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Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute

Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute

Are you a lady living in Cleveland and its outskirts, and lately, you’ve not been feeling entirely confident about how y look? Is it the breasts, are they too big or small and you don’t love how they currently look? Is it the wrinkles that have been appearing on your face? Are your hips and buttocks not impressing you the way you’d like? Whatever the issue that you have, there is no other better specialist to turn to than Dr. Jason Leedy who is the lead surgeon at Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute.

Located in northeast Ohio at Mayfield Heights, Dr. Leedy offers top professional expertise in plastic surgery in a wide range of services. They include:


Generally, as you age, the skin on your face also ages, which consequently causes it to lose its firmness and elasticity. Dr. Leedy offers facial lifting services, which include tightening your skin, getting rid of pockets of fat from your neck and face, and also eliminating the appearance of wrinkles from your face. Facelifts also help to regain an excellent facial volume, especially around the cheeks, in addition to removing creases around the mouth and nose. The numerous procedures he offers ensure that women of all ages will have their needs met, making sure you look as beautiful as you have ever been.

Dr. Leedy offers both traditional and deep-lane facelift, depending on your needs. You don’t need to worry about having scars as he makes his incisions on your hairline and along the contours of the face, which makes the scars look less noticeable.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A lovely round buttock shape is every woman’s dream. A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that helps to enhance your butt, helping them to gain a curvy, sexy look. It is also known as buttock augmentation and is done in two stages.

Debunking common plastic surgery myths | ASPS

Dr. Leedy first removes fat through liposuction from the abdomen, back, or thighs to put in your buttocks. He then purifies your fat, which causes your body to receive it thoroughly and then injects small amounts into your buttocks. The results will surely blow your mind away as you will have the butt that you have always craved desired.

Breast Augmentation

This is a procedure that is performed to change the size and shape of your breasts. It helps to reverse the sagging of breasts, increase the firmness and the size of the breast, reshape the chest after an injury, and so on. During the procedure, Leedy uses silicon implants containing a saline-water mixture to increase and enhance your breasts to your desired look.

Dr. Leedy uses 3D imaging to project the outcome ahead of time so that you can choose how best you want them to look. The results are instant, and you can have the breasts of your dreams in just a few hours.

Moreover, the doctor also offers services such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, smart lipo, Botox and fillers, coolsculpting, mommy makeover, and even male breast reduction.

For more of these services, book your appointment with Dr. Leedy and enjoy top professional care that will guarantee you the best results and leave you loving your body every moment.

How Medical Cannabis Helps with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the top reasons for medical cannabis use. An increasing number of patients are opting for this alternative treatment option to decrease dependence and use of prescription medications. Through advanced research and more political acceptance, the use of medical cannabis for chronic pain is increasing quickly. Get in touch with a Santa Monica chronic pain specialist today for more details.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is unceasing pain within the body that lasts for weeks, months or years after the initial detection. Chronic pain can be caused by many different reasons including, arthritis, back issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, infections, migraines, surgery, and osteoporosis are more prone to suffering chronic pain. While chronic pain is seen mostly in the elderly, it can affect anyone.

Common solutions for chronic pain include treatment with opioids and synthetic analgesics (e.g., aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen) However, opioid treatment poses the risk of addiction and severe side effects. While synthetic analgesics aren’t addictive, they’re often ineffective and may come with toxic side effects, like gastric bleeding, ulcers, and the risk of liver or kidney diseases.

Other treatment techniques include electrical stimulation, surgical procedures, and nerve blocks. Sadly, many of those solutions are not always effective and may trigger bad side effects.

Due to the broad range of side effects from mainstream treatments, an increasing number of patients are choosing medical cannabis for chronic pain. Cannabis is showing to offer the relief patients require while decreasing adverse treatment effects.

Treating Chronic Pain with Medical Cannabis

In the past, cannabis was considered an illegal and dangerous drug with no medicinal value. But, views on the herb have been changing gradually over the years. Medical cannabis is helpful in treating chronic pain, and numerous patients say that it is a remarkable treatment alternative.

Medical marijuana may provide pain relief for chronic nerve pain

Scientists attribute the pain-relieving properties of the cannabis plant to its natural cannabinoids. The same properties are produced naturally by your body and are used in combating pain and inflammation.

