Primary Phases Of A Building Project For Owner And Contractor

A complete understanding of building estimating demands a basic knowledge of things relevant to the construction process. An owner of a property or a contractor must have a clear and accurate forecast of how much a building project will cost. In this article, you will get to know about an overview of a building project’s primary construction phases.

A building estimating process helps both the builders and clients know about the financial impact of cost overruns and their failure in a project. It devotes typically time and effort to estimate a project cost.

Following Are the Primary Phases of a Building Project.

  • Project Commissioning
  • Determine the different requirements
  • Design team formation
  • Design the structure
  • Bidding based on a specific scope of work
  • Contract signing
  • Construction
  • Project completion

Project Commissioning

Commissioning of a project demands a certified verification process to ensure the builder designs, constructs. It delivers a project according to the owner’s requirements—an average period of running a construction process until a year of use. Commissioning of a building generally serves different particular functions.

Determination of Different Requirements

The beginning of a construction project is known as the pre-design phase or planning phase. Our pre-design step involves defining a specific project’s requirements like functions, cost or budget, locations, legal documents to comply.

Design Team Formation

A project owner contracts with an architect who selects different consultants to have a design team for a building’s structure. A complex project or a simple project demands design requirements like acoustics or housing hazardous materials with specialized consultants and ensures the design meets different needs. An architect is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the design process, and an expert engineer will quickly analyze the whole project design.

Design the Structure

This particular step deals with the architect creating a desirable series of design. An architect works in the beginning with the owner to decide the number of strokes of design and flesh out the structure’s design according to different requirements. We design a progression from a schematic design phase while an architect presents a higher-level design consultant to create a developmental stage.

An architect works efficiently with the design consultants to decide on different specifications of a construction design. The last step of the construction documents phase is to create construction drawings and specifications from where a contractor builds quickly.

Biding Based On the Scope of Work

After finalizing a construction document, an owner ran towards a contractor who wishes to bid on different projects. Along with such bidding documents, they also include instruction to submit a bid, a contract agreement, financial and technical requirements for various contractors. All of these documents mainly define the scope of work by consulting through a guide. We ensure fair bidding with the contractors to receive similar information, and our project owner opts for the lowest qualified bid.

Contract Signing

Authorities will send a contract right after the selection of a contractor. A contract document consists of the bidding documents that functions as a legal contract between owner and contractor. A contract consists of different models and relies on completing construction design or how an owner can bear a risk. A basic model is a lump sum contract that involves a contractor bidding to fix the total number of projects agreeing upon the project’s design.


While working on a construction phase, a contractor eventually analyzes to build following the different construction documents. Contractors usually hire expert subcontractors for different sets of construction tasks that include plumbing or foundation work. A construction process involves a contractor engaging cost control, comparison of actual expenditure with forecast expenditure at different points of a construction process.


An expert and reliable contractor completes all his incomplete comprehensive work on a punch Liston, which architects perform a final inspection. A contractor usually completes the structure to construction drawings, different types of Estimating like drywall estimating and specifications. It helps to save your time and increase efficiency with the design-build process cheaper than our conceptual design bid construct.