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How Bariatric Surgery Leads To Weight Loss

How Bariatric Surgery Leads To Weight Loss

If you have tried all the conventional weight loss methods such as exercise, diet programs, and calorie counting in vain, then you should consider weight loss surgery. Find a team of weight loss surgeons such as Dr. Chad Carlton who will help you implement your weight loss strategies. Surgical weight loss can help you deal with complications such as diabetes that arise from being overweight. Before undertaking weight loss procedures, you should evaluate your physical conditions to ensure that you maintain safety and good health with the surgery.

How Bariatric Surgery Helps In Weight Loss

  • Restriction

Restrictive type of weight loss surgery helps limit the amount of food intake by limiting the amount of food the abdomen can hold at a given time. This type of operation limits the intake of calories and helps you lose extra weight.

  • Malabsorption

Malabsorption weight loss surgery shortens the bypass part of the intestines, thus reducing the number of calories absorbed by the body. Reduction of the amount of calorie intake in the body regulates body weight.

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Common Types of Bariatric Surgeries

  • Roux-en- Y gastric bypass

A surgeon conducting the procedure creates a small pouch on the top part of the stomach, and this poach is the only part of the stomach that will be receiving food. The created poach thus limits the amount of food that one can eat comfortably at a time.

The surgeon then connects the small intestines directly with the new poach, allowing for the direct flow of the food. The main stomach, which produces digestive juices, still remains attached to a small part of the intestines allowing the digestive enzymes to flow into the intestines. A small amount of food is digested, and fewer calories are absorbed by the body also.

  • Sleeve gastrectomy

A surgeon conducting this procedure separates and removes part of the stomach; a smaller stomach holds less food. It also produces less appetite-inducing hormones, which helps one regulate the amount of food they eat. This procedure, however, does not regulate the absorption of calories, but regulates appetite.

Tips for Choosing a Bariatric Surgeon

  • Get referrals

Have a referral list from other specialists or your primary care doctor, take time to research the doctor’s credentials and experience. Before making a conclusive decision, call each doctor and ask about their services, consultation, and costs.  You can also choose to interview the surgeons.

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  • Evaluate communication style

Choose a surgeon who understands your personal needs and who can help you with crucial information concerning the operation. Take the quality of the hospital into consideration and know what can be covered by your insurance. Read patient reviews, which can give you insight on what to expect once you book an appointment with your chosen surgeon.


All weight-loss journeys are personal, and it is your right to choose what works for your situation. If you have tried conventional weight-loss strategies in vain, you should try bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is effective for long-term weight loss as it helps regulate appetite by reducing the production of appetite-inducing hormones. The procedure also reduces the number of calories absorbed by the body by reducing the amount of food that a stomach can hold at a given time.

Psychiatry: Top Signs To Look Out For To Know You Need Help

As a human being, it is normal to encounter different situations that can be difficult for you. How do you find out if something is not right or you are being paranoid? In such a scenario it is essential for you to find a good professional like in New Dawn TMS Psychiatry who will offer you the help you need. Below are some signs to watch out for:

Past Traumatic Events That You Can’t Let Go

Trauma is one of the major triggers of disrupting a stable, healthy mental state. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t seem to forget painful situations that happened to you, maybe it is time to see the doctor. In this phase, you can’t seem to move past what happened previously in your life.

Any small trigger sets you off and leaves you walking on edge. You become nervously frustrated with bouts of anxiety attacks and nightmares that are seemingly fixated in your brain. Your doctor will help you get through PTSD.

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Suicidal Thoughts Are Rampant

You develop thoughts of harming yourself. You might dismiss the thoughts gradually at the onset but later on, contemplate making the thoughts come to pass. In such a situation you are depressed, and you also experience major mood swings that significantly affect your mental well-being.

Unwarranted Fears That Don’t Go Away

You could have several fears which you can’t identify their foundation. The fears can include the belief that someone is constantly keeping an eye on you, which will prevent you from going about your normal daily routine. Additionally, you will become extremely fearful of the unknown.

