Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For You

What is cosmetic surgery?. Corrective medical procedure is a part… | by  Haania rajpoot | Medium

There are as many reasons as there can be why people choose cosmetic surgery. For some, it’s about looking younger, while for others, it’s some feature they’ve never liked. Any choice you make is personal, and all you need to do is set realistic expectations. 

Cosmetic surgery will not change your life or make you appear like someone else, but you’ll gain greater self-confidence and generally improve your life after the procedure.

Successful surgeries will always depend on how well you communicate with your surgeon. Ensure you’re comfortable with them as you open up on your questions and goals.

Following are some of the things that will help you determine if you’re the right candidate for cosmetic surgery

Lip augmentation

If you’re young and have bigger lips, or you’re growing old, and the lips have thinned, then you’re the right candidate for lip surgery. If you have suffered acne and Accutane, or if you’ve some conditions like diabetes, herpes, or some autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, you’re not a candidate. You also need to be ready for an allergic reaction to the implanted material.

Cheek implant

Do you have flat cheekbones or some early sagging of cheeks? The premature sagging of the skin makes you the right candidate that can be treated with a facelift.  

On the other hand, if you’ve a lot of excess skin sagging, you’d better go for a facelift. There’s also a risk that your body may reject the facelift and thus become infected. In the worst case, your body may reject it and therefore requiring more surgery.

Chin implant

Do you have a weak chin, or is it not balanced with your nose? If your dental bite is abnormal, you shouldn’t go for this surgery. If this procedure is done on your body, you should be ready for anything because the body may reject or become infected, which may mean more surgery.

Brow lift

This is a perfect procedure for those with heavy eyebrows, with deep foreskin wrinkles or frown lines. If you’re balding or you scar easily, this is not an appropriate procedure for you. Again, you must brace yourself for any outcome like losing the hair around the surgical area. You could experience some numbness on your scalp and forehead.

Eyelid surgery

This is a procedure appropriate for those with droopy eyelids or puffiness around your eyes. If you’ve fine lines, dark circles, or even crow’s feet, then you’re not the right candidate for this procedure. You also need to accept the risk of blindness, visible scars, dry eyes, or some eye irritation.

Nasal surgery

If your nose is large and crooked, bumpy, or droopy, then you’re a good candidate. However, if you’ve got a thick skin or you’re not physically developed (child), or maybe you play contact sports, you’re not the right candidate for this surgery. About 20% of cases need additional surgery, and therefore, you should be ready for such in case.

Cosmetic surgery helps in correcting some anomalies in your body. You don’t have to suffer low self-esteem just because of something that can be fixed. All you need is to look for a reliable cosmetic specialist from certified sites like Sentient Lasers. That way, you can be sure of getting the right procedure and guidance for success.