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Reasons Why You May Need an Egg Donor

Egg Donor

Egg donations are becoming increasingly popular in Newport Beach, California, and the rest of the country. Finding a Newport Beach donor egg is a daunting challenge.

A fertility clinic can play a crucial role in helping you find an egg donor. There are many laws and intricacies involved in the task.

Many people wonder why someone may need an egg donor. The following are several reasons why you may need to utilize an egg donor:

If You Are Over 40

Women over the age of 40 have a dramatically lower chance of becoming pregnant. On the other hand, many factors contribute to a woman’s fertility as she ages.

Women over the age of 40 are more likely to require an egg donor than their younger counterparts. The older the woman, the more likely she is to require the donation.

Women of advanced age should visit a fertility clinic to find a viable egg donor.

 If You Have Had a Miscarriage

A miscarriage is a situation where the fetus dies while in the womb of the mother. A miscarriage is devastating to both parents of the child but more to the female bearing the child.

Moreover, a miscarriage can carry a massive psychological burden. Many women are likely not to attempt a pregnancy if they previously had a miscarriage.

A miscarriage can also cause significant biological damage to the mother’s reproductive organs. They may eventually become impotent and unable to handle bearing another fetus.

If you have previously had a miscarriage, an egg donation might be a viable option. You can then have the egg implanted in you or use IVF to conceive a child.


Being infertile is not a curse, as some people believe, and much can be done to improve your fertility. However, there are cases of infertility that defy explanation even to experienced medical professionals.

It may take a long time to narrow down the cause of your infertility. It will be cumbersome as you probably have a time frame when you want to get pregnant.

If that is the case, an egg donor could be your saving grace. You will still be unable to conceive the child on your own, but you can have a surrogate do it for you or conduct IVF.

You Cannot Biologically Have Children

Other than infertility, there are many reasons why people may be unable to have children. This limitation significantly hampers members of the LGBTQ community.

Though same sex couples may be biologically unable to have children, it does not mean they cannot have a bundle of joy. An egg donor is the best chance they have of successfully having a baby.

There are many obstacles to overcome if you cannot biologically have a child, including pertaining to the law. However, if you adhere to the laws and find a suitable egg donor, you can soon have a child through IVF.

Why You Should Try Dental Implants


Having a lost tooth is no reason to stop smiling. You are in luck because your embarrassment will soon be over. Fortunately, of all available options to fix your condition, dental implants stand out from the rest. This is because it involves replacing the natural tooth roots, and this comes with a fantastic handful of benefits. Louis Conte, DDS is a Red Bank dental implant specialist and can help you with dental implants so you can enjoy the following gains.


Dental implants do not require you to take them out for cleaning. This is because the implant is placed on your jawbone, and you can care for them just like natural teeth. This means that you can comfortably brush and floss your teeth daily.


The dental implants are directly fixed to the jawbone and are unnoticeable once your mouth heals. This is more comfortable compared to dentures which sit on top of your gum and can cause some discomfort.

Boosted Confidence

With dental implants, you can look and feel as you felt with your natural teeth. This can boost your confidence while speaking, eating, and laughing. You can also smile confidently, improving the quality of your life.

Restored Bite Force

Dental implants, unlike traditional dentures or bridges, allow you to bite like you would with your natural teeth and chew with ease. This is because the implants are firmly anchored into your jaw by a titanium post which acts just like your biological roots.

Retain the Shape of Your Mouth

Your teeth offer support to your facial structure, and this can be threatened upon a tooth loss. This can cause your face to reshape and can result in an undesirable appearance. However, dental implants can provide similar support, maintaining the shape of your face.


Compared to dentures and bridges that are typically replaced after 5-10 years, implants are more durable as can last for 25 years or more. Moreover, depending on the care and maintenance you give your implant, you might not need a replacement. The implant can be preserved through dental implant restoration.