Medical cannabis has been shown to offer relief for pain caused by a wide range of medical conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Problems with the central nervous system
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
  • Painful injuries
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica

Medical researchers have pinpointed cannabis receptors in the body that are situated in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. When inhaled, the receptors bind to the nerves regulating pain all throughout the body and dampen the body’s reaction to the discomfort.

The amazing part of the cannabinoids is their safety profile. No reports of a cannabis overdose have ever been made, and the risk of addiction is minimal. Most patients who experience difficulty monitoring their use of the herb suffer from other drug addictions.

Medical cannabis relieves pain very fast and gets rid of nausea that numerous patients encounter with opioid medications. It may be particularly helpful for the type of chronic pain that survivors of catastrophic accidents have to endure for the rest of their lives.

The major benefit of cannabis is that it is naturally pure without a continuous list of complex ingredients. It does not go through any processing, refining or chemical enhancements, making it a safer and more effective treatment option for chronic pain.


Family Health Center in Texas

Family Health Center in Texas

Family Life Medical Center offers extensive care for various health conditions. The wellness center has its locality in Conroe, Texas. Dr. Kyle Scarborough is one of the service providers at the center. The doctor is very friendly to his patients and welcomes patients across all ages to the center. Leading a team of highly qualified medical practitioners, Dr. K is committed to offering the best quality services to his community in Texas.

About Professionals

Dr. Scarborough, a family doctor, is a Texas resident who graduated from Texas University and later proceeded to earn his medical degree at the University of Texas. Dr. K completed his residency in Houston and then started practicing at Sadler Clinic. The doctor has 25 years’ experience in medical service. Lauren Hollis and Lindsay Smith are both physician assistants at the center. Larissa Eisenmenger is a nurse practitioner at the facility. All these service providers aim at providing individualized care to each patient.

About Services

The providers at the center incorporate advanced medical technology, and techniques to enhance their treatments. They offer medical care to all individuals, such as tattoo removal through laser treatments, wellness exams, and skin rejuvenation. The providers provide high cholesterol treatments, bioidentical hormone therapy, and hypertension treatments.

Well-woman exams, school physical, pre-ops, and hospital follow-ups are also services the center offers. For the elderly, the hospital provides geriatric care. Before administering any treatment, the providers perform proper diagnosis with a patient to find the cause of the condition. Dr. Kyle provides consultation services; hence patients should feel free to visit the center and consult the doctor.

Before and After, Insurance

The before and after section, on their website, showcases some of the successful treatment procedures at the center. The center shows some Picosure tattoo removal and Tempsure skin rejuvenation. The medical facility accepts insurance from most major medical insurance plans.

Doctor In Center | TX 75935 | Aurora Concepts Family Medical Practice

Patient’s Resources

Dr. K emphasizes the need for patient education. The doctor provides educational services to patients through various blog articles and consultation. Visit the facility’s website to have a look at some of the articles posted. Through the posts, Dr. K educates patients and the general public on various healthy lifestyle choices and conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Articles such as the one on ‘Isolation in the age of coronavirus’ act as guides to patients.

There are various patient forms the center provides, such as new medical release, and authorized release forms. The new patient forms act as guides to new patients. Through the patient portal, patients can access all information regarding their medical procedures.


The medical facility accepts and values reviews from their patients. To date, the facility boasts a 4.95 out of 5-star rating on 39 collected reviews. You can access testimonials from patients about the center’s services through their website.

How to Contact the Center

Patients can reach the center through mobile or book an appointment online. Conveniently for those living around Texas, you can pay a visit to the center. If you have trouble finding the exact location, visit their website, and get the directions. Note that the center is open from Monday to Friday, starting from 8 am to 5 pm.  If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about the center, send a message to Dr. K through the facility’s website.

To sum up, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kyle or any of the providers at the clinic to receive top-notch services. The facility provides individualized care to all patients. The experience of the practitioners enhances their efficiency in handling patients and varying conditions.

How to Handle Shoulder Pain

You want to catch a movie. Perhaps, you are with your beloved spouse. But unfortunately, the pain in your shoulder does not give you the peace you need at this time. Is it because you are tired, or maybe you have a condition worth addressing?

Shoulder pain has become a big menace for many people. If you are experiencing this pain, then you need to be careful. Or perhaps, this would be the best time for you to get a Colonia shoulder pain expert.

But even so, what matters the most is how to handle the pain when the time comes. In this regard, you will need to be conversant with the causes and types of shoulder pains. This way, avoiding and caring for the same will be much easier for you.