Increased Anger Outbursts

You become highly irritable. Any trigger, no matter how small, makes you hostile toward yourself and even those around you. This may be characterized by having a short temper. With increased intervals of anger outbursts, it is crucial for you to consult your doctor. This can be a sign of depression, anxiety, and even bipolar disorder.

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You Develop Unhealthy Habits

If you led a normal lifestyle before, the development of an unhealthy habit or addiction could be a sign of significant underlying mental issues. These addictions can include interrupted sleeping patterns, drug and substance abuse, and even eating disorders. Your doctor will help you understand the cause of your mental condition.

Significant Setback of Mental Clarity

Not being able to get simple tasks done which you previously did at the snap of a finger is a reason to see your doctor. You could be experiencing a lack of mental clarity which will also significantly reduce your activity performance. The basis of this can stem from your fears, or a previous experience that did not go well for you. Your doctor will be the neutral guide in helping you get back on track.

No matter the mental disorder you could be experiencing, your doctor will prescribe the right treatment. You could be suffering from conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, and even schizophrenia. TMS can be the best treatment for you when other mental treatments do not work effectively.

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Health Benefits You Enjoy

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Health Benefits You Enjoy

The vagina is a treasured part of a woman’s body and highly appreciated. It’s not just a sex organ for impressive love, it’s the embodiment of womanhood and all about being a woman. Women should feel good about their vagina and have confidence, says Dr. Kalpana Desai. This is something that should be bothering you. Gynecologists have several methods that can help you address your vaginal discomfort. As a confident woman, feel free to discuss your problems with your gynecologist.

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Commonly known as vaginoplasty, it’s a form of cosmetic surgery procedure done on the vaginal canal, vulvovaginal, and mucus membrane structures of your uterus. The procedure aims to tighten your vagina as a result of loose walls from aging or childbirth. Vaginal rejuvenation is done on both your external skin and tissues surrounding the vaginal canal.

How Vaginal Rejuvenation Works?

There are two methods of vaginal rejuvenation; non-surgical and surgical. The surgical options include vulvoplasty, vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty.


The procedure tightens your vagina and improves your self-esteem and confidence. The cosmetic procedure is done under local or regional anesthesia. It can involve a full-length or half-length tightening. Most women experience improved sex life after the procedure. The procedure entails g-spot amplification, revirgination, and clitoral unhooding.

Vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments can cause chronic pain and ...


It involves reshaping the labia through surgical reduction of your labia minora. The procedure corrects the symmetry and involves administering anesthesia.


Involves reshaping your vulva to look differently.

The non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation methods involve the use or laser and the use of radio-frequency. Basically, they are energy-based treatments to heat the tissues leading to the tightening of your vagina.

Radio-Frequency Treatment

Uses electromagnetic waves and focusing the energy to heat the vaginal tissue. It brings about vaginal tightening.

CO2 Laser

The CO2 laser treatment involves inserting a wand to heat up the vagina tissue. The lower layers of the tissue become tight and firm. It improves using MonaLisa Touch, FemiLift and Fem Touch.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Every woman at some point experiences vagina wear and tear. Aging and childbirth are the case of vaginal muscle loss leading to problematic symptoms such as vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence.

Vaginal rejuvenation comes with many positive qualities besides sexual satisfaction. Benefits of this cosmetic procedure include:

  • Restoring functionality and tightness of your vaginal area
  • Increasing sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner
  • Treats medical conditions and issues arising from weakened vaginal tissues like urinary incontinence
  • Improves your self-esteem and enhances your quality of life
  • Enhanced confidence during sexual intercourse
  • Improves the overall appearance of your vagina
  • Tailored to meet your individual needs

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures - Laser Rejuvenation - Hoodectomy

As a woman, the chances of you experiencing intense orgasm increases. Your vagina goes back to its former youthful state. Women with intense laxity benefit immensely from vaginal rejuvenation. The muscles are brought back together and are tightened in the process.