What You Can Expect During Dental Implant Process

You should note that dental implants require a good amount of healthy jawbone, and therefore, during an examination, a jawbone graft can be recommended before the implant procedure.

It takes several appointments for a successful dental implant. To determine where to place your implants, x-rays and other imaging scans can be used. Your provider at Conte Dentistry designs a personalized implant plan for you and you are guided on the necessary preparations to take before your next appointment. During the procedure, anaesthesia can be used to give you more comfort.

Once the implant is placed, it bonds with the jaw as your mouth is healing. Your mouth should heal completely before your next appointment and can take between 6-12 weeks.

The final appointment involves attaching the artificial tooth to the exposed part of the implant.  This offers a more permanent solution for missing teeth.

To learn about your dental implant options, you can contact Conte Dentistry. Dr. Conte and his team will offer you the service you require. Therefore, look no more for alternatives for your lost tooth. Dental implants can improve the quality of your life if deemed right for you by the specialist.

Fixing Joint And Back Pain Non-Invasively

Back Pain

Chronic pain mainly occurs in association with the presence of ligaments, articular surfaces, or cartilage. The problem can be linked to oxygen utilization and circulation in these connective tissues. For this reason, factors such as age influence chronic pain as it reduces oxygen utilization and circulation. Fortunately, Prolozone therapy is a non-invasive treatment procedure that can improve oxygen utilization and circulation and, therefore, can fix several chronic pain conditions.

Jake Schmutz, NMD, is a naturopathic physician and leads a team of specialists at Integrative Medica to offer Prolozone therapy in Salt Lake City. It involves Dr. Schmutz injecting ozone (a form of oxygen) in the injured area to improve circulation and oxygen utilization. As a result, it promotes tissue regeneration, rebuilding, healing your body, and relieving the pain.

Prolozone Therapy For Joint Pain

The main cause of pain in the joints is connective tissue damage. With age, wear and tear can exceed repair and make the joint susceptible to injuries. However, Prolozone is a remedy for such complications.

Ozone is directly injected into the hurting joint to stimulate local circulation and enhance cell repair and regeneration. This causes a healing response that can be widespread in no time. Pain relief can be experienced rather quickly as prolozone therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, in some joints such as the knee joint, new connective tissues may take more time.

Unlike other joint pain treatment procedures such as knee replacement surgery, Prolozone therapy promotes healing of the ligaments and cartilages in the joint by providing the oxygen required to facilitate the healing process. It is also fast compared to other alternatives.

Prolozone Therapy For Back Pain

Prolozone has, in the past, proven effectiveness in treating chronic back pain. Unlike other injections made directly in the spinal cord’s lining, Prolozone is injected in the facet joints. This eliminates several risks associated with other injections as the facet joints are off to the side.

The procedure involves your provider injecting the ozone into the joint space, which can be done alongside local anesthetic and nutrients. After the injections, bandages can be applied, and the entire procedure can take up to 10 minutes. For best results, it is advisable to have the injection every two to eight weeks.

You can experience immediate pain relief after the procedure, but results are generally expected after four to six weeks. This is because the ligaments and cartilage can take some time to heal.

Benefits Of Prolozone Therapy For Both Joint And Back Pain

Several benefits can be enjoyed from the non-invasive procedure and can include the following:

  •   It is an in-office procedure, and this can help fight anxiety.
  •   There is no downtime, and you go home the same day.
  •   It is a procedure that triggers your body’s self-healing system, which can boost your immunity.
  •   It is a low-risk procedure when compared to other alternatives.
  •   The results are rapid, and some pain relief can be experienced as soon as the procedure is completed.

However, note that the Prolozone does not stop the natural wear and tear process that comes with age. Therefore, a booster treatment may be needed for relief maintenance.

Prolozone therapy is a natural therapeutic therapy that can assure you a better quality of life by fixing joint and back pain. Opt for this innovative healing procedure and improve your health. The specialists at Integrative Medica can help you through the process, and you can book an appointment through calling the office or use the online booking tool.

