty, vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty.


The procedure tightens your vagina and improves your self-esteem and confidence. The cosmetic procedure is done under local or regional anesthesia. It can involve a full-length or half-length tightening. Most women experience improved sex life after the procedure. The procedure entails g-spot amplification, revirgination, and clitoral unhooding.

Vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments can cause chronic pain and ...


It involves reshaping the labia through surgical reduction of your labia minora. The procedure corrects the symmetry and involves administering anesthesia.


Involves reshaping your vulva to look differently.

The non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation methods involve the use or laser and the use of radio-frequency. Basically, they are energy-based treatments to heat the tissues leading to the tightening of your vagina.

Radio-Frequency Treatment

Uses electromagnetic waves and focusing the energy to heat the vaginal tissue. It brings about vaginal tightening.

CO2 Laser

The CO2 laser treatment involves inserting a wand to heat up the vagina tissue. The lower layers of the tissue become tight and firm. It improves using MonaLisa Touch, FemiLift and Fem Touch.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Every woman at some point experiences vagina wear and tear. Aging and childbirth are the case of vaginal muscle loss leading to problematic symptoms such as vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence.

Vaginal rejuvenation comes with many positive qualities besides sexual satisfaction. Benefits of this cosmetic procedure include:

  • Restoring functionality and tightness of your vaginal area
  • Increasing sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner
  • Treats medical conditions and issues arising from weakened vaginal tissues like urinary incontinence
  • Improves your self-esteem and enhances your quality of life
  • Enhanced confidence during sexual intercourse
  • Improves the overall appearance of your vagina
  • Tailored to meet your individual needs

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures - Laser Rejuvenation - Hoodectomy

As a woman, the chances of you experiencing intense orgasm increases. Your vagina goes back to its former youthful state. Women with intense laxity benefit immensely from vaginal rejuvenation. The muscles are brought back together and are tightened in the process.


Childbirth results in stretching of your external and internal tissues leading to separation of internal muscles. This is a potential cause of sexual dysfunction. Going for vaginal rejuvenation offers you an opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasure and love.

How To Maintain A Healthy Body

Healthy Body

Laziness Welcomes Problems

The world we live in is filled with computer confined working places, kids sitting in front of screens for hours, people who are obsessed with junk food etc. Everywhere we observe people who lack some way or another due to the dearth of physical activity. Obesity, deficiencies, organ failures are now more common in the youth than it was before. This is all because of the lack of motion to the muscles.

Importance Of Physical Activities

Physical activities such as exercise which include; push-ups, leg-press, squat rack etc, playing field games even walking are considered to help a person not only to improve physically but mentally as well. Kicking your day off with exercise will help your body to rejuvenate. Your weight will get under control. It will make you feel active throughout the day without feeling drowsy or tired. Your immune system is given a boost and a lot of bodily problems can be fought off such as high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, risk of developing type 2 diabetes, etc. Your mind will be brought under healthier state of mind. So when the body is healthy from the inside it will automatically reflect on the outside.

Evolution Of Gym Equipment

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All types of physical activities are beneficial but working out in a gym regularly can give faster result as the equipment installed there is highly specific, easy to use, can track your vitals etc. Working with all the gym equipment is not something that started this century but it can be traced back to the first half of the twentieth century. Electronic and more efficient equipment was made common after the mid twentieth century. In 1968 first piece of electronic exercise equipment came into work it was a cycling machine, in 1983 first hack squat machine was developed, Rowing machines were started in 1980. All these equipments along with many others have now been updated and modified to be handier, efficient, to use less space, to give exercise records etc.

Fitness Is Just A Click Away

Squat rack is a piece of gym equipment that basically targets quadriceps and gluteus muscles toning your legs to gain muscle weight, but it can help you overall by exercising differently on the squat rack. Food & Fitness Always is a place that is for the people who want get stronger legs and also want to improve their overall body by choosing from the exercising machines available. Squat rack, utility bench etc are on their list.