Childbirth results in stretching of your external and internal tissues leading to separation of internal muscles. This is a potential cause of sexual dysfunction. Going for vaginal rejuvenation offers you an opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasure and love.

Top Benefits Of Using Birth Control Methods

Top Benefits Of Using Birth Control Methods

Birth control is one of the most crucial aspects of a woman’s reproductive health. You should find the best method that works for you. Consulting your Athens gynecologist is one way to be sure. The gynecologist will advise on the best contraceptive varying from condom, a daily pill, implant, or even using a coil.

Below are reasons why you should use contraceptives:

Preventing Pregnancy

This is arguably the main reason for using birth control. Only you and your partner can family plan depending on your specific needs. This could be the spacing of years between your children and even the number of kids you intend to have.

Alleviates Period Pain

A high percentage of women experience excruciating pain during their menses. Some may opt to use birth control methods. The essence of using birth control is to prevent ovulation to prevent pregnancy. When you don’t experience ovulation, your uterine walls will not contract as it does during your menstrual cycle. Therefore, you will not feel as much pain.

Curbs Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne develops as a result of hormonal imbalance in your body. Hormone acne may develop from the onset of teenagehood to your childbearing years. A contraceptive with high levels of estrogen and progesterone helps balance the hormones.

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Relieves Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS happens mainly as a result of hormonal fluctuations. A severe form of PMS is called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). However, a combination pill constituting drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol curbs this condition.

Helps You Manage Endometriosis

Women suffering from endometriosis experience intense pain during their periods. This is a condition where there is a tissue lining that grows in another part of your reproductive system apart from your uterus. When using birth control, you might skip your periods, saving you the painful period encounter.

Lowers Your Risk of Developing Uterine Cancer

Taking birth control has positive effects in the long run. Studies show women who use birth control pills are 50% less likely to develop cancer of the uterus. These effects last up to twenty years after you stop taking them.

Reduces Risk of Ovarian and Breasts Cysts

The cysts are painful sacs filled with fluid that form during ovulation. Women suffering from PCOS have several cysts formed in their ovaries. Prevention of ovulation translates to preventing the growth of cysts in the future. Additionally, birth control helps inhibit regrowth of former cysts.

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Reduces Risk of Anemia

Excessive blood flow during menses can cause anemia. Birth control methods give you the freedom of skipping some months of menstrual blood flow. Therefore, you stand with the advantage of preserving your blood.

Understanding the benefits of using birth control methods gives you the upper hand of being in charge of your reproductive health. Always be honest with your doctor on any side effects you have experienced with the use of a certain contraceptive method. This helps inform the decision of the gynecologist the best contraceptive for you. However, remember contraceptives do not prevent STIs, be responsible.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks Caused By Working Out

How to Prevent Stretch Marks Caused by Working Out

Stretch marks are a sign of sudden growth and change in weight. For some of us, these scars are unsightly, so they affect our confidence. These pesky purple or red lines prevent you from putting on your favorite shorts during summer. A common misconception is that once you get stretch marks, you’ll have to live with them. This is not true, and the recent advancements in technology will free you from this ‘life sentence.’ Dr. James Jewell is a board-certified doctor who uses highly advanced laser technology to offer cosmetic treatments such as the Rock Hill stretch mark reduction procedure.

Stretch marks occur when your collagen does not match the rapid growth. Collagen is a protein responsible for giving you a healthy appearance and smooth skin. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our body decreases collagen production; hence it fails to keep up with the tension caused by weight gain or growth specifically during puberty.

You can also get stretch marks from weightlifting and other forms of bodybuilding. Here’s how you can prevent and reduce their appearance.

Stay Off Steroids and Supplements

Steroids and supplements result in sudden muscle gain, which hence the appearance of stretch marks. Products such as Anadrol, Winstrol, and creatine supplements cause stretching and tearing of the skin because of your body’s unpreparedness for the rapid muscle growth. That is why it’s advisable to stick to natural methods despite it being difficult to gain muscles naturally; you’ll be happy with the results.