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Shoulder Pain?

Indeed, multiple variables go into causing shoulder pain. However, the most predominant one will always be the rotator cuff tendinitis. It is a product of swollen tendons. Also, arthritis has become a significant contributor to shoulder pains. Other prevalent causes include the following.

·         Injuries to different parts of the body

·         Raptured cartilage

·         Swollen tendons as well as bursa sacs

·         Broken arm bone or shoulder

·         Injury within your spinal cord

·         Dislocated or frozen shoulder

·         Pinched nerve

·         Heart attack

In most cases, these causes will result in different types of shoulder pain. Also, they could contribute to various other health issues in the long run. The types of shoulder pains you could get from these variables include the following.

Shoulder Pain Remedies

·  Rotator cuff tendinitis

As mentioned earlier, this type of shoulder pain stems from swollen tendons. It is relatively common to middle-aged people and athletes. Besides, if you are a fan of repetitive lifting, you could be vulnerable to this condition.

· Rotator cuff tears

This type of shoulder pain highlights a dull pain from the depths of the shoulder. It is relatively common among the aged. Also, it could be quite prevalent among those who partake in overhead motion tasks, including sports.

· Shoulder dislocation

It is an injury that highlights an instance where the upper arm slips from the shoulder blade socket. It usually ensures that you hardly move the joint.

·  SLAP tear

Are you wondering what SLAP stands for? It is Superior Labrum Anterior & Posterior. This type of injury is prevalent among sportspersons. Usually, it will subject you to a reduced range of motion.

·  Adhesive Capsulitis

You could also call it a frozen shoulder. Usually, it exposes the shoulder to stiffness as well as pain. Ist symptoms could take up to two years to start fully manifesting.


In most cases, you will choose between self-treatment and professional medical care. It will depend on the severity of your problem. Self-treatment, which includes icing and using painkillers, will be ideal for less severe problems. However, you will need to see a doctor once you spot swelling and visible deformities.

In conclusion, shoulder pain is a scare, but not a sentence. Once you discover the issue, take the necessary steps to get treated. It will help in avoiding costly medical care in the long run. 

A Guide for Diabetic Foot Care

A Guide for Diabetic Foot Care

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, about 70% of diabetics have neuropathy. This inability to feel their feet could result in other infections as well. With diabetes, you are at an increased risk of ulcers, calluses, and blisters. Even the tiniest cut can lead to serious complications. With nerve damage, you may be unable to feel and treat such injuries properly. You may need professional diabetic foot care in Las Vegas to help manage it.

There are plenty of steps that you can implement at home to keep your feet in good condition, including the following.

Regular Foot Inspections

Diabetes causes nerve damage making it hard to notice when you have cuts, sores, cracks, or redness in the feet. Do your best to find them and treat them before they can cause infections.

Wear Shoes with Good Coverage

Do not leave the house without a good pair of shoes. They will protect you from cuts and bruises. Even in the house, your feet may be at risk of penetration and scrapes. Consider wearing orthotic footwear for increased protection. Orthotic shoes are made for people with diabetes, and you can find them in most specialty stores.

Low-Impact Exercise

Even though exercise is important, you should do it in moderation. Speak with your doctor about the exercise options that are safe for you. Generally, you should avoid exercises that impact your feet significantly. This includes exercises such as leaping, jumping, and aerobics. Some of the best exercise options include walking and swimming.

A Patient's Guide to Diabetic Foot Care

Rather Than Hot Water

Bath in Lukewarm Rather Than Hot Water

If you have neuropathy, the temperature while bathing your feet should be warm, but not hot. It should be warm enough to use on newborn babies. Do not use your feet to test the water temperature. With neuropathy, you may not realize how hot it is. If the water is hot, it could lead to blisters or burns.

Don’t Moisturize Between the Toes

Even though moisturizing your feet daily is a good idea, you should avoid moisturizing between the toes because it could lead to fungal infections. Another way to reduce infections is by wearing clean, dry socks.

Seek Help for Calluses or Corns

If you have corn or calluses, seek professional help. Do not try treating them on your own.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health, especially if you are diabetic. It damages and constricts blood vessels which means your feet may be deprived of blood that is rich in nutrients and oxygen.

This makes it difficult to fight infections. If you have trouble quitting on your own, seek professional help.