How To Choose The Right Oral Surgeon

How To Choose The Right Oral Surgeon

Alexandria is a riverfront city in Virginia with a small population of dental practices. It makes it paramount to know how to choose an oral surgeon in Alexandria.

Not all dentists can perform oral surgery, which is a major misconception many people have. Moreover, the nature of dental procedures makes it crucial to choose an appropriate dental surgeon.

If you don’t conclusively fix issues with your mouth, they will affect your entire life. The following are some tips to help you choose the best oral surgeon possible:

Take Your Dentist’s Recommendation

Your dentist knows more about oral surgery than you, and is best suited to advise you on an oral surgeon.

You will probably first visit a general dentist for teeth and gum issues; then, if they cannot offer a solution, they will send you to a specialist. They will have worked with various oral surgeons in the course of their careers and are best suited to evaluate their credentials.

You should follow your dentist’s advice and use the oral surgeon they recommend. However, that is not a substitute replacement for doing your own research.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental health is one of the most expensive fields of medicine. The bad news is that it is increasingly getting more expensive.

Therefore, you need to choose an oral surgeon whose bill your insurance will help you cover. Ensure you check if your insurance will cover oral surgery and by which doctor’s before deciding on a surgeon

You can then use the list of oral surgeons in your area provided by your dental insurance as a starting point. Otherwise, you will be left to pay your bills out of pocket.

Assess Surgical Quarters

Just like a dentist, an oral surgeon will probably have their own offices. However, there is a growing trend towards oral surgeries happening in other facilities, such as a hospital or clinic.

Therefore, you should assess where the surgery will happen before contracting the services of an oral surgeon. Assessing the facility beforehand is crucial as you can evaluate the level of facilities that the surgeon has. Visiting the facility is also a great way to check customer service standards.

Check Experience Levels

Oral surgery is a field involving extraordinarily delicate and intricate work. It requires the utmost skill to remedy an issue in the mouth through surgery successfully.

Therefore, when looking for an oral surgeon, you should look for one with experience. Furthermore, the experience of the surgeon should meet your needs.

An oral surgeon with more experience will be more skilled at performing the surgeries. On the other hand, they may also be more expensive.

It would be best if you chose a surgeon who is not only experienced but also has affordable pricing. You should also check if the surgeon specializes in different types of oral surgery or does it all.

What is Synthetic Ice?

synthetic ice

Within the last several months there has been a significant amount of people inquiring about synthetic ice. Because of the pandemic and everybody having to stay home more, hockey players and ice skaters have been building their own ice rinks at home out of this amazing invention. What a great way to have a way to practice whenever you want, at any time of year without having to keep up with the costs of refrigeration and upkeep. But, what is it? Keep reading and you will soon know the answer to this mysterious question.

Polyoxymethylene Plastic

Yes, this is a big word. Back in the 1950s a group of people got together and figured out a way to create an ice-like flooring. Of course, there was a lot of learning curves and let downs in the process, but they got the ball rolling on an indisputably terrific idea. This type of plastic had its flaws. For starters, you could not get true ice feeling on it unless you added a lubricant to the flooring to make it slick enough for the ice skating blades to correctly travel across it. The idea of synthetic ice was in the makings, and on its way to stardom.

Polyethylene Plastic

In the 1980s a new type of plastic which was deemed high-density polyethylene came into the picture. Although it was not the high tech synthetic ice that we see today, it was a few steps up from the older version. With this new type of synthetic ice you had to apply a gliding agent on the surface once every thirty days in order to keep it slick. You also had to take good care of it and regularly clean it in order to keep buildup from forming on it. Yes, you still have to maintain your synthetic ice flooring today, but you don’t have to apply gliding agents on it and continually clean it every few weeks.