Additionally, do not neglect cardio because focusing on particular exercises only builds muscles in one area, which will strain the skin in that area, causing stretch marks.

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Eat Foods That Promote the Production of Collagen

Particular foods stimulate collagen production to supplement the reduction of collagen due to aging. These include:

  •       Lean Proteins- Salmon, chicken, tuna, turkey, and lentils
  •       Vegetables- Broccoli, kale greens, green beans, edamame, and spinach
  •       Fruits- Cherries, avocado, blueberries, grapefruit, and blackberries

Also, avoid over-processed foods because they contain excess sugar that damages your collagen.

Always Wear Sunscreen

The sun’s UV rays not only cause cancer but also damage the development of collagen. That is why you should always wear sunscreen even on cloudy days. You may also want to avoid getting a tan because the tan does not cover the stretch marks; in fact, they make them more visible since they are typically lighter than the rest of your skin.

Stay Hydrated

According to the Institute of Medicine, men should drink 104 ounces of water. Drinking this amount ensures that your skin is supple hence prevents stretch marks from forming.

Stretch Marks:

Apply A Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

These creams are affordable and effective. They promote blood circulation, which increases collagen production. You should visit a physician before purchasing any over-the-counter lotions or creams. Some of the conventional anti-stretch marks creams include Retin-A, Deux Derme, Bio-oil, and SmoothRx.

Natural moisturizers that contain vitamin E and shea butter act as primers that help your skin absorb the stretch mark creams better.

If you already have stretch marks, then you should try some of the available treatments that reduce their appearance. These include laser treatments and microdermabrasion.

Laser therapy is not only safe but also effective in reducing stretch marks. Dr. Jewell and his team use the Icon™ laser technology, which guarantees clients’ satisfactory results.

Family First Wellness – Your Family Medicine Practitioners In Lutz, FL

Family First Wellness – Your Family Medicine Practitioners In Lutz, FL

Family First Wellness’ board-certified health care providers serve as your cutting-edge defense against diseases and chronic illnesses. In our Lutz, FL, family medicine practice, we treat patients of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. While most individuals consider family practitioners like the ones you visit for periodic illnesses, immunizations, and routine checkups, these physicians have extensive training in managing and treating chronic conditions like arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. If you require a disease specialist, your Family First Wellness provider can make suitable referrals, while remaining in the circle to act as the leader of your healthcare team.

Our family medicine practitioners also emphasize disease prevention. Whether it is an obligatory test based on gender and age, or modification necessary by lifestyle influences like environmental exposure and diet, your family medical provider can help you make decent choices for your ongoing health.

Our primary care doctors are trusted for their honest, caring approach towards family medicine. We are committed to providing care for you and your family with undivided attention, respect, and compassion.

Our patients’ health and well-being are our greatest priorities, and we aim to help families accomplish the best quality of life for years to come. We pride ourselves on being the choice provider in family medicine for our communities in Lutz, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Family Medicine Services We Provide

Routine Checkups

We offer routine physical examinations and checkups for our patients. These checkups serve to assess the well-being of the patients and ensure that they don’t have any health risks or underlying conditions. Many patients visit us to get medical screening and documentation, allowing them to participate in various activities, including school events and sports, which require physical assessments.


People of all ages need vaccinations and immunizations to ensure their lifetime health. Although some vaccines are only needed every decade in a patient’s life, other immunizations are required every year – such as flu shots. At Lutz family, medical providers provide various preventive vaccinations for families in our community.

Management Of Chronic Health Conditions

We complete tests to monitor and diagnose chronic health conditions, including arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. Through various measurements, x-rays, and blood tests, we can evaluate your blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, and identify the presence of joint stiffness and swollen joints.

If you live with a chronic medical condition, we are here to educate you on how to control and manage your condition to help you enjoy your best quality of life.