Consult Your Care Team Often

Check-in with your diabetes care team as often as you can. They will help you stay healthy. Your care team may give you tips to care for your feet, maintain healthy blood pressure, or aid in efforts to stop smoking.

Dealing with diabetes can be difficult, and you are likely to experience some problems with your feet. It also increases your risk for blisters, ulcers, and high blood pressure. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to care for your feet and help keep them in good shape.

How To Prepare For Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

If you are going to have oral surgery in The Woodlands, then it is crucial that you are prepared for it. Being prepared will not only make the procedure more bearable but it will also increase the chances of a speedy recovery.

There are several things you can do to prepare for your oral surgery including:

Be Informed

Most people fear the unknown more than anything else and it is very natural. However, there is something you can do about it as it pertains to oral surgery.

The best information will obviously come from the dentist who will be performing the surgery. You need to ask them as many questions as possible and discuss the surgery in as much detail as you can comprehend. However, you can also do your own research and find out more.

You should also ensure that you get a full rundown of the procedure so you can be mentally prepared. What comes after the procedure should also be a subject of discussion.

Plan for Transportation

It may seem obvious but you will be surprised at how many people are late for oral surgery or do not have a ride home after their surgery. The main reason for the lack of transportation is that the majority of people underestimate the gravity of oral surgery.

Therefore, before going in for surgery at the dental office, you should have planned with a friend, loved one or car service for a ride home especially if you are going to be sedated after the surgery. The pain resulting from the surgery may also be very disorienting and cause you trouble getting home.

Many people prefer to take their own car home but it is unsafe to do unless the doctor says so. If you cannot get someone to drive you, public transport is your safest bet.

dentists-choose-equipment-table_1150-19659.jpg (626×416)

Organize Post-Operative Care

There will always be guidelines about how you should conduct yourself after oral surgery. Depending on the surgery, you may need help adhering to these guidelines.

If you live alone particularly you need to plan for recovery before you step in to have the surgery. Organizing your food, rest and medication if you have any should all be done beforehand as you may be unable to do it later.

It is easier to organize post-operative care if you live with friends or family. Tell them about the surgery and what you will need them to do well in advance of the surgery.

Know what You Should Eat and Drink

There will also be dietary restrictions before and after your surgery. The dentist will apprise you of this a while before the surgery and give you time to prepare.

You will often be required to eat or drink nothing before oral surgery including water a day before the surgery. Therefore, fasting before surgery may be a prudent idea.

These restrictions will be even more stringent after the surgery. Since you will probably be unable to chew hard foods, you will be required to buy soft foods and liquids before the surgery.

Ensure you follow all of the doctor’s instructions in this regard.

Facelift Surgery? Here Is What You Need to Know

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You are walking down the streets. All that you are thinking about is the tired appearance on your face. You are worried that your sagging neck and a lesser defined chin could affect how appealing you are. And like anyone else, you derive your self-confidence from your beauty.

Indeed it can be hard to walk around, wearing no self-esteem. Perhaps, all that you have ever desired is to be accepted in society. To be a part of the beauty that friendships and acceptance offer. I would advise that you should consider a face & neck lift in San Francisco.

There is hope. A hope that you will look more appealing after this surgery. But do you know what the process involves? Perhaps not, and you are not alone. In this light, we explore some of the least understood aspects that you should always have in mind.

What is facelift surgery?

Have you ever heard of a rhytidectomy? It is a different name used for a facelift, which is a cosmetic surgery that comes in handy in enhancing your appearance. Usually, it plays a significant role in removing any excess facial skin and fat to reshape the lower part of the face.

Facelift: What to expect and possible complications

The results of this facelift could last for up to ten years. This is such a long period that will assure you of incredible value for your money. However, the skin on your face will go on aging. It indicates that the procedure is relatively less permanent.

And did you know that there are a variety of types of facelifts? This way, you will be free to choose whichever suits your preferences and needs. You will have to choose one or more from the following procedures.

  •         You could go for a liquid facelift which involves injectable dermal fillers
  •         There is the jawline rejuvenation which revitalizes the region between the upper neck and the jaw
  •         You could also consider a mini facelift that is relatively less invasive
  •         The S-Lift is vital for treating the lower third of the face
  •         We have the mid-facelift which treats the cheek area
  •         There is the cutaneous lift for treating the lower face and neck
  •         The temporal facelift is for improving your eyebrows
  •         You could also consider a Quicklift
  •         You can opt for the traditional facelift, which is more comprehensive

Why would you consider this procedure?