Modern Synthetic Ice

Now, in the late 20th century, we have a brand new kind of synthetic ice that works so well that many people even prefer it over real ice. They are still made of durable polymers that can withstand the abuse of ice skaters and skating blades and can be made with their own special ingredients that allow for it to be able to remain slick and smooth without adding anything to it. Synthetic ice that is made today comes in various sizes, from one foot by one-foot squares to two-foot by four-foot panels. Both sizes come with easy to install interlocking tabs on each side so users can place them on a hard, flat surface and lock them tightly together in order to form a tight, strong bond that makes a flooring without flaws or seams. Yes, you can see where the seams are, but you can’t feel them because of the way they are manufactured. This flawless surface allows people to skate across them without bumps and crevices and allows for the pucks to slide easily over the top as well.

Skating on Synthetic Ice

The biggest difference between synthetic ice and real ice is, of course, the temperature and the fact that synthetic ice does not melt. When you skate across it, it is a lot like real ice, but not quite. There is a bit of a difference in the drag of the flooring so that it takes an extra amount of energy to skate on. It takes a bit more muscle power to push yourself and maintain a good speed. Once you get used to the difference, it is not such a big deal, but it takes a few minutes to get used to. The good thing about the extra force is that it builds strength and stamina so that when you go back to the real ice, it will seem like you’re skating on air.

What You Should Expect During an OB/GYN Visit

What You Should Expect During an OB/GYN Visit

An obstetrician is a specialist who provides care for pregnant women and just after delivery. On the other side, a gynecologist is a doctor with a specialization in women’s reproductive health. An OB/GYN combines both specializations and is well trained to handle both.  They also can deal with birth control, menopause, and reproductive organ problems, among others.

An OB/GYN deals with more sensitive and personal health issues, and the idea of meeting one for the first time can be disturbing. You might experience feelings of embarrassment and nervousness to allow someone else, such as a doctor, to see the most private parts of your body. Finding an OB/GYN you can trust can be such an achievement as it helps you take control of your health and well-being. In Manassas, OBGYN practice is offered with care and understanding at Capital Women’s Care.

The board-certified doctors and providers at Capital Women’s Care are dedicated to providing exceptional and personalized quality care to their patients. This is achieved through a trusting and safe environment created to ensure that everyone feels understood and prioritized.

Common Procedures

In most services that you can seek from the OB/GYN, there are everyday things you should expect. At Capital Women’s Care, some of the services offered include pregnancy care, prenatal and birthing experience, VBAC, high-risk pregnancy, gynecological care, breast exam, well-woman exam, STD testing, heavy period, uterine fibroids, among others.

It is good to understand that regardless of age, once a woman is sexually active, an OB/GYN becomes an option. Initially, it can just be talking with the doctor to examine the changes occurring in the body.  Before going to the OB/GYN, please confirm if you want a male or a female to avoid feeling mixture on site.

Before your appointment, try to avoid sexual activity as this can irritate the vagina tissues and affect your results.

Your initial appointment will begin with a general health check that may include weighing, blood pressure checks, and blood or urine tests.

When it comes to physical examination, you will be taken to an examination room where you are requested to undress completely. However, you are provided with a gown and a sheet to cover your lap.

Your provider can start by looking into your personal and family health history by asking you some general questions. Note that a nurse or other health provider will be in the room for the pelvic exam during this stage.

When examining your vagina, the doctor first examines the outside areas such as the vaginal opening and vulva area to look for abnormalities. With your knees bent and feet apart, the provider then examines your reproductive organs from the inside.  A speculum can be used, and your vagina can be held open by a device that allows internal viewing of your vagina and the cervix.  The process should be painless but can assert little pressure.

For women over the age of 21,  a pap test can be done during the pelvic exam. A cell sample is extracted from the cervix and lab tested for cervical cancer, human papillomavirus, and other abnormalities.  Sexually transmitted diseases can also be tested.