Our family practitioners will collaborate with you to develop a health plan that targets to alleviate risk factors and enhance your lifestyle choices and dietary habits. Our goal is to provide you with the required care that has a positive lifelong impact on you and your family’s life.

Urgent Care

We are here for your urgent medical care needs, including minor injuries and sicknesses. We diagnose and treat infections that cause viruses like flu, coughs, sore throats, and colds. We also treat minor injuries like insect bites, cuts, bruises, joint sprains, and muscle sprains.

Our physicians are thoroughly equipped and highly experienced to provide you and your family with solutions, whether you need preventive medicine, treatment, or monitoring/management of a chronic condition.

Contact us today to learn more about our family practice.

6 Ways To Maximize Your Chiropractic Care Benefits

6 Ways To Maximize Your Chiropractic Care Benefits

If you have been hurt in a car accident, slip and fell or have back and neck pain and you were recommended to a chiropractor doctor, it’s vital that you do your part to achieve full recovery and healing, advises Dr. James Sheehan. Recovering from such incidents requires a collective effort. Initially, you may not fully comprehend the effectiveness and importance of a good chiropractic treatment plan.

People who have experienced the healing power of chiropractic treatment have the following advice to those who are beginning their chiropractic therapies.

1.Environment Plays A Big Role

Don’t be fooled that you can do this at home, as the environment counts greatly. Chiropractic care is solely based on realizing holistic change in the human body. The specialist treats your body as a biologically and ecologically unified organism. According to the chiropractor, there is a direct link between what you experience in your body and your surroundings.

Therefore, patients are encouraged to evaluate their personal lives like lifestyle, diet, nutrition, and daily activities. Understanding your environment enables you to know the stressors that are affecting your body.

2.Attitude Is Vital

For a successful recovery, you must have the right attitude towards the treatment.  Regardless of whether you are recovering from an accident, your goal should be to get better. Some people deal with injuries like they don’t want to improve or get better. A positive mental attitude combined with the desire to realize wellness helps in speeding up the recovery process of an injured person. Chiropractic care ensures that your body and mind are synchronizing and your attitude is right.

3.To Recover You Need Effort

As much as the chiropractor may develop a personalized care plan suited to your needs, you need to put more effort into making the necessary adjustments. Physical rehabilitation needs body movement, whether in stretching, or strength exercises. Lazy people don’t recover quickly or well from injuries.

Chiropractic care is basically a meeting between active and passive components. To achieve lasting effects in your recovery, you have to put effort. Doing this may hurt, but the pain is temporary and will make you better and stronger. 

4.Follow The Chiropractor’s Instructions Fully  

The doctors are highly trained and experienced professionals. They have years of experience in healing arts. Therefore, they have a vested belief that the reasoned recovery plans and health promotions will give you the desired effect and leave you a satisfied patient. The treatment plans are geared and personalized to help you live a healthy life full of proper movement practices such as posture, sitting, standing, and doing physical activities to achieve and maintain overall wellness.

Together, you can maintain and remain healthy in the long-term once the acute pain symptoms diminish or are fully controlled. Chiropractors offer a myriad of therapies to injured persons to achieve a holistic recovery. A successful rehabilitation leaves no painful effects and puts you on a journey to a healthier and more prosperous life.

5.Better Sleep

Your body does repairs when you are asleep; it heals tissues and muscles. Everyday stresses are handled appropriately and there is more damage control. To reap most of these benefits, you need to get a good sleep.


Recovering from exercises and treatment for muscle strains, tears, or ligament and tendon problems need good nutrition such as vitamins and proteins. Besides, you need a good mineral balance to build new bone. All the needed nutrients come from your diet. You need a good diet as advised by the chiropractor to help your body heal faster.


Chiropractic care gives you a complete package treatment plan that leaves you feeling better. Your body heals itself fully and the pain will be gone. However, you should internalize the advice you receive to ensure you reap more benefits and enjoy overall wellness in the long-term. Consult a chiropractor to enjoy amazing healing and pain relief benefits.