As mentioned earlier, beauty is the ultimate goal of every individual. With this procedure, you will be sure of getting a smoother, as well as a more youthful appearance. Ideally, the process will:

  •         Tighten or remove any sagging skin
  •         Lift the corner of your mouth
  •         Alleviates creases between your lips and cheeks
  •         Deals with the droop on your cheeks around the jawline

But who would be a perfect candidate for this procedure? Usually, it would be best if you had an elastic skin, a healthy bone structure, and good general health. In most cases, patients will be between 40 and 70 years.

To sum up, facelift surgeries have become an essential element in the pursuit of glowing skin. If you are ready for this procedure, all you will need to do is to find a reliable facelift surgeon. 

The pros and cons of waxing and a laser hair removal in Etobicoke

The pros and cons of waxing and a laser hair removal in Etobicoke

The world is loaded with decisions, and you can’t make a turn without running into one. It’s similar with regards to hair removal. You’re worn out on shaving, and you need that hair gone. Alright, those aren’t your introverted choices with regards to disposing of undesirable hair. Waxing and individual laser hair removal from Laserlicious Inc Etobicoke are answers for disposing of undesirable hair. Waxing includes putting a clingy substance on the hair you need to evacuate. The sticky stuff bonds with the hair, and afterward, everything is pulled out all at once. Laser hair removal Etobicoke disposes of undesirable hair by sending light vitality down the hair shaft where it’s changed over into heat. All the while, the warmth murders the hair follicle, and that hair isn’t increasing back any longer.

What are the pros of waxing?

Waxing sessions are both more accessible and reasonable than proficient individual laser hair removal medications. If you just need to get waxed as a treat from time to time, the expense is about 15% what you may hope to pay for a laser treatment. At the point when the wax is expelled, the outcomes are prompt. Also, shocking, if there are no entanglements and your skin will be smooth and hairless. It’s unquestionably superior to shaving and plucking your hair.

What are the cons of waxing?

The greatest downside of waxing is that the outcomes are just impermanent. After roughly two to about a month and a half, your hair will be prepared for another waxing. What’s more, if waxing will be your go-to answer for dealing with your undesirable hair, shaving in the middle of sessions is definitely not a smart thought. The wax needs hair to take hold of to carry out its responsibility, so you have to let it develop out a little without fail. Which implies you’ll need to let it get somewhat shaggy before your next session.  Since the hair holds developing back, you’ll have to focus on a lifetime of waxing to keep that undesirable hair under control. Crunch the numbers and the individual laser hair removal at a laser hair removal clinic alternative looks modest as chips.

What are the pros of laser hair removal?

The greatest bit of leeway of individual laser hair removal is that it’s perpetual. Truly, there are rehash medicines required, regardless of whether you’re doing it at home or in the salon. However, be that as it may, when you’re set, you’re finished. Much after your first involvement in close to home laser hair removal, you’ll notice your hair becomes back patchier. The impression of warmth related to individual laser hair removal is practically immaterial contrast with the agony and aggravation of waxing. The present at-home medicines are a lot gentler than spa laser medications used to be.  Furthermore, in case you’re not kidding about being without hair, individual laser hair removal is really a more moderate approach.

What are the cons of laser hair removal at a laser clinic Etobicoke?

There’s a more extreme expectation to absorb information associated with laser hair removal Etobicoke. The hardware included is more complex than what you have to perform waxing. What’s more, the underlying speculation is certainly more costly than the other option. Another downside you may run over as you continued looking for individual laser hair removal has to do with tonal complexity. Basically, lasers have a simpler time focusing on hairs that are darker than the skin they’re becoming out of. Along these lines, individuals with darker skin tones or lighter body hair have issues finding an answer.

In case you’re searching for a dependable yet moderate at-home close to home laser hair removal in Etobicoke, you can find one with the help of websites such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Better Business Bureau, Tupalo, Find-Us-Here, Nearest, Yelp, 2 Find Local, or Can Pages.

Why You Should Get Regular Heart Checkups

Why You Should Get Regular Heart Checkups

Cardiovascular checkups can help you keep heart diseases at bay and identify different underlying health complications. Heart and Vascular Care specialists can help you identify different diseases, which lowers healthcare costs. The blood tests offered might help you treat underlying conditions before they are severe, and you can keep your health strong. Let’s have a look at why you should get regular heart checkups.