In conclusion, it is good to book a consultation with an OB/GYN to clarify the procedures to be performed during any treatment therapy. This can help you psychologically to be ready and can help overcome your fears when meeting the OB/GYN for the first time.

Essential Insights On Cosmetic Dentistry

Essential Insights On Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the most memorable thing about you. Therefore, your smile deserves to look as good as you feel. If you seek cosmetic dentistry in Hilliard, James Butler, DMD, and his expert panel offer a full range of world-class cosmetic dentistry treatments to meet your aesthetic needs.

About Dr. Butler

James Butler, DMD, is an implant and general dentist practicing at Innovative Dental Ideas. He doubles up as the founder and president of his practice. Dr. Butler attained his medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in Lexington, graduating with top honors in periodontics, orthodontics, and clinical dentistry. He completed a three-year residency program at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he trained in dental implants and oral maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Butler is a graduate of The Business School for Dentist at The Schuster Center, and he received the National Emissary Leadership Award in 1995. He is an active fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and the World Clinical Laser Institute. Also, the doctor is a founding member of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants.

Dr. Butler is a pioneer of modern, non-invasive, and cost-effective mini-implant systems. He has been in practice for two decades, developing unparalleled expertise in numerous implant systems. He has since become one of Ohio’s most sought-after dentists for extreme dental makeovers and dental implants.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the use of dental procedures to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Your specialists at Innovative Dental Ideas have extensive experience offering a full range of high-class treatment options to revive your mouth and accord you the radiant smile you desire.

How Do I Get Started On Cosmetic Dentistry?

A consultation at Innovative Dental Ideas sets you going in the quest towards the smile of your dreams. Your specialist discusses your aesthetic goals with you before designing your smile to be radiant and complete your other features, such as your skin and hair’s shape or color. After identifying how you prefer your smile to look, Dr. Butler formulates a treatment plan to get you there.

Available Cosmetic Dentistry Services

There are several ways to improve your smile at Innovative Dental Ideas. Such options include:

Filling Replacement – Too many metal fillings can make you deviate from an otherwise fantastic smile. Trust the cosmetic physicians at Innovative Dental Ideas to replace your fillings with a tooth-colored composite.

Veneers – Veneers are one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform your smile. In this treatment, thin and tooth-shaped shells are sealed permanently to the front of your teeth for a radiant new smile.

Innovative Dental Ideas stands out from other practices for offering zirconium veneers, one of the most advanced substances used in veneers presently.

The practice has its dental lab in their offices that allows them to do all their cosmetic procedures in-house, including your veneers’ manufacture. As a result, the team ensures the quality of your cosmetic transformation along the way.

Whitening – Professional-grade teeth whitening is among the best ways to make your smile pop. Innovative Dental Ideas offers a cutting-edge Smile Perfected System to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile in a single twenty-minute treatment.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is Necessary

You should be able to appreciate your smile. A good smile reflects your personality and is among the first things people notice about you. A proud smile enhances your self-esteem and improves your confidence.

Body Sculpting Procedures

Body Sculpting Procedures

Gaining weight can contribute to low self-esteem, mostly when the added weight is distributed undesirably. Celebrities like the Kardashians have promoted body contouring and now anyone can get the procedure. Seek expert body contouring in Denver today through recommendations from your loved ones or through online reviews. Some procedures promise total weight loss on the targeted areas, improving your appearance. Different methods used are heat, cooling, and ultrasound treatments to remove fats on the specific areas.

Cooling Sculpting

Cryolipolysis freezes the fat cells, which leads to a permanent fat loss, and the FDA has approved this cooling sculpting. The cooling-sculpting method freezes the fat cells which die and get excreted from the body in a few months. You could witness weight loss after some months after undertaking the cooling-sculpting.  The weight loss which results from cooling-sculpting will remain permanent if you maintain your weight.

Advantages Of Cooling-Sculpting

Sculpting can be done on almost every part of the body, and it is suitable for target weight loss. Treatment on a single area of the body could take about 30 minutes, and it results in permanent weight loss. The cooling-sculpting is FDA approved, and you could use it on sensitive parts like the double chin and the belly.