How An Addiction Counsellor Might Help You Through Recovery

How An Addiction Counsellor Might Help You Through Recovery

Drug addiction begins when you start using substances to escape your reality, and over time you start believing that you need the drugs to function normally. Opioid addiction affects millions of people around the world, and it is a complex disease that affects the body and brain through the stimulation of the brain’s reward system. Continuous use of opioids gradually changes the brain physically in such a way that you find yourself depending on the drug. Once you are accustomed to a normal dose, your brain will begin yearning for a higher dosage. When you realize that you have a problem with opioid addiction, don’t hesitate to look for a Malibu, CA, addiction counselor.

Symptoms Of Opioid Addiction

When your brain is wired to depend on opioids, you get the stimulation of the brain’s reward system and you begin to yearn for larger doses. If you attempt to stop using opioids, you experience withdrawal symptoms that start gradually after the last dose and get worse as time passes. Some of the opioids withdrawal symptoms include:

  •       Insomnia
  •       Anxiety
  •       Yawning
  •       Running nose
  •       Nausea and vomiting
  •       Sweating and fever
  •       Diarrhea and digestion related problems.

Opioids Addiction Treatment

Your addiction counselor might recommend medication-assisted treatment to deal with opioids addiction. The treatment combines both uses of medication and therapy in dealing with addiction, and medication helps in detoxification while therapy can help in behavioral changes.

The medication helps you deal with withdrawal symptoms, stop your cravings, and block the nerves that are responsible for the effects of opioids usage. The chemicals in the drugs thus act as a reboot for the brain through normalization of the brain cells.

Individual and group therapy for opioids addicts help them change their behaviors through psychological and social counseling. Through therapy, you learn of your own emotions that lead to the use of the drugs and accept that you have a problem. You might also learn how your addiction is affecting your loved ones. Through therapy, you will start making mindful choices that help you through the recovery process.

Treatment For Opioids For Patients With Dual Diagnosis

Most patients that have opioids addiction are likely to have other mental issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and bipolar disorder. Your counselor should conduct a state-of-the-art genetic screening for other conditions associated with opioids addiction. You should use drugs that treat both conditions, improving your overall well-being.

The Benefits Of Finding A Counselor

A counselor is interested in your well-being and will help you through the process by explaining the issues related to the recovery process. A counselor will help you by encouraging you and creating strategies that prevent relapse. They might also meet with your family and advise them on how to cope through the process and might refer you to outside support groups.


Opioids addiction changes the functioning of the brain by creating dependence on the drugs. Once you are used to your normal dosage, you might feel the need to increase your dosage. Seek medical attention for addiction by finding a counselor that meets your needs. A counselor might recommend useful medication and therapy, and help you find outside support groups.

Proper Casinos Help People With Their Gambling Problem


A lot of people out there believe that, casino owners are only focusing on nothing. They just want to steal money from people through lucky games and they don’t care how much they are going to get. All they want is to simply gain more. As a result, they believe that, they are trying to drive people to get addicted to casinos and gambling.

Casinos used to stiff you

Yes, this might have been true for some casinos back in the day. There were people out there who did not really care about addiction. They will just try to convince their customers spend more and more money until they were completely addicted and spend it everything they had. However, now things are a bit different. People don’t actually think like that.

Try to think about it like this. Nowadays there is a plethora of different online casinos like for example Ufakick. Yes, it is true that those casinos are going to be able to provide you with access to multiple different types of online games and lucky games in order for you to be able to gamble your heart out. However, one thing that you’re going to notice is that those casinos are actually giving you the opportunity to stop spending money.

cigar-chips-gamblings-drink-playing-cards_155003-8070.jpg (626×417)

Find the best casinos

A lot of them, the moment you register for the first time actually asking you how much money you want to spend each day. As soon as you put in a number, they are simply going to stop you from spending more money when you reach that number. For example, if you wish to only spend a hundred dollars every week and you place that number in the system, the moment you reach a hundred dollars the system is going to block you and not allow you to pay more money for another week.