Lowers the Healthcare Costs

Regular heart checkups will help you mitigate the risk of severe heart problems, which might be costly to treat. You might reduce the chances of getting surgery as you treat different conditions at the beginning stage. Some doctors might give you discounts if you visit their clinic regularly, which can save you a reasonable amount of money.

You Treat Diseases at the Budding Stage

People who see heart specialists often have a reduced incidence of serious diseases. Before they expand to dangerous proportions, screening of the disease can help you reduce the risks associated with heart conditions. Heart screening can be conducted depending on your health, age, gender, history, and lifestyle choices. Moreover, the doctor could offer preventative measures that stop heart conditions before they get started, and you are in a position to treat severe infections at their onset.

Blood Tests

Even if you are at your doctor for regular cardiovascular appointments, you can get blood tests done. The blood tests help identify other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, anemia, blood pressure, and coronary arteries. The doctors can evaluate the functioning of different body organs, which is beneficial for overall health and keeps you at optimal health. Some conditions, when diagnosed early, can be reversed when treated at the onset of the disease. A family doctor will note the changes, and this could be helpful for future health perspective.

You Can Identify Stress-Related Diseases

The fast-moving world puts stress on our work and personal life balance, and the stress could cause different diseases. Regular checkups can get you the best advice and support that help you deal with lifestyle changes.

You Can Keep Abreast Of Your Health

With regular checkups, your doctor will inform you about your health status. The information will help you with the necessary lifestyle changes, which will help you maintain your health. Regular heart checkups might be a great way to stay aware of how to improve your health and reduce the risk of diseases. You can get essential information on cholesterol, diabetes, early cancer detection, and Body Mass Index (BMI).

Who should undergo regular checkups?

A family doctor will assess the whole family’s health conditions, and they will help the older members of the family attain better health. A family doctor might be at a place to advise you on the best health actions, depending on test results.


The body and mind should not be taken for granted, and if we give our bodies little attention, it could negatively impact your health. Being healthy involves regular cardiovascular checkups, which can prevent different heart conditions. You can keep the cost of treatment minimal when you go for checkups to treat problems at the budding stage. Blood tests can help you be aware of different diseases that might be difficult to diagnose without the blood tests.


Why You Should Start Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

The new year is fast approaching and that means everyone is looking for a way to burn off those extra pounds that they put on over the Christmas period. But, did you know there is more to getting in shape than running or going for a swim?

Have you ever considered that cycling Llandudno may just be what you need?

As you may be aware, any type of physical activity is good for you. Your adrenaline is pumping, your anxiety is significantly reduced and your endorphins are running high, there’s no better feeling. However, did you know you can get these same great feeling you get from running by also mountain biking Conwy?

Running isn’t for everyone so why no try something new today and get the same benefits from it. Here is a list of reasons you’ll be silly not to.

You’ll never be bored

One of the most enjoyable things from mountain biking is that the trail you are on is ever-changing. As well as different twists and turns with varying levels of difficulty there is also the challenge of different dirt textures, rocks, branches and even leaves to contend with.

By mixing it up a little bit your brain will constantly stay engage and banish any boredom you may have once had with “getting fit”.

bicycle-1869176_960_720.jpg (960×637)

Amazing Views

By opting to mountain bike over running, you can get to some truly mesmerising places a lot faster than if you were to do it on foot. If the views weren’t enough, the sounds of the great outdoors and tranquillity will transport you entirely, making the challenge completely worth it.

Stay Active Whilst Injured

It is common for runners to take up cycling when they become injured and in some cases, even their doctor prescribes it!

With all types of difficulty levels, those with an injury sport and more endurance ride with cross country biking which works every part of the body. It’s a great for working your arms, back and legs whilst getting your heart pumping but not putting pressure on your joints.

Better For Your Heart

Talking of getting your heart pumping, mountain biking is a great cardiovascular activity as you can change it up through the use of your bikes gears. Studies have even shown that cycling for at least 20 miles a week can diminish your risk of having coronary heart disease but almost half!

It’s an Escape

Whilst cycling you can have the means to escape from your own mind, especially if you have a busy work life. By being in the great outdoors surrounded by the wildlife you can keep your focus on riding and not the people that are around you. Alone time is good and it’s a good reason to hop on your bike for some well-needed escapism.