Cons Of Cooling-Sculpting

cooling-sculpting might not be suitable for people who could have other existing medical conditions and those who are sensitive to extreme cold. some people could report short-term and minor side effects after undergoing treatment. it is rare for fat to grow on the areas that have been treated with cooling-sculpting, but when this happens, the fat can be removed surgically.


Warm-sculpting uses heat therapy and laser energy to get rid of the fat cells. The warm-sculpting targets specific parts of the body and you could see the weight-loss results after a few months.

Pros Of Warm-Sculpting

Warm-sculpting is ideal for people who want to reduce fat in small areas and those who are in good physical condition. The results could be permanent if you maintain your weight and physical health.

Cons Of Warm-Sculpting

The shape of the sculpting device makes it hard to work on the curved parts of the body, and it is only suitable for areas such as the stomach. Some patients could have a burning sensation due to the heat used during therapy.

Body FX

Body FX uses radio frequencies to reduce the fat cells and is useful for the stimulation of collagen. The collagen could help tighten your skin, and it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Although the procedure helps tighten skin and reduce fat, some people could experience redness and swelling for a few days after the treatment.


Body sculpting could help you get your desired body through the reduction and killing of the fat cells. Sculpting can improve your self-confidence and make you more social at work or in any social gathering. Procedures that help kill the fat cells such as warm sculpting, cool sculpting, body FX, and EmSculpt can help you achieve permanent weight loss. Ask your weight loss expert on the procedures that could work for you.

High Profile Smiles at East Village Dental Center

High Profile Smiles at East Village Dental Center

Do you know the numerous benefits of regular smiles and laughter? To enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile, you may need the help of a board-certified periodontist. East Village Dental Center is home to professionals like Dr. Eliaz Kaufman, Dr. Matthew Hausserman, and Dr. Alicia Jackson. This guide is vital for your first or subsequent visits.

About East Village Dental

East Village Dental is a dental practice offering exceptional care at a state of the art clinic serving New York residents at Manhattan’s East Village. The practice is focused on making you feel like you are visiting an old friend rather than a regular trip to a dentist.

Dentists and dental staff are humble, open-minded, and excellent communicators who ensure that you understand your condition and treatment options. The team approaches dental care as a collaboration between patient and doctor seeking joint solutions.

East Village Dental Center delivers a friendly neighborhood dental office equipped with the latest tools and procedures in modern dentistry. The team offers advanced dental-technology as CEREC® same-day crowns, digital impressions, and Invisalign®. Services offered include veneers, teeth whitening, dentures, and laser therapy.

Meet Dr. Kaufman

Eliaz Kaufman, DDS, MS, is a revered dentist and board-certified periodontist in New York City. He specializes in periodontal work, implantology, and oral surgery.

Dr. Kaufman received a dental degree and a master’s in Periodontics from Columbia University in New York City. He completed a residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center. He served as a professor at Columbia University before opening a private dental practice.

Dr. Kaufman’s expertise allows him to best work with patients in need of total mouth rehabilitation and is passionate about helping you overcome issues affecting your ability to communicate, feel comfortable in public, or eat.

Eliaz Kaufman, DDS, MS, adds a personal touch to dentistry, putting the patient first at all times. He listens to determine your needs and how to keep you comfortable all through your session. Each session is designed to deliver a lifelong experience.

Dr. Kaufman spends most of his free time with his family running and traveling. He has completed city marathons, including Boston and Philadelphia marathons.

Services Offered at East Village Dental Center

Book an appointment today to meet a specialist in:

  •   Bone grafts
  •   Aesthetic dental fillings
  •   Crown lengthening
  •   Dental bridges
  •   Dental crowns
  •   Dental implants
  •   Dental laser therapy
  •   Dentures
  •   Extractions
  •   Invisalign
  •   Periodontal reshaping
  •   Periodontal scaling
  •   Root canals
  •   Sinus lifts
  •   Smile makeovers
  •   Soft tissue graft
  •   Teeth whitening
  •   Veneers

Why Should I Visit the Practice?