Nowadays, people have become more sensible. I don’t want to drive players to addiction and destruction. They want to make sure that they are going to help them control the problem, if a problem exists and make sure that, they are not going to rob them of all of their money.

A good casino will always give you that opportunity and we can guarantee that, searching for such a casino is definitely going to make your gambling life a lot easier and a lot more fun. This is your choice make sure that you will choose correctly.

Does Rapid Opioid Detox Really Work?

Does Rapid Opioid Detox Really Work?

Opioids are one of the most addictive prescription drugs today. To safely remove the drugs from your system, you need an opioid detox which is a medical process. In a facility like Newport Beach relapse prevention, the body is successfully and safely purged of opioids in your system. The goal of the detox is to minimize or limit the effects of opioid withdrawal to enable the patient to proceed with the treatment process successfully.

Not all opioids are legally prescribed, but still, they are highly addictive. The drugs stimulate and interact with opioid receptors in your brain, which makes your body adapt to the drugs. Eventually, you are incapable of functioning without taking the drugs.

Someone with opioid dependence experiences many symptoms when they quit consuming the drugs for 6-12 hours. The process is commonly known as withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be dangerous and very uncomfortable. However, these symptoms vary depending on how dependent you are on the drugs.

What Are the Withdrawal Symptoms?

Common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Tension in your muscles
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Sweating

Drug Detox: Treating Withdrawal Symptoms - Rehab Spot

The detox process is designed to minimize symptoms and keep patients safe from severe symptoms like seizures and hallucinations. The withdrawal treatment makes it possible that a patient will complete the opioid detox successfully without relapsing. Besides, it leaves you in a better mental state and increases the chances of attaining long-term sobriety.

Opioid Detox Process

This is a necessary step in addiction recovery and can be done in several ways. One way is to stop using the drugs and start taking medications that alleviate your withdrawal symptoms.

Medication-Assisted Treatment is another way. This process uses a combination of counseling and medication together with behavioral therapy to treat your opioid use disorders. The medications you consume include Buprenorphine, methadone and  Naltrexone to reduce your cravings after your detox.

Rapid Opioid Detoxification

Doctors often induce withdrawal rapidly which is referred to as Rapid Opioid Detoxification (ROD). During the process, the patient is put under IV sedation under the watchful eye of monitoring doctors. This process happens in a hospital setting or clinic. The IV sedation treatment places the patient under general anesthesia, which allows them to sleep throughout the withdrawal. In this case, the patient doesn’t experience intense pain associated with the withdrawal process. To complete the process, patients take medications such as Nivitrol or Naltrexone to reduce cravings after the detox.

Anesthesia helps deal with the intense pain from the ROD process. Naltrexone helps prevent relapse and Methadone helps reduce cravings. Clonidine can be used to reduce acute withdrawal symptoms. The drug mimics opioid effects as the body adjusts to lower drug doses to enable completion of the detox process easily.

Rapid Opioid Detoxification is quicker and gives great results. The patient recovers fully and can resume normal functioning in a short time with fewer symptoms. The patient continues to take medications to alleviate some symptoms like nausea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting.

How Long Does Opioid Detox Take?

The treatment can be ongoing because of the increased relapse rate. The length of a detox treatment depends on factors like:

Rapid Detox for Opioid Treatment Works, But Not All Offer It ...

  • Genetics and age
  • Overall health
  • Level of opioid dependency
  • The duration of opioid abuse
  • Amount of opioid intake
  • Type of opioid used
  • Other consumed addictive substances
  • Detox process to be carried out

If you consider all the above factors, you realize that detox can range from a few hours to a whole month before your body resumes normal functioning.


If your loved one or friend is addicted to opioids, you need to put them in a detox process. It is more painful to continue watching them abuse opioids than to watch them go through the painful detox or withdrawal process. Doctors administer the right medications that help alleviate the pain. Contact a dedicated team of specialist doctors to give you the right detox treatment.