  •   To receive a customized treatment plan targeting your desired cosmetic goals.
  •   Dr. Kaufman leads a team of board-certified dentists looking to improve your smiles.
  •   The team uses advanced technology and techniques to improve your smiles and bites.

Office Hours

Monday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Wednesday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Thursday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Bottom Line

Who doesn’t love a perfect smile? East Village Dental Center delivers quality smiles for children and adults in a comfortable and friendly environment. You can call the practice today or use the online booking tool to book an appointment with Dr. Kaufman today.

Expert Sleep Health And Wellness Care In New York

Expert Sleep Health And Wellness Care In New York

A significant number of people in the US suffer from a particular form of sleep disorder. These disorders need to be addressed to allow the affected to achieve normal sleep patterns. This is where Chase Dental Sleepcare comes in handy. Chase Dental Sleepcare is a comprehensive practice offering exceptional sleep health and wellness care to patients from New York City and the Greater Metro area. From conditions such as snoring to sleep apnea, Dr. Robert Garelick and his dental sleep medicine specialist team are known to offer the most effective treatment solutions. To find out more about the practice, call Chase Dental Sleepcare today to schedule an appointment.

About The Practice

The Chase mission focuses on improving and restoring quality of life for patients by offering state-of-the-art sleep care. At Chase Dental Sleepcare, the specialists put your health first by recommending the most effective treatment, tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. The center takes a multidisciplinary approach to address every aspect of the full scope patient’s condition.

Chase Dental Sleepcare is dedicated to offering long-term sleep health. Their services include occasional consultation follow-ups, treatment adjustments, and replacements to achieve optimal results. The facility has several convenient locations for patients. Whichever office you schedule a consultation at, you’ll get the same top-qualified staff and expert care level. In addition to Dr. Garelick, other leading providers with this facility include Dr. Barry Chase and Dr. Bahareh Hourizadeh. These providers are open to any queries or concerns you may have about the practice.

About Services

Sleep is essential to human well-being, health, and overall wellness. For instance, sleep apnea and other related sleep disorders contribute to hypertension, short-term memory loss, coronary heart disease, cognitive issues, coronary heart illnesses, early Alzheimer’s disease, erectile dysfunction, strokes, etc. Some recent studies even show a relation between sleep apnea and some types of cancer. Thus, Chase Dental Sleepcare focuses on offering the highest level of care.

The providers at the center incorporate some of the most advanced medical techniques and technology to deliver an excellent patient experience. Whether you are experiencing insomnia, obstructed airways, TMJ/TMD, or any other sleeping disorder, there is a treatment for you at Chase Dental Sleepcare. Some of the services offered at this facility include, but are not limited to, oral appliance therapy, epigenetics, dental airways assessment, etc.

Chase Dental Sleepcare emphasizes patient education through articles posted on the ‘blog’ section on their website. Patients can also check out the ‘FAQ’ section for some clarifications about the practice. To get started, schedule for a consultation.

Testimonials & Reviews

Chase Dental Sleepcare values and appreciates feedback from their patients. To date, the practice boasts a 4.82 out of 5-star rating on 44 collected reviews. To check out what other people are saying about this practice, visit the center’s website.

In conclusion, Chase Dental Sleepcare offers comprehensive and effective solutions for sleep apnea, snoring, among other sleep disorders. The providers at the center incorporate cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to enhance their services’ effectiveness. Do not assume the symptoms or bear the fatigue caused by sleep disorders anymore. The Dental Sleep Medicine professionals at this facility are here to help. Schedule for a consultation today with Chase Dental Sleepcare through mobile or use the online scheduling tool.